Meal Planning Monday – 07/05/2012

This week is the first time I have taken part in At Home with Mrs MΒ Meal Planning Monday!

I used to be really good at planning ahead however the last few weeks it has fallen by the wayside then this ends up with us having crap to eat when the kids are in bed, so this week we will do better, especially as i’m back on my Mutu System.Β Plus it saves on the pennies πŸ™‚

So here we go, I will try to update our recipe section with the food we’re having this week so if you fancy trying it, the recipe its there!

Monday – Balti chicken & sweet potatoes, with side salad.

Tuesday – Spicy sausage & rice. An old favourite of ours with sausages, lentils & tomatoes plus chilli & paprika.

Wednesday – Honey & mustard chicken and rice. The kids will probably have something else as daddy has football training tonight so the kids will eat before he gets home.

Thursday – Spaghetti Bolognese! Kayleigh’s favourite, though no cooking involved as I have a portion saved from last week.

Friday – Lemon chicken, rice & mediterranean vegetables

Saturday – Pork chops, mash & beans.

Sunday – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, roasted carrots & parsnips, pea’s & homemade yorkshire puddings… yum yum!

So there you have it, our planner for the week. Here’s to hoping I stick to it this week! For more great meal planning ideas why not head over to At Home with Mrs MΒ for some inspiration!



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  • Hazel Christopher

    I so need to try a meal plan, I’m far to disorganised! Honey and mustard chicken and rice sounds YUMMY!

    • MummyVsWork

      This is my first week in a long time i’ve planned! They honey & mustard chicken is so simple. 4tbs of each mixed & poured over the chicken πŸ™‚

  • Lots of lovely spices and flavours in your cooking this week, sounds good to me.

    • MummyVsWork

      Spices are a big part in this house to add to basic ingrediants!

  • Lauren – Big Eejit

    Welcome to the MPM family! The spicy sausages sound delicious πŸ™‚Β 

    • MummyVsWork

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ll post the recipe when i get some time, its really easy!

  • Jen SuburbanMum

    Love honey and mustard chicken but the Husband won’t eat it.Β  Boo!Β  Love the sound of all of your meals!

    • MummyVsWork

      We have it when the kids are in bed as they hate it lol

  • Lauren – Big Eejit

    Welcome to the MPM family! This all sounds delicious. Just out of curiosity – what is the Mutu system?

    • MummyVsWork

      Its an exercise/diet routine, focuses on your core muscles after having kids to help those tummy muscles repair etc. Breathing exercises plus a 12 minute routine 5 times a week (that bits the killer!)

  • belfastmummy

    All sounds lovely, the spicy sausage would be a huge hit in this house!

    • MummyVsWork

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ll pop it up this week!

  • Hey, welcome to the planner! You like your chicken then? πŸ˜‰ Hope you find the planner helps with the pennies and stops you eating rubbish, ours certainly did!