*Competition* Win a copy of Adele’s Album 21

Ok as promised once we got to the 1300 likes on Facebook, here is your chance to win a sealed copy of Adele’s fantastic album 21!

Really simply steps to enter, just follow the rafflecopter for your chance to win! Winner will be drawn at random from the entries!

Winner will be announced on the blog & notified by e-mail.

Good luck everyone 🙂

Winner Announcement!!! As it’s not publishing on Rafflecopter (Again!) the winner is Sandra Stitchell. E-mail is on the way to you & thank you to everyone who took part! Don’t forget to check out our other competitions 🙂

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  • Grace

    My favorite song by Adele is ‘Someone Like You’.

  • Carolina J.

    I like her “Rumor Has It” along with all the others. She has a fantastic voice!

  • berni

    My all time song has to be human by Rod Stewart full of inspiration when I#’m feeling a little down

    but my fav adele is Someone like you

  • Kirsty Wiltshire

    adele – someone like you x

  • olivia kirby

    Fave Adele song is Rolling in The Deep

  • Caroline Mcgovern

    It’s got to be set fire to the rain for me….absolutely love it x

  • rollin in the deep!

  • someone like you

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Robbie William’s ‘Angels’ x

  • Kathleen hooper

    My Favorite song by Adele is Chasing Pavements

  • emmacella

    Adele is chasing pavements

  • Robbie Williams Angels.

  • Cheryll H

    Someone Like You – amazing 🙂 @pipersky1:twitter 

  • Deekerr

    believe it or not… i don’t own this album!!!
    since the birth of my 1st child 3 years ago and my 2nd 9months ago, i seem to have just listened to childrens cds!!!
    i have heard her songs and love them,

  • Set Fire to the Rain is my fave. ♥ Adele xx

  • Lynsey Michelle Smitheringale

    Adele – someone like you

  • Kim Carberry

    rollin in the deep!

  • Rolling in the Deep!

  • Adele Baxter

    Hometown Glory ….first album is brilliant too!!

  • robertfox24

    My all time favourite song is Take That Rule the World as it reminds me of a wonderful time and was also my wedding song! My favourite Adele song is Someone Like You

  • Tina holmes

    Someone like you


  • rolling in the deep

  • someone like you is my fav song of hers



  • Liz Tumbridge

    There are a few songs out there that will make me say “Ooooooh, I LOVE this song!” My favourite Adele track is ‘Make you Feel my Love’, but I think my number one song of all time would have to be ‘November Rain’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses – the full uncut version, of course!! Adele is definitely my favourite artist of the moment though x

  • Tracy Grant

    Some one like you xx

  • Someone like you


  • Tracy Hanley

    Breakfast in bed  – Ub40 and Chrissie Hynde

  • rolling in the deep 🙂

  • Jo Young

    My favourite Adele song is Someone Like You

  • emma walters

     Set Fire to the Rain

  • Alice Beaumont

    Chasing Pavements!

  • Diane Carey

    Rolling in the Deep

  • Paul Green

    Breakfast in bed  – Ub40 and Chrissie Hynde

  • Someone Like You

  • Kate Edwards

    Someone like you 🙂 my daughter sings it all the time lol

  • Fran morris

    i love set fire to the rain xx

  • Rolling in the Deep

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Rolling in The Deep – I got married in a venue called The Deep and we all got on the floor and rolled around to this song when it came on so it brings back a great memory when I hear it.

  • David Prince

    Don’t You Remember

  • deedee

    someone like you

  • Set Fire to the Rain

  • My Hero by Foo Fighters

  • Sophia K

    someone like you

  • Cassandra Fryer

    Someone like you!

  • jennifer thorpe

    someone like you

  • Someone like you, Hubby think’s she is great.

  • Mike Clarke

    I like the song Chasing Pavements

  • Someone like you islegendary – and the songs pretty good too x

  • would love this album, one off the best albums ive heard in a while 

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    I love Adele!  My fave song has to be “Someone Like You” – just beautiful.

  • My favourite song by Adele is ‘fire by the rain’.

  • My favourite song by Adele is set fire to the rain 🙂 xx

  • tracey scott

    got to be “someone like you”

  • Jay

    My fav song is fire to the rain, but I do like rumour has it. 

    • Jay

       Set…  lol

  • Hannah Smith

    Commented, liked, tweeted, liked you on facebook, and subscribed!
    I’d love this, been meaning to get it for a while.

  • Claire Hooper

    rolling in the deep x

  • Someone Like You, brilliant, I love Adele
    Good luck all xxx

  • shell

    Rolling in the deep

  • Carrie

    someone like you is still my favourite, it was her appearence on the Brit Awards that reminded me how good she is

  • Rachel Mccraith

    Rolling in the deep

  • Liz Denial

    I absolutely love all her songs but make you feel my love is my ultimate favourite, gives me the shivers

  • Smashud


  • Kate Cunningham

    Adele Someone Like You

  • Gill B

    Has to be ‘Someone like you’

  • Tina Lawton

    someone like you is a very special song to mw

  • littleizzymouse

    I love all her songs, but my favourite at the minute is Rumour Has It

  • Kieran

    Someone like you

  • someone like you 🙂

  • Rolling in the Deep

  • Solange

    Chasing Pavements

  • Jaseos Harpos

    From Adele would be ‘Someone Like You’

  • Ashton Grayson

    Chasing Pavements

  • my soon loves someone like you 🙂

  • lesley hamilton

    hard to pick one here we go’someone like you’

  • Rolling in the deeep

  • Someone like you

  • Rolling in the deep

  • Someone like you

  • someone like you

  • Richard Rowley

    Rolling in the deep

  • Someone like you

  • Mary ‘supermum’ Barton

    song of all time is Luther vandross dance with my father, its just such a fab song, makes me cry every time i listen to it lol x

  • Winnie

    someone like you 🙂

  • Tracey Boswell

    Someone like you

  • Helen Aiken

    Someone Like You

  • K Grieve

    Rumor has it is brilliant

  • Charlotte Brumpton


  • Christineaclarke

    Rolling in the deep

  • Victoria Seddon

    Stand by Me – one of my Mum’s favourites and my wedding DVD song.

  • Mrspmt

    Set Fire to the rain 

  • Kdunn

    make you feel my love

  • Gemma Robinson

    make you feel my love

  • Michael Herlihy

    Someone like you

  • Jaycee Daniel

    Has to be ” Love of My Life” from Queen for me. Just a fabulous song that I remember from growing up that I just love.

  • Call me, maybe? LOL 🙂

  • coco

    I adore set fire to the rain

  • Ali Thorpe

    Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel. Can’t listen to it though as it always makes me well up!

  • Val Rush

    someone like you

  • samantha Smith


  • My all time favourite song is Paradise by Coldplay absolutely love them! My favourite Adele song is Set Fire To The Rain. She is so talented

  • Lottiegirl

    Favourite Adele song – Set Fire To The Rain. Favourite song ever… try Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

  • Rolling in the Deep

  • Nicj08

    someone like you xx

  • James Holyland

    set fire to the rain

  • Jackie Turner

    Rolling in The Deep 🙂 x

  • rolling in the deep

  • Elaine

    i love set fire to the rain, it may have been played to death on the radios but it still great

  • Jackie ONeill

    love this!

  • Jackie ONeill

    Rolling in the Deep

  • Caz

    Rolling in the deep

  • Chelington

    Set Fire to the Rain

  • Georgia Keogh

    Set fire to the rain 🙂