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Be Food Smart

This prize is not only a great one for any family but its one that will help you kick-start you healthy eating!

This January the Government’s healthy living initiative Change4Life has launched ‘Be Food Smart’, which aims to show mums and dads how to recognise the foods that contain hidden sugar, salt and fat and find healthier alternatives for the family.

Those who follow our Facebook page may remember me talking about the Change4Life Be Food Smart app that I recently downloaded. On here is a great little feature called Meal Mixer a free healthier recipe tool. Packed with ideas and tasty recipes for food smart breakfasts, lunches and evening meals, the “Meal Mixer” makes it easy to make healthier choices every day.  If you don’t have a smart phone that is able to download the app you can actually get yourself a free one posted to you by simply signing up to Change4Life.

Meal Mixer LR

New research reveals that people still don’t know what their diet contains and are surprised at how many “hidden nasties” (salt, sugar and saturated fat) are in their favourite foods. 77% of respondents of the Food IQ Quiz scored 50% or less with six in 10 (63%) people not realising that a small pepperoni pizza has more saturated fat than fish & chips.

Further stats revealed:

  • 84% surveyed by Change4Life report they would like to be healthier

However the research goes on to show that factors such as cost and time are additional barriers when it comes to choosing the healthiest options. Other priorities includes:

  • Seven in ten (69%) prioritise price when shopping for food
  • One in five (21%) choose items that are easiest to prepare
  • More than half (51%) choose the items which they are sure the whole family will eat

Now I have to agree with the one about price. It really is the part that gets me when doing the weekly shop. You see adverts showing items for £1 but most of those tend to be junk food where as fruit and veg are really expensive! Why not try your hand at the food IQ test and see how you do!

I’ve been playing the with the app for a while so I will be sharing our thoughts on that over the next few days however now I’m going to give you the chance to win a £50 Co-Operative Gift Voucher.

Simply enter via the rafflecopter below, good luck everyone!

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  • Bulk cook and freeze healthy meals

  • ashleigh allan

    Drink lots of water!

  • Kathryn Phillips ✩

    we try and go for variety so nothing gets boring – tonight we have had chicken fajitas filled with peppers onions and a mild spice and served it with lettuce and a bit of cheese although we all loved it we wont have it again for a bit )

  • We don’t eat anything after 6pm and we drink lots of water

  • olivia kirby

    I buy lots of fruit and veg : frozen, tinned and fresh. I vary what I give the kids to keep them interested and trying new things. I puree fruit and add to yoghurt for my little ones and pasta sauces and omelettes are great for getting in extra veg.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Try to grow your own vegetables if you can -and involve your children. We grow all sorts of vegetables and because my kids have seen and helped them grow from seed/root/bulb, they are much more willing to try them – and they enjoy them! You can grow many types of veg in tubs or on the windowsill (eg cress!) so you don’t a vegetable patch or big garden. Mine all have their little gardening tools, watering cans etc. When we pick the veg and create a meal from them, we all have a sense of achievement! Great!

  • Emma Ellison

    Luckily my kids love fruit so we tend to have that after tea as a pudding, especially in the summer when we go to the fruit farm and let them pick their own. We also make fruit smoothies and frozen icel lollys with fruit juice. I also tend to blend extra vegs into pasta sauce 🙂

  • Ellen Fazekas

    Drink water and eat fruit.

  • Eat together, so that your children gain good eating habits from you


  • Tina Mansfield

    We all eat together to show the boy its ok to eat healthly

  • Kath V

    try and cook meals from scratch if you have time, then you can control how much fat/ salt/ sugar goes in

  • katie walters

    eat together, let the kids see you eating the fruit/veg too. try to offer water with meals

  • meal planning to avoid last min unhealthy foods, and even can plan the snacks. i keep meanig to do this

  • Louise

    Do a weekly meal plan, it’s less rigid

  • Jane Townson

    Start the day with a healthy family breakfast.


    Introduce a wide variety of healthy food from an early age, and try to eat a non-meat dish at least twice a week – it’s good for the environment too!

