*Christmas Prize Draw* Children’s Digger Money Box

We love money boxes in this house, Kayleigh and Ethan have about 3 each (granted they have no money in them but they look good!). The one we have to offer you was featured in our gift guide and I love it.

Children’s Digger Money Box from Getting Personal is silver plated & can be engraved with any message of your choice of up to 80 characters. How stunning would this look on Christmas morning?!

So for your chance to win this gorgeous prize simply follow the rafflecopter instructions below.

Good Luck!

  • Save up throughout the year and buy presents early in the sales

  • Spread the cost, start buying early and look out for sales deals throughout the year

  • julie e henderson

    buy online as it usually works out so much cheaper and you can review products beforehand to see durability etc

  • ian henderson

    take advantage of 3 for 2 offers and look online for discount vouchers or cashback sites

  • Nicci Jane Cowdell-Murray

    i usually start in the january sales and buy stuff that can be used as pressies for several people ( gift sets / slippers/ glove sets) then as it gets closer to christmas i buy for the kids as they are likely to change their minds several times lol … @chanson2010

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Don’t buy stuff! Its not really necessary!

  • Janine Bailey

    Buy gifts throughout the year x

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Start buying throughout the year when the sales are on – keep a list of all the people you buy for and when you buy them something – write it down beside their name so you don’t forget!

  • shop around prices can vary quite a bit

  • karen walkden

    buy all thgru the year and put away for xmas , also do you really needa turkey THAT big ??!!

  • make your own jams and chutneys and cakes for older relatives

  • Margaret Norton

    I try to buy bargains through the year as I see them – but only if I’m certain its something my kids won’t grow out of (eg Sylvanian families for my daughter or anything transport related for my son!) I try to stay away from characters though as they change their minds too much on those!

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    Snap up bargains throughout the year

  • Zoe G

    Buy throughout the year,picking up sale items

  • make the most of 3 for 2 offers, and look out for bargains all year

  • Clementina Kyeremateng

    Win your Christmas presents lol πŸ˜‰

  • Caroline Clarke

    Buy presents throughout the year, don’t leave Christmas shopping until December!

  • jennifer thorpe

    spread the cost by buying throughout the year

  • Denise

    only take cash out when shopping for gifts, leave all credit/debit cards at home, that way you’ll look for bargains and deals and stay within budget, and be less likely to impulse buy.

  • Carrie Louise Nugent

    Shop in the January sales! And to keep costs down further, do a toy swap morning with friends, as most children have some toys they never play with that could be perfect for another child, completely free!

  • Buy now or early as possible when there are BOGOF, 2 for 3 and discounted items. Put small bits away each month soon mounts up at Christmas.

  • Be honest with friends and family, and cut right back. I was buying for up to 20 children and it was killing my christmas budget. Often people are to proud to suggest that they also want to cut back, so approach the subject – even say friends of yours are doing it with you, and you think its a good idea.

  • Rachel Mccraith

    Remember with children, it’s often the fun of opening a present that they love, so don’t worry if you can’t afford a huge present for them. Lots of smaller ones will be just as exciting for them, and will work out cheaper

  • cheryl hadfield

    make handmade cards with special pictures, saving money and meaning alot more to the reciever

  • Nicole Constable

    Buy next years presents in January when the sales start.

  • John Boyle

    Get everything early

  • Diane Carey

    Hunt round for the best possible price for everything. If you buy something reduced, you can then buy that person more presents

  • Emily Hamilton

    books make great presents for kids and can be picked up for a couple of quid at the bargain book clubs like red house or bookpeople

  • sofia ramos

    take advantage of sale seasons

  • jo welsh

    No good now but my top tip is to buy throughout the year so to male the most of the sales and to spread the cost

  • I buy through the year, in the sales and always check prices online before buying.

  • I try to buy bits throughout the year. Then in November start looking out for the best deals. Also try to see what they want from Father Christmas so I can get a good deal on it.

