4 Years ago today life changed forever!

It was this date 4 years ago that we found out we were expecting Kayleigh. Having only just moved into our house, we decided it was the right time to start our family and not knowing how long it would take decided to start trying straight away. unexpectedly one month later we had the news that we were expecting Kayleigh.

After coming of the pill it was by pure chance that I tested on that day and it was simply due to the fact that I was due a smear test that morning that I did and i was shocked to see it was positive! That whole day passed in a blur as I had to go to work and act like everything was normal whilst I anxiously waited till it was time to get another test after work!

From then on everything passed in a blur, with the local NHS back then there was a backlog of over 2 weeks for your 12 week scan so we decided to go private and that was when we experienced one of the most amazing feelings ever, that of the reality of your going to have a baby!

From then on the pregnancy was a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Pregnancy is a pretty stressful time anyway but I think the first pregnancy is by far the worse. You worry about every little ache and pain, watching & waiting for a sign or a symptom you are not expecting.

At our 20 week scan we got to see our little madam in a but better detail. They won’t tell you the sex at our local hospital so we had to wait until our 4d scan for that, but for me there was just a sense of relief seeing her on the screen.

Then we experienced another amazing moment on our pregnancy journey, our 4d scan. I was extremely excited to find out what sex our baby was but also to see them in 4d. I have to recommend the Babybond in Milton Keynes as we have used them for the early scan and both 4d scans and on all occasions they have been amazing! Even when Ethan was having a sleep on his 4d scan they managed to work their magic!

The sense of calm yet excitement as we had that magical hour of watching our daughter on the screen, performing, swearing (picture to follow!) is something I will never forget and the trip to the local Mamas & Papas which later became our tradition. Finding out the sex then off to pick a coming home outfit 🙂

Then came along our bundle of joy, I think I will do a labour post at some point on its own as it was a long one!

Pregnancy is an amazing journey and for all those on it, enjoy every moment as it passes too fast, then again motherhood is a pretty amazing journey too.

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  • jenny paulin

    what a wonderful post Paula. you were fast to get pregnant weren’t you? it took me about 3 months with B i think. nothing beats the feeling inside when you see that image on the screen during your scan – suddenly it makes the pregnancy real doesn’t it?
    beautiful newborn Kayleigh photo x

    • Paula

      I was fortunate with both to fall in the first month. Its an amazing feeling to see it on the screen!

      Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • I missed out on having a 4D scan because I left it too late but those pics are amazing. Must have been even better when you were there I guess! I loved my pregnancy and was so exited about my 20 week scan that I just kept drinking to make sure my bladder was full!! :). I was bursting afterward though!

    • Paula

      It is a great thing to do, we have a 30 minute dvd to watch and all the pictures on disk too. Expensive but it creates memories.

      I love the way women make themselves fit to burst then all run to the loo after the scan! 😀

  • I had horrendous pregnancies but I did have the 4D scan and the pictures were just incredible! What a lovely story. Does it make you want more? x

    • Paula

      It does, everytime i think of both my pregnancies i would love more. If i didnt haveto work and had a bigger house then i think i would 😀

  • jenny paulin

    aww this was such a lovely post Paula and amazing pictures x

    • Paula

      Thank you 🙂

  • I loved being pregnant. Every single second of it. Seeing him on the screen for the first time was so magical. It all passes though in the blink of an eye doesn’t it?

  • Erica Price

    I found going for scans to be so such precious experiences too. It’s lovely to have those pictures isn’t it?

  • Just popped over from TheBoyAndMe’s show off showcase – Fab scan pics, they make great memento’s don’t they!! I’m 27 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 now, and it’s definitely been less stressful this time (so far)!! xx