Christmas Gifts for 4 and over

This possibly had to be the toughest category yet, it was like a minefield out there looking for toys, then don’t get me started on the prices!

So I’ve gathered the Mummy Vs Work top toy list, broken down into cost areas to suit all budgets!

Under £10

Hama Beads – From £7.49

Hama Beads are a great creative toy for the over 5’s. With a wide selection of sets on Kidditoona toys there is sure to be something for your little one. Why not find a creative stocking filler.

Prima Princessa Presents The Nutcracker DVD- £5.99

Have you got a little ballet star in the making? This DVD is the thing for them. Aimed at young children ages 3-6, has just been released in the United Kingdom for the Christmas 2012. Enjoy the Birmingham Royal Ballet performing excerpts from The Nutcracker, narrated especially for children by a cartoon fairy-ballerina. Dance along to fun ballet step demonstrations featuring students from the School of American Ballet, the official academy of the New York City Ballet.

Kayleigh loved watching this DVD and joining in with the ballet moves so is a sure hit for Christmas at a great price. You can pick this up on Amazon

.Moshi Monsters Cookie Kit from Maps – RRP £4.99

The brand new Moshi Monsters Cookie Kit from Maps will appeal to fans of the cute characters allowing them to get creative and bake their favourite monsters. Each colourful carry-handle tub includes 2 Moshi Monster Cookie Cutters, 2 decorating tubes, 450g of cookie mixture (makes 24 cookies) and an instruction leaflet featuring a bonus download code for Free Rox on the popular website.

The contents are stored in a cool reusable storage tub and there are six different designs for fans to collect. At around £4.99, this is a perfect stocking filler pressie that will keep children entertained during the long Christmas break.

Rabbit Night Light – £4.49

Find Me A have a gorgeous night-light that lets of a soft glow in the evening. With Ethan and Kayleigh going through a stage where they were afraid of the dark this arrived at the right time.

It lets of a gorgeous glow but at the same time is not too bright. With a simple on off switch I just turn this off when the kids go to bed.

I love this light and am hoping they bring out a few new designs in the range!

If you’ve got a little pop diva then Pop Party 10 is the stocking filler for them. The incredibly successful brand, now onto its tenth release, is back for Christmas 2012 with massive names and the best tracks of the year.

The album is packed full of chart-topping smashes from the biggest names in pop from Justin Beiber, Cheryl Cole, JLS to Katy Perry and to name but a few. As always, the album features a bonus DVD packed full of great music videos which budding pop stars can dance along to. The album also includes lyric cards.

This is a must have stocking filler for Christmas 2012!

Kiddycharts – From £2.99

This is a bit of a different gift but I love it none the less. Kiddycharts are reward charts which you can customise to suit your needs. It may be that you don’t want it for a chores or good behaviour but simply to track and reward your little ones achievements. You can buy these charts in a package too so you can update and reprint later in the year if your goals change.

Maison Bebe Children’s Jewellery – From £8.99

Is your little one become more of a fashion fanatic, Kayleigh loves her jewellery. She’s not quiet at the stage of proper jewellery yet however this is the next step for her.

I love this fresh water pearl bracelet from Maison Bebe, you can also buy the rest of the range including ear rings and necklace. Perfect for any little princess.

Make Your Own Hello Kitty – £9.99

Hello Kitty remains one of the most popular children’s brands and now girls can make their own! The kit contains modelling clay, modelling tool and instructions to bring Hello Kitty to life. Suitable for ages 4 and over.

This is a perfect gift to do throughout the Christmas holiday whilst the weathers not great!

Justin’s Annual 2013 – RRP 7.99

Following the success of Justin’s Jokes and My First Justin’s Jokes we now have the first-ever annual from the undisputed star of children’s television, Justin’s Annual 2013. The annual includes all your favourite characters from his live shows – Engelbert the dog, Jollywobbles the car and many more. Crammed with puzzles, games, activities, stickers, stories and jokes, Justin’s Annual 2013 is giggle-tastic.

Land of Sometimes – RRP £9.99

When we had the chance to review the Land Of Sometimes, we loved it. The way the story flows through the cd with a mix of songs that help tell the story and adventure.