  • Cheryll H

    Plan ahead – I bought all my wrapping paper and cards in the sales last year πŸ™‚

  • I take part in surveys all year to save the vouchers to use towards christmas presents : )

  • Jen Schofield

    Make your own decorations!

  • Make your own Christmas cards and tags

  • sarah

    Handmade gifts – like bath salts and print a photo buy a cheaper frame πŸ™‚

  • Danielle Vedmore

    The pound shops have nice stocking fillers such as disney books, stationary, chocolates etc

  • John Tingay

    Start Early and enter competitions to win all your christmas presents!

  • Use comparison sites to find the best prices on toys,electricals,dvds etc.

  • Barbara Bunning

    I love a nice Xmas table and do it as cheap as possible – A metallic roll of wrapping paper used as a table runner looks amazing and can be chucked out and replaced if it gets messy over the festive period & it saves on washing. Use cheap gift bags and spray some tree twigs to match stick these in florist foam weighted down with stones and topped with a few baubles and use as table decorations – they look fab!


  • Start your xmas shopping at the end of July you can snap up some good bargains as the shops are selling of this years range cheap before the xmas range comes in

  • Handmade cards, gift tags and place settings they look fab and you can tailor make them to each member of the family

  • Start early, make lists, buy mostly from Amazon & get Nectar points for it.

  • Allan Smith


  • Chris B

    After Christmas, cut up the cards to use as gift tags. Buy cards, wrapping paper, crackers straight after Boxing Day as they’ll be heavily reduced to clear

  • Karen A Barrett

    I ‘m a geek… i have a database on my laptop with ALL my Christmas information on that I use each year. Whenever I spot a good buy I match it to family and friends on my list, I start early, very early. I also reuse christmas cards as tags and new cards.

  • Make cards and buy early πŸ™‚

  • Kerry Brown

    start Christmas shopping in the sales after Christmas!

  • Caroline H

    As well as buying presents throughout the year when you see a really deal, snap up deals on non perishable groceries for December/January (cleaning products, loo rolls, nappies, coffee, etc). Come Christmas you’ll have a little more disposable income.

  • make a present its more personal I make knitted hats and scarves with their favourite motif on

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    buy bits during the year, just make sure u remember you have bought them lol

  • Jenny Mallinson

    Remember to use a cash back site when buying online & buy things as you see them throughout the year.

  • Rachel

    always check for vouchers and cashback before buying

  • ashleigh allan

    Start early to spread the cost and allow you to pick up more bargains!

  • voucher codes, looking for deals on mse, start buying early to spread the cost

  • We give mum in law Β£10 a week, that she puts in a bank account for us (so we can’t be tempted to dip into it), and she takes it all out mid oct for xmas shopping. Our xmas club. lol.

  • Emma Jones

    Buy through the year when you see bargains πŸ™‚

  • Don’t buy for adults other than very close family, buy in the sales, save your Clubcard points!

  • Start early to spread the cost

  • Home make presents – they mean so much more!

  • Kellie Faggle

    Buy in the sales all year round-never pay full price

  • Sophie Hedley

    don’t leave it all to the last minute when businesses take you for everything you’ve got

  • redrosemummy

    Buy all year round, and use the discount stores. If you are though, don’t ever leave things and think you will get them next time, they will almost certainly never appear again!

  • buy in the jan sales for the next year

  • lynsey buchanan

    compare prices before buying

  • save all your store points & use for presents

  • Jo O

    Shop early and look for bargains

  • Solange

    Go mad in the January sales

  • never pay full price, someone has always got a sale on!

  • Gill B

    Don’t get stressed. Spend quality time with friends & family & be honest about how much you can spend. Those that love you will understand if money is tight. A small gift with a lot of thought & care put into it means so much more than anything else.

  • Keri Jones

    Buy all your wrapping paper and cards in the January sales. Set a budget and stick to it. Write down what you buy as you go so you know when you have bought presents for certain people.

  • make a few homemade gifts lots of ideas on pinterest!

