*Prize Draw* Win a Bempton Hanging Bird Table

We recently worked with the lovely Find Me a Gift.com on a great item to review, so it was only apt that they got involved in the blog birthday bonanza!

They gave me a few options for prizes to pick from but I decided to go for a little something different.

As you can see its a gorgeous copper roofed birds house. This just looks stunning & I think it would finish any garden of beautifully.

To be in with a chance of winning just follow the simple rafflecopter instructions.

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  • Does my washing line count lol….I love not wasting energy and electric and using the gold old washing line x

  • Maria Messruther

    my favourite feature in my garden is the vegetable box with peas , carrots and lettuce growing in it x

  • Nicola Clare

    My favourite feature in the garden is a stone ornament I’ve had since my first home – looking a bit battered and past its best but hey arent we all lol 

  • Carolina J.

    My hanging baskets- I managed to keep them during that cold spell.

  • I love my girl’s Wendy House! I created it myself! I painted a little shed and decorated it by hanging up curtains, attaching shelves and it has a play cooker, table and chairs in too!  It even has a little pot with flowers in outside it’s door!

  • Karen A Barrett

    We are very lucky to have quite a large garden which is very versatile. I am really excited at the moment because we are geting everything ready for the arrival of out four Black Rock hens, the hen hut is nearly ready with a lovely run for them when they are not out in the garden.

  • Mark Hirst3

    my lovely plants

  • Sarah Davison

    Our garden pond. We all love all the frogs that live in our garden because of it and get loads of tadpoles.

  • Sarah Boxford

    My girls pink playhouse they have hours of fun in it

  • We live in a flat but have bird feeders on the balcony. I know I don’t have anywhere to put this but know someone who would love it.

  • Ashleigh

    kids toys – love watching them play x

  • My new table and chairs, although it’s rained since I got them!

  • Our new birdbath in the Peace Garden

  • M. Russell

    Our back garden has a lovely cherry tree.

  • Happy blog birthday. I like my flowers best.

  • Hayley Fountain

    my plants

  • emmacella

    our garden pong

  • Olivia Kirby

    the old summer house my husband repainted and refurbished

  • ZoeClareLittle

    Look great in my garden xx

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    the home made barbecue my partner has made, all bricked up and so easy to use

  • Carol_leadbeater101

    My plants and my garden make over xx

  • katie tong

    the wendy house we bought the kids. 

  • laura banks

    our blackcurrant plants 

  • my chicken coop x

  • Tinysidsmum

    My rowan trees x

  • my children playarea

  • our little veg patch

  • Rpbeesley

    our baby apple tree!

  • Victoria leedham

    My plants, growing strawberries, tomatoes, chillies, squashes, cherries, gooseberries, blackberries,blue berries etc! Can’t beat fresh food!

  • I am very proud of my strawberries!!

  • Tracy Hanley

    Our grden is just getting done , i think the best part is going to be our really large patio, will be able to have table and chairs to sit out , a bbq and still loads of room for our grandauther to play

  • Diana Cotter

    The stream running through the bottom.

  • hannahmdy

    We have a HUGE tree at the bottom of our garden – must have been there like 100 years! I love seeing it change with the seasons and laying looking up at it thinking about what it must have seen 🙂 xx

  • Kate Cunningham

    I love my apple tree which a dear friend gave to me on my 40th birthday. 14 years later it still gives me a great crop of apples and I think of my dear friend who passed away a few years back now.

  • CDW

    My flower beds and my huge blue hydrangea 🙂

  • Jo Young

    My alliums, I just love their colours and shape

  • It has to be my apple tree,Its not very big but my daughter planted a seed a few years back and it turned out to be perfect 🙂 xx
    Google+d this post xx

  • Lee Tracey Brotherton

    My wooden Hammock ~ I can sit and read peacefully 🙂

  • I love love love the garden and my favourite feature is the Acer, which has really taken off and looks fabulous.