This CD is a great hit due to the way the story unravels through the cd and is a must for the stocking!

Illustrated Angel Acrylic Children’s Necklace £10.00

This cute angel necklace would make an ideal stocking filler or Christmas gift for children or adults, recommended for ages 5 and up. The unique character profile on the presentation card make this an ideal gift to treasure.

Each necklace comes presented on a personalised Hoobynoo World postcard with the characters unique profile on the back. The necklace is then lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and decorated with a rainbow coloured ribbon before being posted to you.

They have a wide selection of characters to pick from, so something for everyone.

Bigjigs Yellow Battery Operated Diesel Engine – £9.99

Bigjigs have brought a whole new dimension to their great train set, they have released a battery operated train! So if your little one has the train set this is a must have for the stocking this year!

Under £25

Lab in a Bag, from Be Amazing – £14.99

Anything that gets kids using the brains and being creative is a big hit in my eyes.

For altogether more sedate scientific fun, get your hands on a Lab in a Bag which feature eneough experiments to last all year. The range includes Newton’s Antics and Come to your Senses. The handy plastic carry cases can be used to store your kit – learn everything from how to balance six nails on the head of one nail with Newton’s Antics to finding out why you hate vegetables with Come to your Senses!

Mad Mutz – RRP £15.00

Mad Mutz are going to be one of those toys that every kid wants this Christmas and every parent is going to be trying to find the off switch!

We recently got one for Kayleigh and Ethan, they think it is hysterical. It pops off, snores and burps loudly and scratches its ear like a real dog. He is sensor activated as well so every time they snuck out of the bed when they should be asleep he would be set off, leading to a fit of giggles from the pair of them.

Although it can sometimes get on my nerves it has had the thumbs up from Kayleigh and Ethan!

Disney Princess Magical Tea Party Set – £19.99

Do you have a little princess who loves to have a tea party in her castle? This could be the gift for them. The Disney Princess Magical Tea Party Set lets them enjoy a magical cup of tea completewith magical sounds.

5 Second Rule – RRP £19.99

Another great game for the over 8’s is 5 Second Rule, how hard can it be to name 3 breeds of dogs in 5 seconds? Very!

This fast paced but fun game is sure to appeal to the whole family. What a great game to get everyone involved. I love board games and I can’t wait till the kids are a bit older so we can really start to enjoy this sort of game,

This is a must have for after Christmas dinner or when the family come round on Boxing day! Rave reviews across the board!

Pillow Pets – RRP From £14.99

Pillow Pets have to appear in the guide. They are such a fun and clever idea that both my two love.

There is now a great range for you to pick from and I’ve also noticed now they do 3 football mascot pillow pets (Not sure that Happy Harry from my club would make a great pillow though!) which appeals even more to the kids!

We love pillow pets in our house so they get a huge thumbs up from us!

Fireman Sam Tablet – £19.99

Fireman Sam and all the crew are ready to have fun and learn with you! Make learning fun with this high tech child’s touch sensitive tablet. It features six great games to educate kids about numbers, colours and objects. Its ideal for fans as they will learn about the vehicles from the TV show and hear all their favourite characters voices.

Children’s Colour Me In Personalised Calendar – £14.99

Children can look forward to the new year in colourful style with a calendar just for them. Their name will appear on the front with 12 fun pictures waiting to be coloured in inside. A boys and girls version are available.

Kayleigh was given one of these to try out as a gift for Daddy for Christmas. She has loved being able to colour in the different pages and draw pictures. I think it’s a great way to give that little something personal without breaking the bank!

Hallmark have a great range of gifts now available for children and they are all sure-fire hits. We have a couple of favourites from their range and they are such reasonable price that they will make them the perfect gift.

Story Buddy – £19.99

We have 3 of these now from the range (We’re just missing Bigsby the new crew member & Jingle the Husky). These buddies are a great addition to the story books. As you read through the story with the children the buddy joins in with the story making it a great interactive toy for any little reader. You can also buy additional books for the buddy.