  • Lisa Troccoli

    I gave some little wooden christmas tree ornaments as presents because you buy say 6 in a pack and can give either 1 or 2 to one person and it is a cheaper way to give little gifts to people like school teachers or friends.

  • Use cashback sites throughout the year, then spend your money you’ve saved up

  • make christmas cards

  • don’t buy any presents, saves lots of money, or buy in the sales x

  • louise m

    make sure you buy well in advance – that way you don’t panic buy

  • hannah staveley

    Always shop around for the best price .x

  • Carolina J.

    Just be sensible and stick to the shopping list!

  • Melanie Clarke

    We buy normal bags of fudge/toffees/chocolates then make our own boxes to present them in, works out much cheaper than shop bought boxes of “festive” sweets and you get more in each one πŸ™‚ xx

  • Laura Bullivant

    buy all year round xx

  • jamie-lee norris

    Be organised and dont leave it till the last minute x

  • start early…preferably in june -im done for this xmas now πŸ™‚

  • Amez2012

    make homemade things they are so much nicer!

  • ✿Jane β™₯

    Stick with a Β£5 per present unless it’s close family.

  • Paula Smith

    Don’t panic buy, make a list and stick to it. Planning ahead also gives you the opportunity to compare prices to get the best deal.

  • reuse paper & Christmas bags – saves a few quid πŸ™‚

  • Grumpyish Mum

    save little and often – you’ll be surprised how it mounts up!


    look sad, and tell the kids “SANTAS DEAD!, or forget the expense and enjoy xmas, with what you can afford, without running up massive debts,in these days of internet/shop sales, get the best deal, and let children make things i.e cards tags ect, craft is great at festive time, go on we all love xmas

  • Recycle, buy toys from selling sites! Set a realistic budget and stick to it..

  • claire grigg

    dont buy for greedy adults!

  • Rachael Donovan

    get the offers online they tend to have better offers!

  • Jessica Whitehead-Stevens

    get an extra present for an emergency / I have have forgotten someone, this will stop an expensive panic buy

  • Competitions – win prizes! πŸ™‚

  • Kelly Dutton

    Get things during the year and stash them away til Christmas so it doesnt seem like you’re spending as much

  • Anne Nash

    Buy presents in the sales

  • Amanda Walsh

    i start buyin for my 4 in august!! plus i save throughout the year and get Β£600 worth if high street vouchers at the end of october

  • Start shopping as early as you can….January is great in the sales!!

  • Spread the cost throughout the year,Just pick little bits up in the sale for friends and family

  • Daniel Stacey

    Look at what you already own before going Christmas shopping

  • Janie McColl

    make homemade fudge and cinder toffee dipped in chocolate and package it nicely to give as gifts.

  • Set a budget…and STICK TO IT!

  • Molewrench

    Save up a regular amount each week – that way no nasty credit card bills in January

  • laura banks

    start shopping early and spread it out throughout the year

  • carrie vallance

    take 10% of every pay packet you get and put it locked away into savings!

  • Buy in the January sales!

  • Katie Kingsbury

    Buy your presents in the January sales or do a ‘Secret Santa’ for the grown ups – just one prezzie each.

  • Emma Ellison

    Shop for must haves/bigger toys in 3 for 2 sales, half price offers etc. Me & my mummy friends txt each other when we hear of offers too. Shop for stocking fillers & non character (as they change mind so quickly!) stuff through the year to spread costs. Don’t always assume it will be cheapest on ebay

  • Claire Woods

    Look for the best deal you can get on Everything!

  • Angela McDonald

    I have made a pact with myself this year that i’m going to try and buy all gifts with atleast some offer or discount. The best tip is to buy when theres a good sale on, no matter how early in the year it is as things always go back to full price in december!

  • Start early! I cannot recommend this enough – or you may end up like me: having 6 children to buy for with only a month to go :O :O

  • tracey gibbons

    start shopping early and take advantage when 2 for 3 offers are on

  • Buy presents during the sales before Christmas

  • Always look for discount vouchers online before purchasing any Christmas presents!

