*Prize Draw* Win a Organic Babies Newborn Hamper

Green people were one of the first brands to send us something to review on the blog, we fell in love with their organic products & they were amazing on both Kayleigh & Ethan’s skin.

To celebrate us turning 1 Green People have offered us one of their Organic Babies Newborn Hampers to give away, crammed pack full of their amazing goodies, this would make a perfect gift to a newborn.

Good luck everyone!

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  • Giggles and bubbles!!  Happy birthday!

  • That they are so cute and sleepy and can be put straight to bed after!! hehe x

  • I love how lovely and clean my children are when they come out and put on their fresh clean jarmies! They smell new lol!

  • Karen A Barrett

    I find bathtime just as relaxing as my Grand-Daughter, a lovely end to the day x

  • Laura

    I love how fluffy his hair is when he just gets out!

  • Laura_is_ace

    I think I actually like it best when then get out and they’re clean, and smell all warm and gorgeous.

  • Kathryn Phillips ✩

    their fluffy hair when i rub it with the towel 🙂

  • Ashleigh

    watching them laugh and splash around x

  • Carolina J.

    My little girl’s laughter is the best!

  • M. Russell

    Watching them play in the water.

  • Gemma Wells

    getting in with him and making lots of bubbles and splashing

  • Olivia Kirby

    Lots of splashing and giggles and then clean, yummy smelling cuddles 🙂

  • The lovely clean smell.

  • Lorna Peppiatt

    Bubbles on their nose!

  • katie tong

    getting in with them both and letting them “wash” my hair. 

  • emmacella

    splashing and giggling

  • laura banks

    lots of bubbles and splashing 

  • Tinysidsmum

    Splashing fun x

  • once again, they are a clean baby!

  • Rpbeesley

    when it is over! (just kidding). I love the way a bath makes my ten week old baby girl smile and relax even if she has been crying beforehand.

  • Tracy Hanley

     helps my grandaughter to relax , she loves the water

  • Lisa fitzgerald

    My 1 yr old gets so excited when she sees the bath running, she loves splashing around, playing with her toys and making waves. She cries when I take her out!

  • hannahmdy

    Splashing & singing – row row row your boat… 🙂 such a special time 🙂

  • gumbie23

    lots of splashing and fun

  • CDW

    I love it when I take my son out of the bath in his hooded towel and cuddle my little caterpillar for a bit 🙂

  • Kate Cunningham

    splashing and then the gorgeous baby smells when drying them and keeping close.

  • Ive always been looking becuase all my children have been water babies right from being born they loved to splash about and kick there legs,They enjoyed just looking up at me.I like it when i wrap them up nice and snuggly in their towels 🙂 xx
    Google+d this post xx

  • lynn savage

    playing with bubbles

  • Clairew137

    Playing with toys – great imagination.

  • the bubbles, the giggles, the games…the whole bigger picture really

  • The way Maxwell screams in delight at having water poured over his head!! Maisie hates it but Maxwell LOVES it 🙂

  • robertfox24

    Just listening to my two boys giggle as they splash around in the bath

  • melanie stirling

    How lovely they smell afterwards 🙂

  • Ani Costa

    The bubbles&splashing.

  • Jane Mse English

    I used to love getting in the bath with them & making lots of bubbles & splashes.

  • When it ends.

  • Paula Smith

    I think my kids must be some of the messiest ever so bathtime  to means I actually get to see them clean for a little while, and who can resist a cuddle straight after bath time, clean babies smile yummy 🙂

    • Paula Smith

      smell yummy, not smile.lol

  • i love to watch them enjoy themselves and play with the water and bubbles, plus they smell all clean after for evening cuddles

  • Bubbles and funny hair styles with shampoo x

  • Tracy Grant

    Spending quality time, playing and splashing together x

  • I get  to read a book while they splash about and have fun

  • Joy Dehany

    when she does huge splashes, and when she sees herself in the mirror. She laughs herself silly and we have lots of bonding time and snuggles and silliness while we get her dressed afterwards. She gets all snuggly and gives huge kisses to us and wants her “bajimas” on (her way of saying pyjamas)

  • Aimee Ryan

    bubble bath!

  • Adele Baxter

    Seeing her having fun …she loves to splash and tries to pick up bubbles and the water…thats entertainment enough for her, even though she has lots of bath toys xx

  • Keri

    I love how clam my LO is at bath time, he smiles and makes cute noises 🙂

  • Miss Chris

    Bubbles and Splashing.