Recordable Storybooks – £14.99

If you love reading to your little one but can’t always do so due to work commitments or other reasons, this is the gift for you. With 9 books to choose from including Disney Princess and Disney cards, I’m sure you little one would find a book they love. You simply record you reading the story then as each page is turned you read the story to your children whilst not being there. A perfect gift for grandparents who may not live close to the grandchildren too 🙂

Brain Noddles – RRP 12.95

The cool, colourful and crafty new Brain Noodles from Paul Lamond Games make the perfect Christmas present for creative little minds.

The bright, bendable, fluffy and flexible Brain Noodles stems are 18” jumbo, silky fibre noodles that can be bent in any direction and are designed especially for children aged six years upwards.

Shapes and sculptures of all kinds can be created with the 12 tactile, versatile and reusable noodles provided in every kit along with the fun accessories.

There are six super Brain Noodle kits to select from: Kittens, Bugs, Primary, Princess and Frog, Puppies and Stripes. Every Brain Noodles kit contains 12 giant Noodles, wiggle eyes, chenille stems, pom poms, craft foam, feathers and stickers along with step by step instructions with photos on how to make cute, colourful and comical creations.

We have received one of these sets to give away and I have to say they are a great size. Perfect to get those creative juices flowing!

Noisy Norman – RRP £19.99

Ethan and I saw Noisy Norman just before his launch when we popped to play with the Kurio and Ethan was sold! Te more you press his head the mire noisy he comes! He bops all over the place making lots of noise, just Ethan’s cup of tea!

It’s A Chicken – RRP £10.95

Another great game from Paul Lammond Games is this fab little game. This game is mainly aimed at

Players simply pick up a card and roll the colour coded dice to decide which of the red, yellow or white words they draw. This easy to play game features four different types of paper sheets pre-printed with circles so it’s quick and simple to draw the word on the card.

Fun words to draw include ‘Bee’, ‘Sunglasses’, ‘Tiger’ and ‘Tractor’.

It’s a Chicken!is perfect for younger players too as they use the white word on the card which features a picture they can copy along with their word. It’s a race against time though as a chicken timer is pressed as soon as the drawing starts and it will cluck when time is running out.

What I really like about this game is it give’s children the chance to be expressive and learn to be a bit more creative.

Bigjigs Toys Limited

Cake Stand with 12 Cakes – £17.49

A toy which wouldn’t seem out-of-place at The Ritz! This wooden cake stand holds 12 very pretty and colourful cakes, to help your tea party go with a swing. All manner of colours, shapes and sizes make this an attractive, eye-catching toy – ideal for that upmarket high tea.

We have the Tea for Two set from Bigjigs and it is great quality, some I’m certain this would stand the test of time.

Over £25

Kiddimoto Police Kurve Wooden Balance Bike – £45.50

Kidditoona toys also stock the amazing Kiddimoto balance bikes. One of my favourites is this Police Kurve. This excellent first bike encourages balance, coordination and confidence before progressing to pedal bicycles.

Bigjigs Toys Limited Figure of Eight Roadway Set – £29.99

Now everyone knows how popular the Bigjigs railway set is but I’m sure that the roadway set isn’t far behind. The play set like the railway is adaptable so it can be added to over time. A big hit I’m certain!

Playmobil is a huge hit in this house. Last year Ethan’s main present was the Falcon’s Castle that santa brought him. We just let him have the big castle and kept the little parts to one side whilst he was young.

This year Playmobil have some great gifts our on the market again, launching 160 new products this year alone! Here are our top picks from their range.

Pirates Ship – RRP £49.99

The Pirates range is ready to do battle on the stormy seas and search for Treasure Island. The enormous pirate ship comes complete with a crew and cannon, ready to attack any unfortunate passers-by to steal their bounty. Very unlucky captives might be forced to walk the plank or be marooned on a desert island! Soldiers are following close behind, keen to put the out-law pirates in jail.

Princess Fantasy Castle – RRP 99.99

Every little girl would love a castle like this. With all the detailing on this castle you can not go wrong, there’s even a tiara, bracelet and ring for the castle’s owner.

The royal prince and princess can take the grand staircase from the ball room, with revolving dance floor, to the upper chambers of the castle. In the tower, there’s a secret hiding place to store the crown jewels. With no detail forgotten and a whole host of additional rooms, carriages and magical flying horses, children will be able to live the fairytale at playtime.

I know given the chance Kayleigh would love this!