Saturday is Caption Day

So I’ve had to trawl the photo albums to find a photo that can have some witty comments & I’ve come up with this one! So come share a witty comment!

Dont forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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  • Jenny Paulin

    Its a Kaleigh in a box!!

  • If I get in here I won’t be blown away by the elephant.

  • I’m ready! Come and find me!

  • L-plate Mummy

    The elephant’s right, he needs a bigger box!

  • Her teachers said she always thought outside the box

  • Mum of One

    They will never find me in here

  • When you gotta go – you gotta go !

  • I can fit, I know I can fit!

  • the game of musical statues had all new rules

  • More fun then a box full of butterflies.

  • ‘Just call me Jack!’

  • Best. Present. Ever.

  • The deluxe elefun version was flying off the shelves, availabe in pink or blue.

  • jo


  • Erica Price

    Jack (or rather Jill) in a box.

  • Ummm.. I’m actually stuck, if you wouldn’t mind putting down that camera and getting me OUT!

  • The thing is I just want to be like that elephant. Do you think i will fit in?