  • Let the kids grow their own veg in a window box, they love picking and eating it rather than buying from the shops ( and it does always taste better acording to my son)

  • Always eat together at a dinner table if you can, it encourages healthy habits and good quality family time.

  • get the whole family involved in preparing the meals together, then they see where real food comes from (not just from packets), then they learn to cook for their family in time.

  • Michelle G

    For me it’s compromise. I have four children, they all like vegetables. However, they all like different vegetables. It’s not unheard of for me to cook up to eight different veg with a Sunday dinner, but I don’t mind doing it, it’s a lot easier than tears forcing one to eat cabbage or another to eat broccoli. Focus on what they do like, not what they don’t.

  • make food look more intresting like making faces evan veggies can look good x

  • Helen Dickinson

    Make a bulk load of meals that are healthy and freeze them!

  • Plenty of fruit and veg

  • Laura foulds

    Try and have some salad in your evening meal. It adds that bit extra for your meal

  • For fussy children – let them help make healthier food. They’re more inclined to eat it then. If all else fails – hide spinach, carrots etc in everything 😉

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    I just did the quiz and got 50% which is quite poor. But I don’t have to think too much about saturated fats or salt content because I don’t use ready meals or eat out. Lunch is a sandwich, salad and fruit and evening meals are soup or veg stir frys. Healthy eating can be more expensive, I try to shop around between Aldi and Morrisons as I find they’re the best priced. Also its good to be flexible rather than have a fixed list. The prices change week by week and we just buy whatever is the best value at the time.

  • Wendy Lam

    Everyone helps out to cook so they get familiarise with the ingredients and because the kids helped out they are more likely to eat what they achieved. Plus its great fun.

  • anthony harrington

    vegetables with everything

  • angallen65

    I only got 42% & i thought i knew about food

  • Dee

    Healthy eating for my family is 3 veg potatoes and some kind of meat or fish and always eat at a table as a family then I can see what is being eaten. If you need a dessert something fresh like fruit or something you have baked yourself so you know how much fat and sugar goes into it. Chew properly this will fill you faster and stop you reaching for high sugar/fat foods

  • angallen65

    We as a family have stopped using the fat fryer

  • clare

    we eat together at a dinner table, then the kids tend to eat all their veg

  • Andrea MacLeod

    Eat llots of fruit and veg and drink lots of water!

  • Sarah Bull

    Plan meals in advance- that way you will always have a dinner prepared and you are less likely to get a takeaway or something unhealthy.

  • Eat plenty of fruit and veg 🙂

  • Tink Lee Mse

    Plan your meals.

  • Laura Harris

    When you do your weekly shop plan your meals so you have dinner sorted and don’t reach for a take out menu. It also helps save you cash and stops mid week panic top up buys!

  • Eat wholegrain varieties of things like bread and pasta, and cut down on refined sugars and cheap cuts of fatty meat.

  • Prepare meal plans then you won;t just end up throwing a pizza in last minute

  • Plan meals for the week and base your shopping list on this, to avoid impulse buys of unhealthy items.

  • cut out unhealthy snacks

  • AliThorpe

    Don’t try to change your entire menu but look up healthier versions of favourite meals instead, as well as buying healthier ingredient options and using the healthiest cooking method e.g. grilling rather than frying.

  • Anne Graham

    Always plan meals for the week. Cook soups and stews in bulk and freeze so even on busy days you and the family can have a healthy homecooked meal.

  • Alison Wakefield

    Have cut out crisps and fizzy pop

  • Eat together and get everyone involved in cooking so your kids can learn about different types of food.

  • Plan your meals!

  • Sian Hallewell

    Eat together sitting down at a dining table.

  • Deborah Munn

    Bulk cook and it is important that you eat as family as many times you can in a week

  • Emily-Jane Nelson

    It is important that when you go out, always take something packed with you.. Or you will grab something quick and easy (Sausage rolls and rubbish food)

  • Debbie Hercock

    Cook meals from scratch with fresh ingredients, meal plan and don’t buy fast food.

