Saturday is Caption Day

Its our last caption day before Christmas – what can you come up with for this picture of Ethan (all be it a little blurry!)


Dont forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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  • John Boyle

    Now I am sure I put Kayleigh in here somewhere

  • Claire Golding

    ‘mummy will never find her christmas present in here’!!

  • Right, I’m going to do all the washing up, then tidy my bedroom and I’m sure Santa will bring me a huge box of chocolates like I asked.

  • I’ll be ruddy glad when Christmas is over and I can stop all this ‘being good’ nonsense…

    Merry Christmas ! HO HO HO!!!!!

  • Mummy said that all she wants for Christmas is a little help around the house!!

  • Where’s my Christmas jumper?

  • one more load and then I can put my feet up with a nice bottle of milk

  • mummy, I know you say Santa is watching my every move, but this is child slavery, I think!

    (have a lovely Xmas, Fx)

  • Jenny Paulin

    See I am being a very good boy santa x
    Merry Christmas x

  • Look mummy. I’m SUCH a good boy! Now if you could just put a good word in with Santa…

  • Where has she hidden the presents?