Saturday is Caption Day – 07/04/2012

Not sure what Ethan is thinking of this kiss from his sister! Do you have a witty comment?

As always don’t forget to head to Mammasaurus for more great captions day pictures!


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  • stressymummy

    Ugh get off me!

  • Jennypaulin

    Well the book said that if I kiss a frog he might turn into a prince! hmmm not convinced!

  • Pinkoddy

    You’re not having my chocolate

  • Kirsty Warner

    Oh No! My anti-kissing gel has worn off!!

  • Natalie Gourley

    Erm, Mummy, I think we might need a wet wipe- there’s something on my face!!

  • “I’ve still got it!”

  • She smells of girl!!!!!

  • Mammasaurus

    Dear Diary,

    Today I got KISSED by a GIRL. Ew!

  • Girls’ germs. Yuk