  • Always eat what is best for kids (i.e. cooking from scratch). We eat a lot healthier now. Before, I’d cook healthy for toddler then we’d have junk when she had gone to bed.

  • katrina day-reilly

    drink plenty of water

  • jennifer thorpe

    don’t buy convenience foods, cook from scratch, then you know exactly what you are eating

  • Becky H

    Make fruit fun – let them chop it up ( with a safe knife!) and make faces using grapes as eyes etc.

  • Try and disguise food, little ones often say they dont like a certain food based on the colour or texture but if you puree or mix together different foods or even arrange them in patterns it can encourage children to taste. We also eat together as a family, so as they see us eating the same foods it encourages them also to eat.

  • get the kids to help choose what veggies we are going to have with the dinner and fruit as snacks and in smoothies!

  • Susan Spence

    Don’t buy unhealthy snacks. Have plenty of supplies of fruit and yoghurt instead.

  • laura banks

    hiding food you don’t like in foods you do

  • Elle Fazekas

    Eat fruit & drink water.

  • Get children involved in cooking healthy food- make it fun

  • Carolin

    To always offer enough fruit and veg as a healthy snack rather than crisps and chocolate bars.

  • Haley Redshaw

    Eat plenty of fruit and veg, give children water instead of pop.

  • Jill Webb

    smaller portions and plenty offruit and veg

  • Leanne Lunn

    Meal plan that way there is always a meal for every night never the need for takeaway

  • Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Get everyone involved in the preparation and cooking, introduce new foods and encourage comments from all individuals

  • hide the veggies

  • Solange

    Involve the whole family in cooking meals from scratch with plenty of fresh fruit & veg

  • We eat with our eyes first, so I use lots of colourful vegetables and make faces and animal shapes with the food on the plate to encourage everyone to want to eat

  • Make veg look fun – create your own healthy pizzas with naan and veggies but let the kids load the toppings ( it’s amazing how many veg they throw on if its a “topping”)!!!!!

  • try to cook fresh where possible. cooking healthy meals does not have to be time consuming or expensive. ( mummy on a budget)

  • Paul Wilson

    Get into good habits as early as possible.

  • Liz Denial

    I like to use healthy alternatives which still make tasty meals. Low fat fromage frais instead of cheese sauce, passata instead of ready made tomato sauces or tomato puree

  • Shop sensibly..If you don’t buy junk foods, you will not eat it. Shop once a week to prevent temptations to buy junk food.

  • Zoe Howarth

    All eat at the same time and eat the same meal. Don’t be making different meals for everybody.

  • Sue Robinson

    Plan your meals for the week and prepare veggies early in the day if possible that way you wont be tempted to grab a takeaway as most of the hard work has been done

  • Dawn F

    Involve your kids in the cooking and preparation of food.

  • Homemade is always the best you know exactly what goes into it and my girls love helping me especially with cakes! 🙂

  • Amez2012

    Make the vegetables into interesting shapes!

  • Tracey Peach

    Plan your meals a week in advance & stick to what you need to buy for them don’t add anything else to your trolly xxx

  • Mr S

    Make sure your kids learn to cook from an early age – then they will eat healthy food for life!

  • Krzysia

    Put chopped up vegetables into most dishes such as chilli, spaghetti, etc. Fussy kids will never know it’s even there!

  • Sarah J

    Use fresh produce and when possible cook from scratch

  • to cut down on portion sizes, i.e follow the recomended guidlines on the packet

  • I use no sugar on cereal or in tea for all the family

  • If you are struggling to get the kids to eat more veg then start grating it into pot meals, what they cant see and all that. A good one is carrot in bolognese

  • Clementina

    Kids helping out with the cooking – means they’ll eat the food.

  • Eat as much fruit and veg as your budget will allow.

  • Tasha Corder

    Make your own pizzas and hide lots of vegetables in the pizza sauce. Once it’s blended no one knows what is in it. Very handy for all those that don’t eat veg!

