Saturday is Caption.. i mean Mammasurus Day!

A special Saturday is Caption day this week – in dedication to Mammasaurus! So why not come up with a great comment for this cracking picture of the Mamma herself!

Why not pop along to Mammasurus for more great pictures!

mammsaurus badge


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  • mammy who the child here me or you??

  • I love my life!!!
    (Sorry, couldn’t think of anything sarky!)

  • Yes it got away but it was ……..this big, honestly, don’t laugh it was!

  • When she found out about the flattering new take on caption day Mammasaurus was walking on air.

  • Give us a cuddle

  • the little puppy watched on as the mammasauras jumped over the edge 🙂

  • Mammasaurus’s expression quickly changed when she saw the pool had been emptied.

  • Twinkle twinkle little star!

  • jenny paulin

    Fame! I’m gonna live forever !!!!

  • I am super, I’m fantastic

  • I’m a starfish!

  • PinkOddy

    Mooncup – really you can do anything wearing one