Saturday is Caption Day – 05/05/2012

Its time to be witty again! What comment can you come up with for this picture?

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  • Jennypaulin

    Sk8er boy with his invisible skate board., x

  • quick there is some sunshine outside…go.go.go

  • I wonder how long I can keep them playing catch with an imaginary ball…

  • OneDad3Girls

    How can I work like this she doesn’t know the dance routine

  • Beam me up scotty!!

  • The new fashion in the world of Cheeky ones!

  • Snugglebuttandtheminimes

    We are preparing for when the sky falls down, chicken licken told us!

  • Melanie Froggy Fae Banks

    I’m thinking the ball isn’t coming back down i’m off to do something else

  • The aliens are coming!

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane?!

  • Mumofthreeboys

    When do you think the sun will be on us? I want to catch some rays

  • Mummy says never look directly at the sun. But then why do we have SUN GLASSES??

  • Cheetahsinmyshoes


  • Do you think if I stand here long enough the sun will hit me?