  • Amanda Oakley

    Always make time for breakfast

  • Darius Dragasius

    Don’t buy fizzy drinks, chips and white bread, eat smaller portions, more steamed or oven cooked meal to cut down on fat.

  • buy less crisps, biscuits, chocolate and snacky foods

  • Cheryll H

    Eat together, especially when the children are young. Let them watch you eat well and they will follow – children do learn a lot by example 🙂

  • hide veggies in my sauces

  • eat a wide variety of fresh fruit and veg – i love my salads

  • If you go out for the day out make sure you make a packed lunch so you are not tempted to go to one of those fast food restaurants – saves money too!

  • Mellissa Williams

    have a glass of juice with breakfast, piece of fruit with lunch and 3 portions of veg with dinner

  • christina curtis

    Plan meals in advance and check contents. also Eat Less and Do More.

  • mrs susan martin

    always make time for breakfast sets you up for the day,drink plenty of water and never shop when you are hungry

  • Steph Jones

    Do a jackets and salad night every week. Quick and easy.

  • I cook everything from scratch so I know what we are eating.

  • My tip for eating healthily as a family is to ensure all family members are involved in the menu planning.

  • Louise Smith

    Vegetables or salad with every meal which is entirely homemade

  • Andrea Smith

    Make it colourful and make as much as you can from scratch

  • ILoveChocolates

    When I am very busy and need to buy ready meals I try and make sure when buying ready meals it has none on the red colours on the front meaning danger and try and opt for meals with mostly green and maybe one amber on the front of the packaging

  • Get the children involved with cooking and make it fun e.g. a smiley face pizza using various vegetables for the eyes, nose and mouth!

  • Only buy healthy foods!

  • Cook meals from scratch, don’t buy convenient ready meals

  • paula burnside

    I get the kids to help make heathy food, They are much more likely to eat if if they helped to make it.

  • Summer Davidson

    Only allow ‘treat’ food on a certain day of the week eg-Friday. And try and make it as healthy as you can,for example you can make pizza’s with your own base which uses a lot less salt and you can make sure the kids get lots of veg toppings! Or cut up vegetable sticks instead of chips!

  • Sally Poole

    Portion control and cook from fresh

  • cheryl lovell

    Plan in advance and try to make things look pretty or like some kind of character (a dinosaur) to encourage young kids to eat 🙂

  • raj sandhu

    My tip would be try not to skip breakfast

  • get the family involved in cooking and they’ll be more inclined to eat the healthy stuff!

  • Always eat something for breakfast and buy plenty of fruit that your family likes.

  • melanie crumpton

    cook together

  • D.S.

    My #1 tip would be to always eat breakfast, no matter how tempted you may be to skip it.

  • start eating fruit and veg from a really early age and it becomes just a normal part of meals rather than being something the kids “have to eat”.

  • Cheeky Chicken

    Involve the whole family in planning out the menu for the week – everyone could pick their favourite healthy meal to be included, whether it’s homemade pizza, or bangers and mash!

  • lynsey kirkwood

    grow your own veg patch in the garden so the kids understand where fresh fruit and veg come from and helps them care before theyve even eaten it

  • do not buy processed food cook fresh

  • My tip is to have small portions of food on your plates. If you finish you can always have more, but if you serve up huge portions you often clear the plate without thinking about if you’re full or not – when you feel full you should stop eating.

  • Jen Schofield

    Make it colourful and prise fro good eating

  • Hide veg in meals like spag bol and cottage pie, let your children grow their own veg, and always make time to sit down together as a family to eat your meals.

  • Melissa Manning

    Oh dear, clearly I don’t know that much about what’s in the food I’m eating!

  • Rebecca Beesley

    Try to eat together as a family to set a good example for the kids. If they see you enjoying plenty of fresh fruit and veg then hopefully they will enjoy it too and want to join in. We have started very young with even my baby joining in with the same mealtimes as us with baby led weaning. She happily eats carrots, green beans, courgettes etc without any fuss.