  • .I love my patio and all my containers..The weather may be gloomy but the containers look fantastic

  • Katrina Day

    my chickens lol

  • robertfox24

    My secret garden, that you enter through an arch with a clematis climbing over it

  • melanie stirling

    The shed!

  • Ani Costa

    My veggie patch

  • Jane Mse English

    I love my patio, its a lovely sun trap for the afternoon & I just love sitting there under my big umbrella.

  • Fashionstartshere

    The fact that it’s all on different levels

  • I only have a balcony but still manage a useful herb garden.

  • Grace

    I love the swing!

  • Paula Smith

    I love my strawberry and raspberry plants- they are the only thing apart from the lawn that are recognisable as the rest resembles a jungle

  • Patio – perfect seating area for BBQs x

  • Nikki Lane

    I love the Grass, perfect place for playing games with my boys. xx

  • the views- spectacular!

  • relisys222

    I love the pots – so much colour xxx

  • Our planters and mini herb garden.

  • I have a wonderful Copper Beech Tree at the bottom of the garden thats about 250 years old, its magnificent 

  • Katie

    our mini veg patch, which has peas, and carrots growing beautifully in it at the minute


    The Koi pool so relaxing to watch

  • Suzanne Sendell

    All my new plants that were planted a few weeks ago In a corner of my garden

  • Amelia Kennedy

    My patio area, complete with barbecue!

  • gumbie23

    my apple tree

  • The beautiful, fragrant and delicious pots of herbs on the patio

  • John Hughes


  • Stephanie Llewellyn

    the pretty spring flowers

  • Clare nicholas

    Emmys bouncy castle 🙂 how can it not be when she has so much fun

  • Keran

    I love a giant sycamore tree.

  • Beckykingston

    Our large tree that sits in the middle

  • the pond – i love watching the frogs and dragonflies, and how the birds use it to drink from and to have a bath

  • Kath Jones

    the canal – just over my fence!!  the swans and geese coming for their breakfast.

  • all the lovely vegetables growing in the garden

  • Amanda Walsh

    my lovely rose bushes

  • Zoe G

    My flowers that are flourishing, really proud of myself this year as been successful with growing things

  • rebecca smith

    my newly paved back garden

  • Paul Green

    My freshly cut lawn with it’s nice straight lines.

  • the bar xx

  • Aimee Ryan

    the pond

  • Kieran

    the grass

  • Joanne Mapp

    The pagoda I have at the end of my garden. It gets the sun all day

  • anthony harrington

    we have a beautiful Copper Beech tree, lovely deep purple leaves summer to autumn and for just 2 weeks in spring a beautiful pink blossom.

  • Harps

    the roses

  • Caroline H

    The wildflower patch – needs no attention and brings in the bees. 

  • Jillwebb

    My veg patch

  • Lana Leman

    the grass

  • jennifer thorpe

    my vegetable patch, absolutely love growing all our lovely produce every year

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    I love my Pond – it’s so full of wildlife – and fish!

  • Stephanie Tsang

    I like our decking. 

  • N Oates

    My Hanging Baskets

  • Maggie

    My Agapanthus which are just about to flower

  • Victoria Boland

    My blackberry bush.

  • girlybags

    My little pond 🙂

  • Mickie Bull

    I haven’t a garden, have got a beach though, does that count?

  • Chas

    My garden chairs!

  • My back fence is covered in Ivy (which is lucky as the fence is falling down!) which makes a lovely back drop to the garden.

  • Alison Wakefield

    My hammock under the cherry tree

  • Melissa Gazi

     My hammock, great for relaxing and reading a book when the weather is nice.

  • My chickies

  • Boris3428

    My deckchair, and the wonderful views from it. 

  • Solange

     Patio chairs

  • sandra smith

     the wysteria which is about 15 years old now and so proud of the way it looks and has grown, it stands in front of the shed at the back of the garden so hides that

  • Fluffysammy1

    It has to be my veg/ fruit patch as i love growing my own veg and fruit so its my favourtite feature in my garden and makes me smile

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    my hanging baskets

  • Ursula

    Our otter wate feature given to us as a wedding anniversary present.  It is so soothing just listening to the trickling water.

