Dec 19 2012

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*Guest Post* Relaxing Mum

Some will think the words ‘mum’ and ‘relax’ just do not go hand in hand, in fact some of you will be snorting at the mere cheek of these words being used together! However, relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean taking a holiday with the girls and waving goodbye to your partner and children, as you grab a bottle of tequila and a sunhat and run into a waiting taxi! There are many ways to chill out in a very short space of time while at home and if you manage to make just a little time for yourself every day, the result will be a happier mum and here’s hoping, happier children too!
Here are a four ways, to take your mind off the family without having to even leave the house.

Top of the list just has to be taking a warm relaxing bath. Whether you find time for this in the middle of the day or late in the evening when the kids have gone to bed, nothing can beat the de-stressing properties of a gorgeous smelling, hot bubbly bath. Add an inflatable pillow and some essential oil, lavender in particular has sleep inducing properties, so fantastic if you do have a bath before bedtime. If you still have much of the day to get through, add something with a little zing to your bathwater, anything citrusy will pep you up while the warm water relaxes tired muscles and aching feet.

Have a cup of tea! A decent cuppa and ten minutes with your feet up to enjoy it, can give you that little break which gives you some time to get your brain into gear ready for the next part of your day. If you haven’t already tried them, fruit teas and herbal teas, even Indian chai, have become very popular over recent years. Don’t be put off if you try one and don’t like it, there are so many varieties, it’s mostly trial and error until you find the right one for you. Green tea is really effective for any of you trying to keep off the pounds, as they help burn calories a little faster and most contain caffeine, so you will still get a little pep in your pot! If you want something to do while you have your feet up, many mums are finding a few games of online bingo not only helps them relax, but is also a great place to meet other mums and have a little chat. Take a look at GoldenBingo.co.uk to find out just how easy and fun joining a bingo site can be.

Finally, reading! It doesn’t matter if you read a novel, a magazine, or even wonderful, helpful blogs like mummyvswork, the main reason is to get away from your reality for twenty minutes or so, and either learn something new, vanish inside a fictional world or laugh your head off at some real life stories, any reading is good for keeping your brain active and forgetting all about your troubles and stress for a short time. Reading also sets a good example to children, there are whole new worlds to discover in books for all ages, and who knows, if you get the kids reading, you may get that little extra bit of peace and quiet for yourself!

However you choose to relax, make sure that every day includes just a little ‘you’ time, and like the shampoo advert once said…‘Because you’re worth it’!

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