Saturday is Caption Day

Ok its that time of the week and i have to say i love this picture! Here we go:


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  • ‘Mummy if you had told me what the weather forecast said then I wouldn’t have had to dress for all occasions’

    • Paula

      I did infact take her into town dressed like this 🙂

  • Don’t ask – I’m in my anti-paparazzi gear as I heard mum mumble SatCap 😉

    • Paula


  • Move over Gok Wan the Pink Diva is in town !!

    (Insert swishy hand clicky thing too)

    • Paula

      Lol love it!

  • I am way cooler than yoooooou!

  • Oh Mummy, get over it. This is how ALL the cool kids are dressing these days. Gok told me so…

  • Sunglasses are essential no matter what the weather- d’oh!

  • Do these gloves clash with these sunglasses?

  • I’m just too cool for school. Now, Mother, will you put that camera away and stop cramping my style.

  • I’m ready for my skiing lesson now

  • No one could work out where the watermelon had gone.

  • Cool Dude Babe (caption chosen by my 7 year old)

  • It’s November and Mummy still has not put the heating on!

  • The girl said nothing. She was keeping everything under her hat.

  • “Er, hello? This is ski chic. You are SOOO last year.”

  • I WANT to go skiing!

  • ‘ssup?