  • Hayley Todd

    I love my beautiful acer tree in a gorgeous huge blue ceramic plant pot – my husband knows how much I love Acer’s and he bought me one for our anniversary. Everytime I look out of my patio doors I see it and it always makes me smile!

  • Lisa Troccoli

    I like the privacy of my garden because there are no houses backing onto it and it feels like a little green quiet space away from most of the hustle and bustle!

  • Kirsty Warner

    I love the fact it’s big enough to give the whole family something to enjoy and their own space; Greenhouse and veggie plots for me, shed & outdoor office for OH, lots of green space for the girls to play in, our wildlife area for the birds and the bees etc and a patio area for the whole family to sit out in the sun & have meals etc.

  • My beautiful smelling old English roses

  • m goodwin

    I love my veg garden & decking area at the top of my garden i love to spend time up there especially on the decking with a glass of wine on a sunny hot day!! (few and far between this year i know)

  • Lucy


  • Our Gazebo 🙂 It’s gorgeous, and the birds love to run along the roses that creep up the sides looking for bugs to eat!

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    I love my pond.  We built it when we moved in and now its really full of healthy pond weeds and newts although the late snow/ice killed off this years taddies sadly.  We’re in the middle of a town and there aren’t many gardens around in the immediate area so it feels like a little sanctuary!  I love the prize, if I won that it would be great for my garden as we have too many crows around that immediately strip everything off the bird table, this would make it harder for them!!  

  • Natasha

    My vegetable patch I love growing things and feeding my family 🙂

  • the flowers

  • Isabel O’Brien

    I don’t have a garden as I live in an apartment!

  • Ruth Lines777

    My Tomato Plants

  • our summerhouse

  • Caitlin C

    hanging baskets 🙂

  • Laura Cooper

    Its large shrubs

  • Heather Shaw

    The woodpecker that pops in from time to time

  • colette hallinan

    I painted the back fence a really lovely shade of blue this year and it has brightened up the whole garden :o)

  • Valerie B

    My tree – this would look lovely hanging from it 🙂

  • jamesmum

    My bench. x

  • J Beale

    The flowers

  • Marion

    Magnolia Tree

  • the flower beds, changing in the seasons (well at least, till we had the monsoon season!)

  • My birdbath is right outside my kitchen window, love to see the birds drinking, bathing and bickering!

  • the birds are all of a flutter at the thought of their new home

  • shabby chic arch!

  • Roo

    The best bit of our garden is our cherry tree which is about 10ft tall now 🙂

  • HannahStaveley

    The new veg we are growing for the first time and they are looking well .x

  • Ann Willers

    My water feature in the corner hidden away and surrounded by ferns.

  • K Mayhead

    My herb garden.

  • Jaxcon17

    my agapanthus

  • Elff73

    my herb garden

  • Renee Armstrong

    The Bird Bath

  • The weeds :0)

  • Dianemjackson5

    the paddling pool on a hot day – not that we’ve had that many so far this year;)

  • secondtimemummy

    Oooh I LOVE this – unusual – good prize choice!

    Favourite feature in my garden is the raspberry bush – all thanks to bird droppings of fruit seeds a couple of years ago!!

  • Lovely!! My fave feature is our bamboo, it’s really taken off! We have a small garden so it’s great as it gives us some privacy without feeling too closed in xx @nb_bubbles

  • Georgina Hopkins

    I have a little corner with some pebbles and a guardian angel dedicated to my nan, love it.

  • Emma Howard

    My veg box

  • We’ve only just moved here so are transforming an overgrown mess. At the moment its the patio as its the only bit I can get to! x

  • Kerry Brown

    im creating a ‘jungle’ for my little boy, got lots to do on a small budget for him so im recycling a lot of stuff 🙂

  • Michelle Grundy

    The little decked area at the bottom of the garden 🙂

  • Parkinson Claire

    Our garden isn’t great but ive been planting as a result have a beautiful mini rose brush I’m fond of.
    Thanks for the comp.