  • colette hallinan

    Giggles and family time with no distractions

  • Madisons123

     I like to see how happy they splashing around

  • Gill B

    It’s a real fun 1 to1 time

  • Suzanne Sendell

    Watching them have fun and knowing They will be tired out so will sleep better

  • Kayleigh Tumber

    I love watching my baby kick his legs and the way he tries to catch the water with his hands, or the way he tries to pick the water up, reminds me what life with no worries is really about.

  • Clare nicholas

    Getting in too so we both enjoy the fun!

  • Rachel G

    Watching my little one splash around in the water. Such a water baby!

  • splashing around

  • Paul Green

    family time with no distractions

  • they make me laugh x

  • Kieran

    seeing their enjoyment and getting wet!

  • Viv Gilbey

    The way they love all the bubbles!

  • claire griffiths

    splashing around and playing with the bath toys 🙂

  • Caroline H

    Playing with all the bath toys – sticking the letters to the tiles, watching the wind up submarine. 

  •  they love playing with the bubbles and splashing

  • Harps

    watching them splashing about

  • michelle evans

    I love the laughter. Nothing compares to them giggling when they’re splashing around.

  • Lana Leman

    splashing around

  • Stephanie Tsang

    Watching my daughter playing with bubbles and having a lovely cuddle afterwards

  • Victoria Boland

    Playing games.

  • Margaret

    Seeing the kids splashing and playing with their bath toys.

  • Chas

    All that splashing and giggling

  • Arianwen

    singing if you’re happyt and you know it make a splash!

  • Solange

    Playing with the rubber duck

  • katrina walsh

    cuddling in the towel afterwards x

  • Emma L Sp

    I can make them smell like a baby all over again! I can’t believe how old they are getting so quickly! My 18 month old is losing her baby features so fast, and so I love them fresh out the bath, doused in Johnsons bedtime bath, huggled in their towels – bliss! (also my fav thing is knowing its nearly bedtime so we can enjoy some peace lol)

  • Bex

    Cuddling in his towel afterwards

  • Mrslindsey

    My boys sharing a bath and all the giggling ….. will be sad when they day comes that they are too old to share 🙁

  • Blondecurlysarah

    Favourite thing about bath time is using bubbles to make beards to look like Santa!

  • joanne newbould

    would love to win this xx

  • Ursula

    seeing their enjoyment of being able to kick and splash in the water and bubbles

  • Hayley Todd

    My little girl just loves her bathtime and it’s so lovely when she giggles and kicks her legs in the water with a big beaming smile on her face 🙂

  • Kelly h

    Love it when my nephew giggles when I trickle water on his back x

  • Jane

    splishing and splashing

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    The whole thing!  Having fun playing and then having a lovely sweet smelling relaxed cuddly babe afterwards!

  • all the bubbles with the bubble machine

  • laura jones

    a chance to have some fun at the end of the day

  • Sue McCarthy

    I don’t have any children so would like to win this prize to donate to charity; to go to Romania.

  • Nathalie Taylor

    All the bubbles and splashing around 🙂 

  • Heather Shaw

    Playing together

  • jamesmum

    splashing around in the water. x

  • Maria Hackett

    splashing bubbles around 🙂

  • Martina Pichova

    the quality time together and how he smells after the bath

  • Siannypooh

    getting drenched!

  • Marion

    The splashing and the bubbles and so much singing, then wrapping up in a big towel and the cuddles and bedtime story.

  • This is such an amazing prize … thankyou mummyvswork 🙂 xx my little girl would love this xx

  • Mine and my little ones favourite thing about bath time is getting each other with the bubbles <3 puts huge smiles on my little girls face which of course makes for a happy mummy tooo xx

  • splashing about

  • Roo

    I like it when he washes his hair without being told 🙂

  • HannahStaveley

    My 2 year old daughter will not have a bath without me so thats very nice we have lots of fun in the bath playing and splashing .and love making bubble cake with the sponge .x

  • Kerry Brown

    all the lovely fizzy bombs and dinosaur soaps we play with!

  • Jennakeller126

    Having fun with bubbles and splashing

  • Hjsummer

    This is an amazing prize

  • Hjsummer

    Using all of the empty shampoo bottles as submarines and boats!