  • I’M HUNGRY NOW!!!!

  • Allison V

    Get everyone to help with growing, shopping and cooking

  • Cyndi Johnson

    No premade food!

  • Avvie Cunnington

    Homemade food that way you know whats going in the food

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  • I prepare meals from scratch so that I can add plenty of veg and don’t add salt etc

  • Alicia Roberts

    Always eat together, right from when the kids are very small, so they don’t make a distinction between ‘grown up’ food and their own

  • Always make healthy snacks available

  • cook from scratch so you know exactly what’s gone into your food. A home made burger won’t have horse meat in it – isn’t that enough incentive to make your own?

  • Cook from scratch and eat together so that eating healthy food is the norm.

  • sj hearne

    Keep a food diary and plan meals in advance

  • christine clarke

    eat as much fresh food as possible and cut out refined, packaged food

  • Always start off the day together with a healthy breakfast so the family doesn’t go hungry during the morning and start snacking.

  • Always eat together. Kids need to see what their parents are eating

  • Soozy Bowe

    Try and cut down on grains as much as possible

  • change all the white foods for brown / pasta / bread / cereals etc

  • su tyler

    Encourage children to grow veggies and salads. They’ll be more inclined to try out what they grow.

  • ive got a three year old. i WISH i had an answer to that question but, well, healthy eating is a nightmare. i grit my teeth and hope he eats what i cook.

  • I cook vegetarian meals which are almost always low in fat and high in protein and vitamins and mainly use Olive oil for frying except for when I use the wok and then its Peanut oil.

  • Zoe Lester

    All get involved in meal planning and cooking. Let children have fun meals. x

  • Laura Cooper

    Introduce children to healthy balanced meals from the start.

  • Farhana Haque

    Parents teach by example

  • Throw away the ready meals and cook from scratch

  • dont buy rubbish

  • Fill them up with home cooked meals with plenty of veg and have fruit for snacks.

  • Caroline

    eat together at the table

  • Emma Ferguson

    Encourage children to cook with you as if they are more involved they are more likely to eat the food

  • choose your vegetables and then build the meal around it.

  • Barbara C

    Learning how to cook healthily from a young age is the way forward.

  • samj

    eat together as a family as children like to feel included and tend to want to eat the same as parents when all sat down together

  • Always cook fresh food and cut out takaways

  • Isabel O’Brien

    Make it fun- see how many portions of vegetables you can fit into a meal, cook together, have a tea party, try a new fruit or vegetable every week.


  • sharon griffin

    use natural ingredients when possible and try to make meals more interesting by adding bright coloured veg and cutting it in fun shapes 😀

  • Mainly eat meals prepared by myself so that I know exactly what has gone in to it. No need to add extra salt to anything too 🙂

  • Sharon Curran

    Start giving fruit and veg to your children at a young age – start as you mean to go on and hopefully they will always be happy to eat them.

  • John Taggart

    Only alow takeaways as a special treat

  • Debs P

    Use a ” One-Cal” type spray instead of oil, when you have to fry anything, but try to grill as much as you can

  • Claire D

    always cook from scratch

  • Make eating healthy food fun it works for me

  • Rachel McMillan

    Eating together and planning meals in advance rather than grabbing stuff at the last minute

  • Start by eating AT THE TABLE. Definitely not eating in front of the TV, it turns eating into a “task” rather than a joy.

  • Stacey Le Page

    We eat together at the table and one meal gets cooked for all, they get the same vegetables etc as we do.

  • Sarah Spencer

    Plenty of fruit and vegetables

  • Plan your meals in advance and have family meals together

  • Smoothies for the kids

  • Rebecca Phillips

    a side plate full of food rather than a dinner plate

  • cook together eat together

  • LynneH

    Cook meals from scratch


    One or two vegetarian meals per week, and plenty of fruit on the table

  • Just avoid bought junk food, home made is best.

