Christmas Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

Buying for babies and toddlers is always a tough one (I’m so glad we’re coming out the other side!) however this Christmas there seems to be a a much better variaty on the market.

If you’ve got a little one who you would like to put pennies away for, why not go for something like this personailised silver plated digger money box from Getting Personal. They have other designs to pick from too, so something suitable for all children. The RRP is £24.99 which I think is amazing for such a great product.

Kiddicare’s ‘Buzzing Brains’ range of traditional, fantastic quality, great value toys give you and your little ones the best of both worlds – guaranteed to not only entertain your child, but also aid their development. Whether your toddler’s in the bath, on the move or sitting still (as rare as that may seem), the Buzzing Brains range is perfect for playing!

These toys will suits boys and girls thanks to the bright and engaging unisex colour pallet. No matter what age your child is, or how big your festive budget is the Buzzing Brains range has something for everyone!

Toys to entertain and educate your tot:

The beautiful Buzzing Brains Baby Walker with Blocks gives your adventurous little one the perfect aide to take their first steps; sturdy enough to survive some false starts along the way! The walker’s tray includes 30 brightly coloured learning blocks with letters and numbers to boost their learning whilst they’re having fun.

RRP £19.99

Buzzing Brains’ Wooden Peg Puzzle will have you and your little ones happily impersonating the noises of cows, sheep and other farm animals noisily. These cute, quirky illustrated pieces make noise when they’re touched and guarantee that your child will be stay mesmerised every time they play.

RRP £10.99

The traditional Hammer Bench is designed to withstand the most arduous of young ‘builders’ as they play and develop key hand eye coordination skills.

RRP £6.99

Every budding young nurse or future surgeon will love the new Buzzing Brains Dr Sams Medical Trolley, including 15 accessories for every ‘major’ operation!

RRP £29.99

My 1st Years have a great range of products (some of which can be personalised) to help make that first Christmas special.

I love this Santa cushion and i think it would make a great momento to remember their first Christmas by. Retailing at £25 it is about the market price for a good quality cushion however this one can been personalised and the colouring of that can be changed too.

This is my absolute favourite from their range though, “Is it too late to be good?” babygro, its a limited edition but super cute! At £9 I just wish mine were small enough to wear it!

Another great find I came across was Green Kid Stainless Steel bottles. Green.Kid Stainless is the non toxic, eco-friendly stainless steel baby bottle that converts to a toddler spout as your baby grows. Such a clever idea and I think you’ll agree there not bad looking either! The bottles come in 2 sizes:

•150ml (Green) RRP £14.50
•300ml (Pink, Blue and Green) RRP £15.99

If you’re looking for that something soft and fluffy then Air Puppy Cuddle Crew have a new range called Hickory Shack. Each teddy is lovingly hand made so no two are identical plus the inside of the ears and the base of the paws are made using faux fur called Alcantara and is the same material used as a seat trim in the manufacture of Aston Martin cars!

They are simply stunning teddies and one certain to stand the test of time. They are £11.95 for a 26cm teddy.

For something more as a keepsake or maybe for a mum to be, what about the Baby’s First Calender from Kidditoona Toys? It has a gorgeous neutral design so is perfect for any nursery but also has a thermometer as part of it. It enables you to track those “first things” babies do. So the first word, first tooth date and so on. Something beautiful and yet a great way to record those memories! Retailing at £12.75 I think its a perfect gift for any newborn.

With Ethan we discovered dribble bibs, nothing fancy just bog standard ones. Now I’ve discovered another brand, gorgeous bright Funky Giraffe Bibs. They come in such a wide range of colours and designs I’m certain they will have something that would suit everyone. Their Christmas range is incredibly cute, this gingerbread one is top of my pile! They retail at £4 a bib however if you order more then you get a discount so 2 bibs are £5.60 for example making them great value for money.

If like Kayleigh and Ehan you have a todder who loves CBeebies then this double cd album is the perfect stocking filler for them. Packed full of their favourite program’s theme tunes this cd will be the backing for your Christmas festivities!

With 50 songs in total, it’s a great gift for the young music lovers in your house!


Aside from the above you could also consider getting a box of baby products from Green People’s Organic Baby range. Just in time for Christmas they have released the perfect gift set for those with a little one. Containing Soothing Baby Salve, Dry Skin Baby Lotion and Baby Wash and shampoo its the perfect started set for any parent. At £15.95 its a perfect price range for little ones.

WOW Toys

These are a huge hit in our house with an ever growing collection! Ethan got 3 news ones for his birthday including Dudley Dump Truck. What amazed me about Dudley was the size of the toy. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. He is also very durable. Ethan bashes and crashes him around with no issues at all. Another great feature is the tipping bucket. Really well thought out and sure to be a firm favourite.


They have also recently started to bring out a few toys aimed more for girls including Flora’s Fairy Garden. These toys are still suitable for little boys too (Ethan loves it just as much) but its a little more dainty in the design. With a functioning swing and a tea set on the top where Flora and the fairy can sit and have tea. have a great story book for toddlers which can be personalised. We we’re lucky enough to receive one before they hit the store and I was so impressed with the story. It’s not one of those awkward ones where they try to squeeze the name into the story. It flows beautifully. I loved it so much that I’ve ordered one for Ethan too! These retail at £16.99 but are the perfect gift for Christmas eve!

Little Bird Told Me have some gorgeous presents on their site, my favourites have to be their rockers. They just look so adorable, I want them all! These retail at £85. They have recently just released their new range on the site called Hey Bear, it’s me Bear, well worth a look.  Also they have a wide range of soft toys. Both of mine loved toys on their pram or car seat so I know these would have been a big hit! At £12 too they are fantastically priced.

Now I couldn’ finish of the baby guide without recommending some shoes, especially not now I have an online kids shoe shop Little Fancy Feet !

So after much deliberation I think our favourite set is the Rudolf Giftset from Inch Blue. A gorgeous set of shoes and baby gro perfect for Christmas!