Saturday is Caption Day

 So it’s that time of the week, I couldn’t find a funny picture until I came across this one of Kayleigh!


Dont forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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  • Vanessa (HousewivesInc)

    Careful – you’ll take someone’s eye out with that thing.

  • Eh? What did you say, I have to tidy up? No sorry cant hear you.

  • jenny paulin

    winking is hard work mummy – can i stop now please?

  • Just practising my killer winks for the boys !

  • berni kellett

    Just between you and me………………….nod nod wink wink

  • Eye Eye Captain.

  • I know where the biscuits are, she’ll never know….

  • Of course I’ve ‘tidied my room’. *wink wink nudge nudge*

  • Am I winking? Am I? Am I?

  • You ain’t seen nuffin, right?

  • Aye aye…now where’s my patch?!

  • Erica Price

    Know what I mean eh?