  • Shelleybird76

    Child friendly! I have got rid of the concrete, replaced with grass and decking.. I love the fact the children can play safely yet it still looks good

  • Loma Wood999

    We have inherited four conifers which are cut into square columns. They are a pest to keep up to but they really give the garden some shape and height.

  • di dilly

    My birdtable

  • Hayley Wells

    I love my little gnome with his lantern that lights up at night :o)

  • Liz Tumbridge

    My favourite feature is anything that Munchkin grows. At the moment she is looking after her sunflowers. She loves being in the garden x

  • innocentcharmer

    We don’t have a garden yet, hopefully w shall when we move, we have a tiny Gravel area, I miss having a garden but I have plants in pots xx

  • Joanne Jonquil James

    the patio area, all the family come round for fab BBQ’s in my little garden 🙂

  • dragonfly63

    My colourful raised beds which are full of flowers that attract birds, bees and butterflies.

  • Cheryl Lovell

    My fruit plants 🙂

  • CathyGlynn

    My herb pots, I love the smell and wouldn’t be without them.

  • the view, although we only have a small garden, we are really lucky not to have anyone behind us & at the top of the hill, firework night is fab!

  • DippyRach

    The beautiful rose my sister bought us when we got the house as a joint house warming and congratulations on getting pregnant prezzy. Always full of roses …. even flowers in the snow!

  • Lauren

    Apart from the flowers, I like the area we have for BBQing (when the weather is good enough!)

  • I love our decking, so nice to sit out and look over all the flowers with a cup of coffee or a cheeky glass of something stronger. 

  • Karen R

    We’ve got a little pond which seems to be a hive of activity

  • Cheryl M

    My vegetable patch – although with all the rain we’ve had I’d have been better off planting rice!

  • Diane Carey

    Rose Bushes

  • h_igoe

    Strawberries plants they look really pretty in my pots.

  • Lynne SHarpe

    My garden is bare1 just the way we like it as my son is a football addict! lol x 

  • My Japanese Maple tree, its in a pot at the moment, but this Autumn going to replant it as a raised feature using railway sleepers. Sleepers all cut and ready to be sighted. Can not wait.

  • our vegetable patch , we worked long and hard on getting it right , we wanted to recycle and had lots of unwanted paveing slabs so we broke them up and made a flower bed using the mis-shappen peices , this flower bed became so big that it was quickly decided that it would become a vegetable patch , the kids have had aweome fun planting carrots , green beans , parsley , tomatoes, to name a few !

  • my stone horse and cart, the cart is full of colourful flowers, solar lights and a flying butterfly 🙂

  • Our vegetable patch 🙂

  • Elizabeth Smith

    bird bath – love watching the birds having a wash

  • Naomi K

    My favourite feature is our row of growing roses 🙂

  • The gazebo with climbing plants growing over it.

  • Yvonne Crook

    My birdboxes, watching the birds coming and going

  • I love our small garden, I love planting mint and having a nice cup of fresh mint tea! 🙂 x

  • Piperanddaisy

    my favourite feature is the solar powered lights we have dotted everywhere, including along the path and in the trees. They twinkle at night and look magical. 

  • Elebjones

    Gazebo 🙂

  • Danielle Vedmore

    Would have to be Daisy the rabbit running about all day. Its lovely seeing her hopping about though the poor veg patch is suffering from her! xoxo

  • My flowers!

  • Shelley Jessup

    My patio area as when it’s niceI go out there to eat its like a little out door bistro

  • I love the honeysuckle scrambling up the wall, the scent is almost exotic.

  • Kellie Faggle Mcintyre

    My fave part of the garden is the bottom, which is cover in Bark and where my son’s toys are located. Its safe and furtherist away from the house!!!

  • Martin27

    i like my flowers

  • The grass! We had it re-turfed in March and now my son has an area where he can play football.

