08/04/2012 – Day 99


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  • Now that’s a good haul!!  Happy Easter!

  • we’ve found that Easter Sunday & white bedding is not a great combination! Happy Chocolate eating! x

  • Ahhh now that is a special morning treat and looks like there might be a hunt later! 

  • The Easter Bunny left a good haul at your house too then!   Enjoy all that chocolate (I always have to help eat it!!)… 🙂 

  • Erica Price

    All ready to go a easter egg hunting then?  Happy Easter!

  • RollercoasterMum

    Goodness what a lot of Easter eggs!

  • ohh lots of chocolates!! Happy Easter 🙂

  • Oh my that little store will last a while or Mummy may have to help out!

  • yum!