Saturday is Caption Day

Ok its that time again! What funny comment can you come for this picture? Ethan is obviously thinking something about cuddling his sister!

Dont forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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  • Vanessa (HousewivesInc)

    Just breathe… it’ll be over soon…

  • Chloe Brewer

    “Right so when I agreed to cuddle in exchange for wearing her princess crown, I didn’t expect it to last THIS long”

  • I’m gunna hug you and hug you and hug you until you give in.

  • Mumofthreeboys

    The princess always greeted people with cuddles!

  • Help me! She is at it again! Can’t breathe!

  • You will love this cuddle – I told you too!!

  • You may be a princess but enough of the cuddles.

  • And then we’ll live happily ever after.

  • Pinkoddy

    I am the Queen and you will give me hugs.

  • Jenny paulin

    I am a princess and you will do as i say!!!

  • I am your sister and YOU WILL LOVE ME!

  • The affectionate looking cuddle was actually a head lock waiting to happen…