  • My lovely twisted weeping willow.

  • Christina Michael

    fish pond

  • Our fruit trees

  • My fuchsia, I have never had green fingers, but some how managed to over winter them from last summer, so proud of them. 

  • Smith2cole

    My fish pond

  • Mel Chambers

    The firepit, we’ve spent many lovely evenings (and sometimes long into the night) sat arounf it with family and friends

  • Georgie

    Our new lawn as it’s the first time we’ve had any grass in the garden.

  • Jayne K

    The stone birdbath

  • Rikka b

    This year it’s my peas.  They are doing really well

  • My stunning pink rose bush xx

  • Fran Light

    My gladioli – they’ve bloomed early this year and ‘something’ has had a go at the leaves, but they still look spectacular 🙂

  • Michelle Murray

    our trampoline!!!!!

  • Ma Rayner

    Our cherry tree

  • the apple trees, they lovely to look at, when they are in blossom

  • Joy Dehany

    it’s potential. Got a long way to go with it as the previous owners let it get out of control, but we’re getting there.

  • Kinseyemma

    my fully grown pear tree

  • K Grieve

    all my lavender pots x

  • Kayleigh Comp Mayhew

    My vegetable patch

  • Gill B

    Pots of fresh herbs

  • Lorraine Polley

    raspberry patch, my grandson loves picking them and eating them !

  • Rik Line

    The random toads that turn up, it keeps the snail population down

  • Rik Line

    The random toads that turn up, it keeps the snail population down 

  • Sharon

    The sundial

  • the patio area under the apple tree

  • Emma

     all my lovely bedding plants, with all the rain we’ve had they look really healthy and very colourful

  • Donna Towner

    I love my chairs and table, when the sun finally comes out i like to sit out their early in the morning before the hustle and bustle and just enjoy watching the birds and the insects while supping me coffee 😀

  • Leighlarkin79

    A planter which my husband built and my parents helped to fill with the plants. Its the only part which I know i can keep alive as I know what is a plant and what’s a weed!

  • The hedge

  • Nicj08

    My flowers they look lovley in the summer when they blossom x

  • Jen8

    My double frilly poppies – beautiful, but for such a short time.

  • james holyland

    the apple tree in bloom

  • John Boyle

    The Whole Garden

  • Lesley Bain

    My walls are covered in clematis-covered trellis, the blooms and colours are really beautiful 🙂

  • My flower pots. The rest of the garden has been given up to the children.

  • Sara basten

    my newly planted apple tree, as it is budding and is going to be stunning

  • Bird Stand

  • Maria Jane Knight

    my beautiful lupins…my nanna used to have loads of huge tall lupins in her garden when i was a little girl and since ive had my own place i’ve always had lupins to remind me of my nanna.

  • Jade Vine

    My lovely Hebe plants!

  • My wildlife feeding corner.

  • Myca Falconry Fundraising

    I would have to say my Birds 🙂

  • Scott Caldon

    Bird feeders and watching the variety of birds visiting the garden

  • Susannah

    My favourite feature is my small but sufficient herb garden.

  • Nothing at the moment its like a jungle! We plan to sort it out this summer

  • Diane Duggan

    The apple tree which produces lots of baking apples every Autumn.

  • Deborah Bird

    We’ve just moved so haven’t done anything with my garden yet! But i am going to make a vegetable growing area so that will prob be my fave feature 🙂

  • the quiet solitude

  • Dave S

    definetely the summer house away from the hubabub nice for a quiet doze sssh don’t tell the boys!

  • Tina Lawton

    The fence! It stops the nosey neighbour peeking through… hehe

  • my vegetables and hens, the wisteria and at the moment loads of mini frogs.

  • sairz

    I love my passion flower, looks amazing this year claimed almost 2 fence panels <3

  • Dee

    The beautiful weeping silver birch, it’s tiny leaves flutter in the slightest breeze and bring the garden to life. It looks just as lovely in winter when the leaves have fallen as the branches form a delicate filigree against the sky.