The mother of all tantrums!

Well today was the 1st time I’ve really had to face a toddler tantrum, now let me set the scene…

Remember the advert from the Vic’s spray where the little boy throws the tantrum as he’s not allowed to by some crisps? Well that was Kayleigh today, we were all happily going about the weekly shop about 8.30 this morning when she asked for some juice, so i told her we’d get some when we get to the till dependant on how well she behaved. Then she asked a little while later and got the same response, this is when the trouble started …

She started to cry, which is fine, i can cope with this. Then came the stiff body and the clenched fists, with her proceeding to go bright red in the face like she was a teapot boiling and finally came the screaming.

So by this point everyone was just staring at me and poor Ethan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with her!

I decided the plan of action was just to leave it to fizzle out, so i plonked her in the trolley (after a bit of a fight) and carried on shopping with her screaming & grunting away. I’m sure by this point there was probably people tutting and thinking to themselves i can’t control my daughter, but i was in full control (or so i kept telling myself!)

What was my other options? Abandon the shopping and run out? Give in and let her have what she wants? Or be nicely nice so she gets her own way in the end?

So off we packed are shopping with her screaming and by this point Ethan had joined in for the fun of it, then i proceeded to our car and packed our shopping, with her still screaming and this carried on till we got home. So i put her straight to bed and let her scream it off, telling her in the process that it was not acceptable and i did not wish to see or speak to her until she had calmed down and apologised.

A full 50 minutes after the tantrum started it ended, with an apology.

Then our day continued with a lovely lunch out for just the 3 of us (and maybe i was a bit frazzled but i wasn’t prepared to admit that : ) )

My angelic daughter


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  • The Real Supermum

    Haha ha love it – I have a 1,2 and a 3 year old. The 2 and 3 year old throw about 2-3 tantrums a day each – usually when we have guests or are out in public. I find the best thing to do is ignore them the best I can and ignore the stares you get from others x I would so love to do that advert where she throws herself to the floor and screams too.

  • Paula Fazekas

    Oh i felt like doing that! I was a bit taken back as its the 1st proper wobble we've had!

  • En4tainment

    Oh hun i have to say that i am lucky ( at the monent) that my 3 year old has not had a tantrums yet but i'am just waiting for the first one. x

  • 1978rebecca

    I always thought my children wold never have tantrums – ha ha – how wrong I was!
    Sounds like you did the right thing completely – you can't just give in to them or you'll be doing it every time. Don't worry about other people staring – most people have been in exactly the same position at some point.
    I love the photo at the end. So angelic!

  • Beautiful Boy’s Mummy

    Well done for staying strong. If I'd seen you in that supermarket I wouldn't have thought you had lost on control, I would have applauded you for sticking to you guns. You see too many parents giving in because they're embarrassed but they just make trouble for the future.

  • Paula Fazekas

    Thank you – makes me feel a bit better knowing other's dont think i'm mean by leaving her to it!