  • keep snacks as healthy ones, cereal bars, fruit, 1 treat per week. eat together as a family at least 1 or 2 veg with each dinner

  • 50%

  • Healthy snacks and plenty of fruit!

  • I got 75% on the IQ food test

  • Loads and loads of veggies – and cook from scratch it’s amazing what ingredients get added to ready meals and sauces!

  • peggy rossiter

    Buy good fresh ingredients to start with, and eat together to encourage everyone to try different textures and flavours

  • Have plenty of healthy snacks in the house to avoid eating junk.

  • Plan your weekly menu in advance & pin it up for everyone to see – you’re all less likely to stray if it’s in writing.

  • Pauline Wilson

    setting a good example to kids, all eating the same healthy meals but still allowing a treat, its all about balance

  • Tracy Hanson

    Involve the kids in cooking from the start and see everyone eats the same healthy meals. So they don’t feel you are having something they can’t have. Less likely to question it.

  • Debbie Skinner

    Eat together at a table!

  • Sue Bowden

    Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg and make meals from scratch.

  • nichola armstrong

    eat together as a family, little ones are more likely to eat healthy if they see parents eating the same foods.

  • Hayley Wells

    Always have plenty of fresh fruit freely available for the kids to dip in to any time they feel like it.

  • Harriet

    Hide carrots in cheese puffs

  • always eat together and eat the same food



  • If you don’t buy junk, they can’t eat junk.

  • foz

    Involve the children in the cooking process…they will be more excited to eat the food!

  • Mor Ton

    As many have already said: make everything from scratch!

  • Cooking all our meals myself, using fresh ingredients. That way, I know exactly what we are eating. And it’s so much cheaper too!! win win.

  • eating natural and home made food including a variety of lots of different foods

  • cook everyything using fresh ingredients

  • Kieran

    Don’t eat processed meat!

  • use smaller plates

  • Use as many fresh ingredients as possible..

  • eat in moderation

  • Meal planning so that you get a healthy diet and not just a ready meal out of the freezer.

  • Get everybody cooking from a young age. If you have the space get them growing their own veg too

  • Christine shelley

    do a Sunday dinner and all sit round the table, they can’t avoid the veg then!

  • Rena Plumridge

    Bulk out meals with loads of veg disguised if you have to with sauces etc

  • Julia Nicholls

    Blend important nutrients such as geen leaf into sauces, and all eat together at the table

  • Pauline Dring

    My tip for eating healthy as a family is don’t add salt to food apart from a little when boiling potatoes.

  • JoHutchinson

    small portion sizes and use smaller plates

  • Rey Chun

    Use fresh ingredients and plenty of veg

  • tracy

    Plenty of fresh fruit & veg

  • Claire Woods

    I think the whole family has to eat healthy food – plenty of fruit.

  • Martina Pichova

    Eat together at the table not in front of the telly, that way you will be more aware of how much you eat.

  • Willcopes

    Don’t go to the supermarket when you are hungry or you will buy junk food. Always have fresh fruit and veg on the table and keep food portions small/medium.

  • in our house everyone eats the same meal and we don’t add salt during cooking or at the table. There is no such thing as unhealthy food, just a balanced diet and you can have a bit of anything you fancy

  • Harriet

    Cook from scratch and make sure vegetables make up the biggest portion in your main meals. Replace chocolate and sweets with fruit as much as possible

  • Arabella Bazley

    Chips, ice-cream and pizza should be banished to just one day of the week. Once your taste buds are weaned off the bad foods you can really start to appreciate fresh produce..

  • Caroline Kelly

    Adding veggies to dishes when cooking, e.g I bulk out cottage pie and lasagne with onions, mushrooms and courgettes , makes it go a bit further too

  • thanks

  • Make sure you include plenty of fruit and vegetables in meals for a balanced diet!

  • Buy fresh food as much as possible and shop every couple of days to awvoid wastage

  • Sarah

    Always making sure to include veg with every dinner

  • clair

    cook with the kids and eat as a family at the table

  • If time is an issue during the week, cook and freeze portions at weekend

  • Use low fat alternatives in cooking

  • Gareth Stevens

    At least fresh vegetables or fruit EVERY DAY !!

