Saturday is Caption Day

Ok here we go again, is Caption Day!

Dont forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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  • What do you mean we can’t both get on here, we fit perfectly!! x

  • ernie

    That’s a lovely picture of what looks like to sisters marking their turf, and the younger one seems to be winning .

  • Right, ok, here is the plan……

  • Jenny Paulin

    Right keep smiling and then mum won’t know about the mess we just made in the kitchen

  • So we both spit in here, then I add all of Mummy’s perfume, and a squirt of Daddy’s shaving foam and there you have it: the perfect lattte!

  • a very green family

  • Here you go – Mummys gin!

  • ..and let the competition begin!

  • Come closer! If we move mummy will see the crack!

  • Big sis though if she did the disappearing trip on little sis, she could get her snacks as well!

  • Did you tell mummy we’d tidy up afterwards? Yep, and she believed me. *both* Hahahahahaha!