Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday Is Caption Day

  • Rachael

    “So for each bubble I catch I get a scoop of ice-cream? You’re on!”

    • Paula

      lol love it !

  • ‘These massive bottom teeth will be really useful for catching the rest of the bubbles’

    • Paula

      Lol they do look massive in this picutre – like bottom fangs 🙂 I think it was a bubble passing at the time

  • Look what happens when I sing…

    • Paula

      lol – i would prefer this than the shouting!

  • “I keep trying but they won’t get in my mouth! What am I doing wrong?”

    🙂 Karin @ Cafe Bebe

  • The beer in this pub is far too gassy!

  • I knew that piece of soap I ate in the bath would be back to haunt me!

  • Mwhahahhaaaa they think I am after those bubbles when really it’s the elbow – NOM NOM NOM!

  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm tasty – but seriously Mummy what is for dinner?

  • laura seaton

    aaiitchhoo! hey look that soap up my nose really worked