  • frozen fruit and veg is just as good as fresh so don’t feel you have to spend a fortune on fresh and then worry about waste

  • ang g

    Let the kids choose from only healthy choices!

  • lynn savage

    Set a good exampel to your children and eat healthily, they will soon follow and want to eat healthy food too.

  • Karen Richards

    Always seve a couple of portions of fruit or veg with the evening meals

  • Plan ahead and bulk cook so that it doesn’t become a chore to cook from scratch

  • Carly M

    Try and cook as much from scratch as you can and add in extra veggies

  • Natalie White

    Get children to decorate healthy menus for the week and stick them up in the kitchen – it will make you less likely to deviate from your plan 🙂

  • When possible include the whole family in making meals from scratch

  • my daughter is better than me at eating healthy, so as its just the 2 of us i ask her a lot of the time to choose what she wants to eat as it always comes with lots of veg

  • Cook from scratch where possible, it doesn’t need to be complicated

  • Make a menu for the week and a shopping list, then you can have a varied healthy diet. Also buy plenty of fruit, nuts etc for snacks

  • sgough

    Eat at the table together and cook fom scratch

  • cattyhaxby

    Cook with fresh ingredients – no ready meals

  • little and often

  • James Y

    Get the kids involved in the cooking process

  • greig spencer

    allways eat at the table where possible

  • Anne

    my 5 year old is like the healthy eating police!!! we shop together so he keeps us in line and makes sure we buy healthy food. He didnt have sweets and chocs until he was well past 2 so he naturally goes for fruit first as that is what he is used to.

  • Rach

    Eating together so the children can see other people eating a wide range of healthy foods.

  • Andrew Halliwell

    Cut out all the premade stuff and MAKE IT YOURSELF!
    “Oh, but I don’t have the time”,. Yes you do. It takes 10 minutes to put a casserole together and you can do all your other stuff while it’s cooking.

  • My tip is to avoid eating processed food if possible. It takes a little more time to make something from scratch but at least you know what your family are eating.

  • Try something new each week and always add vegetables x

  • rachj2001

    Eat regularly – don’t get over hungry and if you have snacks, make them healthy with fresh or dried fruit.

  • making yummy home cooked foods

  • Steam veg., saves the nutrients from destuction if boiled.

  • Make eating veggies fun.

  • cook from scratch so you know what is in each meal

  • Grow you own fruit and veg and get the children to be responsible for some of it then they love to eat what they have grown themselves

  • Make your own meals and avoid processed food

  • Hayley Louise Kinnaird

    If your children don’t like vegetables you can blend the vegetables before adding them to meals like Spaghetti Bolognese, they will not know it is in there 🙂


  • no processed food! fresh can be just as easy & cheap

  • Janet Rumley

    Eat together and involve the children from an early age so that they join in naturally

  • Angela Wilcox

    Involve the kids with cooking and shopping so they enjoy making meals from scratch and eating fresh foods. Also, I never add salt to any meal.

  • ditch the ready meals – you don’t know what is in them!

  • Make food fun. Making funny food faces and get everyone involved x

  • Sarah Cooper

    Meal plan as a family.

  • Jenny

    Make as much as you can from scratch so you know exactly what is in it.

  • deborah wheeler

    Always include some vegetables even if they are hidden

  • Nick Hopkins

    Always eat together

  • Cherryl Thomas

    Get your children to grow or help to grow fruit and vegetables with you – they are much more likely to try different foods if they have been involved in it themselves!

  • sam

    Portion control, so many designs now are these massive big square plates so you tend to put more on a plate to make it look better when actually you are just over feeding

  • Eat together, that way nobody is picking or making seperate meals, and you know what everyone is eating.

  • Do meal planning it can really work

  • If young children don’t like vegetables then blend them with the gravy and they’ll eat them without realising 🙂 Works on our young man!