  • G

    they love to play in the water and its a fun time for bonding with them 🙂

  • the bubbles 

  • The bubbles and seeing how much water they can get on the floor 🙂

  • Seeing my son’s face when he plays with the bubbles and his submarine toy – he loves them! 🙂

  • Georgina Hopkins

    His face as he splashes 🙂

  • Emma Howard

    Having fun with toys and bubbles

  • Mandi Morrison

    My little boyhas just learnt to splash, it is so funny to watch xxx

  • my baby boy loves bath time. I really want to take him swimming soon. We like to bath him and his toddler sister together so we all enjoy the fun bonding time as daddy helps too and its a family activity xx

  • Joanne Dodd

    wrapping them in a fluffy warm towel and having a cuddle with a fresh smelling baby 🙂

  • baby playing with the bubbles and splashing around

  • Cheryl Lovell

    He loves his little boats and pretending to crash them 🙂

  • Lauren

    Playing with the bubbles.

  • Karen R

    I love the way babies smell so fresh and warm and snuggly

  • Christina Marriott

    watching them splash about – Nieve loves her bath! 🙂

  • h_igoe

    Just explore the water and bubbles and having fun playing in a different way!

  • we love making little “inventions” with random household items ! my middle boy used to love using a pump in the bath to create mad crazy bubble lol

  • Katrina Day

    the fun and laughter and who can get the wettest the quickest funnily enough its always me lol

  • Blowing bubbles and splishing n splashing! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Smith

    the cuddles as they come out of the bath

  • Cheryll H

    Bubbles! My girls have always loved the bubbles 🙂 @pipersky1:twitter 

  • Anna

    they are lovely and snuggly when they come out and smelling lovely 

  • S Scott

    Splashing and soaking the bathroom!!

  • Bath times are always so special, I love hearing little man singing! 🙂 x

  • Yvonne Crook

    Playing splashing games with each other

  • Piperanddaisy

    The way they smell so gorgeous afterwards 

  • singing and having quality time with my girls, splashing about and blowing bubbles

  • Definately the snuggling afterwards and the lush smell!

  • Shelley Jessup

    Sophie likes the toys especially the ones that squirt me with water!

  • Kellie Faggle Mcintyre

    Blowing bubbles and splashing! Not so keen on the cleaning up afterwards though.

  • The tired sweet baby that comes out at the end (hush) LOL night night!

  • just love the fresh smell after they are nice and clean

  • Kay Lou Smith

    Playing fun games including drawing on the tiles with crayons which hubby hates!

  • Christina Michael

    it means it is nearly their bedtime

  • Fun with bubbles 🙂

  • Renee Armstrong

    All the bath toys

  • It’s always a happy time full of good clean fun

  • Michelle Murray

    playing cafe pretending to drink cups of tea he made with bath water lol x

  • Just the fact that its a perfect bonding opertunity xx

  • Vickypinkpigxx

    I like playing with the ducks with them

  • Rennene Hartland

    The smiles on their faces as you splash the water

  • Babyann

    all the ducks/boats/penguins in the water 🙂

  • Ma Rayner

    the giggles at the bubbles – they never cease to cause fun

  • Clairelittle

    how much they enjoy it 🙂 if they’re happy i’m happy

  • Chris Bell

    Getting to splash about and see her happy little face!

  • K Grieve

    the giggles

  • Kayleigh Comp Mayhew

    Splashing and laughing

  • Lorraine Polley

    watching them enjoying themselves and that lovely clean smell!

  • Sharon

    Playing with the toys

  • Emma

    when we all get in together

  • Summer

    I love the way they splash around having fun all the time

  • Leighlarkin79

    The fact that baby girls daddy tends to do bathtime. It is their fun time when he gets home from work and is lovely to watch!

  • John Boyle

    The smile on their face

  • Lesley Bain

    My wee one is just full of giggles in the bath, she just loves to splash 🙂

  • Sara basten

    how much they relax and enjoy it

  • There play and laughter 

  • Sarah Louise Docherty

    It’s great time to bond

  •  he smells so edible afterwards and its his special time with Dad

  • Kinseyemma

    to watch them splashing in the bubbles

  • Diane Duggan

    She smells lovely after a bath, and is ready to sleep.

  • Katarzyna Szewczyk

    To watch then play and laught.

  • Deborah Bird

    Playing games in the water 🙂

  • Sarah Parker

    singing songs 🙂

  • watch them splashing

  • Jen Boucher

    Playing with bubbles 

  • Dee

    When somebody else does it …..

  • Alexandra McGahey

    My daughter looks forward to getting in the bath every night now because we play a game where she pretends she is The Little Mermaid 🙂 My little boy just loves splashing and playing with the bath toys and measuring jug (usually ends up with me having to get changed because he splashes me wet through)! 🙂