Mummy Mishaps Cupcake Challange!

The lovely Jenny at Mummy Mishaps has set up a fantastic cooking competition which runs once a month with a different theme. So this months theme was Cupcakes!

Now i’m not going to lie, the last time i attempted a cupcake recipe, it was a disaster! But i wanted to give this a go and working with 2 under 3 i needed a recipe that was tried and tested, so i decided to steal borrow Mummy Mishaps lovely toffee apple cupcake recipe.

So now for our results, as demonstrated by my lovely kitchen assistants, Kayleigh (3 almost!) and Ethan (15 Months)



So far so good! Then i get abandoned for the rescuers! So that left me doing the buttercream icing:

Then beep beep beep went the oven timer… time to face our cupcake destiny!


Not bad i don’t think! I think my icing skills may need a bit of work tho!

But they tasted yummy, Plus the kitchen assistant had to taste test them!

So a big thank you to Jenny at Mummy Mishaps ! These were a big hit in this house!

I Love Cake


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  • I really like the sound of these toffee apple cupcakes…there’s so many recipes I want to try, the diet is just not working at the moment!

    • Paula

      These are lovely, i would really recommend the recipe!

  • They look very cheeky and very adorable 🙂

  • Jenny Paulin

    Awww thanks for making them and I am glad you liked them. Your daughter really enjoys cooking doesn’t she? I am rubbish at icing I def have cake icing envy!! Thanks for taking part xx

    • Paula

      Kayleigh loves cooking! You say i’m going to do some baking and she’s in the kitchen faster than me! Thank you for the recipe