Saturday is Caption Day – 17/03/2012

Ok time to be witty! What funny comments do you have for this one?

As always don’t forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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  • Pinkoddy

    Say arrrh

  • See, it is impossible to feed a baby without opening your own mouth!

  • Jennypaulin

    I have seen mummy do this now I say ahhhhh and you open wide…..that’s it well done

  • Open wide! Here comes the train!

  • stressymummy

    This is easy, don’t know why mummy was complaining about it!

  • Chloe Brewer

    Here you go, it’s yummy eat it all up, good boy (ha ha mummy will never know I didn’t eat it myself and then I can have ice cream!)

  • Here comes the plane neeeeeeeaoowwww…

  • Aliciaenriquezk

    Great little helper!