  • Amy Tidd

    Don’t go mad! Buy in moderation. To really save money then make gifts!

  • Sue McCarthy

    Stock up on food / drink / gifts beforehand when there are 3:2 or BOGOF offers – but hide the goodies or else the family may just scoff them before Christmas.

  • Janie McColl

    make homemade gifts such as fudge, biscuits or chutney

  • suzzee langton

    recycle old toys..new coat of paint will transform some of them into new toys!

  • s edwards

    Shop online πŸ™‚

  • fall out with your relatives

  • Always be on the look out when out and about for gifts be in it sales, fairs or on holiday.

  • Robyn Clarke

    Love the boy design, would look fab on my sons book case

  • Don’t leave it till the last minute spread the cost

    My little boy would love this


  • shop early before everything is out of stock

  • Black Friday sales

  • Colette

    Buy second hand

  • PaulM

    Celebrate the true christmas not this commercial modern day monstrosity and make your own gifts

  • Karen R

    Agree with friends not to buy presents for each other, you won’t miss their presents and they won’t miss yours!

  • Lenka Gabriel

    Do your shopping early and use comparison websites for the best deal πŸ™‚

  • look on ebay for lowest price

  • Buy one present each week from September to spread the cost.

  • Ellen Fazekas

    Buy in the sales.x

  • reuse the old deco

  • Leanne Timmins

    buy in advance!

  • Christina Marriott

    shop around! x

  • Cheryl Darling Pearson

    not so much christmas, but buy in advance through out the year, and in the sales, and put between Β£1 and Β£5 away each week (fill a old sweetie jar with coins and change) throughout the year, and when it comes to counting it out, you will be surprised how much you have saved without trying

  • lynn savage

    Set an absolute limit for each person to spend and stick to it

  • Naomi K

    Shop around, although it’s easier to buy everything in one shop, you’ll save yourself a fortune! πŸ™‚ x

  • Nick Hopkins

    Buy a few things every month to save on costs in November and December

  • Don’t be afraid to use eBay

  • sheridarby

    Look out for bargains all year round

  • Hannah

    Let other family members buy your kids big presents, actually when they are little they dont really notice so a few small presents and an amazing cardboard box is much appreciated. Also shop throughout the whole year to spread cost and get things on good deals!

  • shelagh milne

    Xmas cards crackers etc can be bought in the January sales.Keep a list of who you buy for in your bag and look out for bargains.Shopping online you can check the price against other sellers and watch out for delivery charges that can make your bargain not such a good buy.

  • Don’t stock up, its not like the ‘old days’ when everything closed down for week. Treat Christmas Day dinner as a big Sunday lunch, not your last meal. Waste not, want not.

  • buy a turkey crown rather than a whole bird so you’re not paying pounds per kilo in bones

  • katrina day-reilly

    only buy what you need

  • Michelle Rayner

    Use last years cards to make tags

  • janine atkin

    start early and buy one thing a week. doesnt feel so bad!

  • Hit the High Street, there are many Supermarkets and other chains, not necessarily toy stores, that have fabulous pocket money priced items that will save you money.

  • Search online for the best prices before hitting the shops! πŸ™‚ x

  • abi rolfe

    Start saving early, a little bit aside each month from about Augest

  • have a list

  • Buy Decorations, Lights, Cards etc. Just after Boxing Day when the shops are selling them off a LOT cheaper πŸ™‚

  • ksenia z

    I shop all year and use my point card (from supermarket) to buy gifts. I find things in catalogs and then scour the web for better prices. I also use “free” websites (craiglist etc) to find things I can give a make over or even for unwanted gifts at a cheap price

  • set a cost limit

  • eat at someone elses house!

  • lorraine polley

    stick with your pre-decided budget

  • buy all year

  • Rachel Bevan

    Give home made gifts.

  • Sandy Ralph

    start in the january sales and shop all year long to grab barguins