  • Elaine Livingstone

    make your food from scratch, and involve the whole family in the planning and preperation

  • elaine stokes

    always have a fruit bowl with a variety of things in if they want a snack let them have fruit

  • To try to eat a balanced diet. And when cooking main meals to add vegetables, even if they aren’t always in the recipe.

  • Sarah H

    Plan ahead so you don’t end up eating whatever comes to hand.

  • Maria Jane Knight

    If you have fussy children, sneak vegetables into meals eg swede or carrots into mash, carrots and parsnip into cottage pie

  • Lauren Glass

    There are great ways you can hide vegetables in children’s food.
    Puree vegetables and fresh garlic and basil into marinara to top on pasta or pizza
    Add frozen thawed spinach (drained well) into a brownie mix. Also can add avocado in place of the butter for cookie and brownie recipes.
    Puree vegetables and add to chicken noodle soups or other stews that kids enjoy.
    Put vegetables into fruit smoothies like carrots.
    In a lasagna grate various vegetables like zucchini and onion and mix in with the meat during preparation.

  • Make big batches of freezable dishes so that if you’re not feeling like cooking you can just grab something from the freezer rather than resorting to takeaway.

  • Nicki

    Planning meals is definitely helpful 🙂 As well as making sure there’s a good supply of fresh fruit and veg in for everyone to snack on

  • Joanne Benham

    Don’t have ready meals, its just as quick to make up a batch of meals and pop the spares into the freezer, at least this was you know exactly what you and your family are eating (plus you can sneakily whizz lots of veggies into sauces without them knowing!!)

  • shwll

    use a lot of fresh veg in stews and casseroles so that the children get use to eating them

  • suewilly

    My tip is to get the kids interested in growing their own fruti and veg. Not only does this encourage them to eat their home grown produce but it also cuts the family budget!

  • introduce young ones to spices and flavourings young. Develop their palates to not want salt in everything.

  • Karen R

    Let the children help decide what to cook

  • Let the children get involved, blend vegetables when making sauces to hide veg and smoothie is a tasty but healthy treat

  • Kady Newell

    have theme evenings, we do mexican night etc and sneaky loads of healthy veg etc in and my son is always more concerned with talking about the countries/traditions than avoiding things he usually would 😀

  • John Hill

    Great comp

  • Valerie McCarthy

    cook from scratch and check out healthy recipes online. Smoothies are good.

  • winkymcwinkle

    I think eating together and talking stops you eating beyond what you should do

  • Everyone to eat all the same so kids don’t feel victimised

  • Anthea Holloway

    Cook your meals from scratch and avoid the “ready meals”. Lots of vegetables are filling and good for you.

  • stephen holman

    Make meal times fun. have a lot of stuff they like and a small amount they dont and praise when they eat it all. dont resort to “you cant leave the table unless you eat it all up” i used to hate that!

  • adorabelle

    Find ways to make Fruit and Vegetables fun. you can turn them into characters or different shapes. Fruit smoothies are a great way of getting kids to increase their fruit intake.

  • plan meals – its easy to slip into bad habits othererwise

  • Eat together and eat home cooked food whenever possible

  • Amanda Wakefield

    Do a meal plan for the week before going shopping and only buy what’s on your list…if you’ve only bought ingredients for healthy meals you can’t be tempted to eat rubbish

  • Jane Middleton

    Have a policy of not buying any chocolate or cakes, instead have fruit as treats

  • choose different fruit and veg to try each week

  • alice lightning

    pick interesting meals dont have to cost the earth use your imagination

  • Getting a fruit and veg box delivered makes you think of new ideas to cook.

  • Include everyone in making a meal plan and choose everyone’s favourite veg for a different day.

  • cook meals from scratch and have lots of fruit in the house x

  • Make a meal plan and stick to it. I find it harder to order takeaway when the food is planned out 🙂

  • Always eat together

  • if i make a bolognase i try and add as much veg as possible i use mixed peppers mushrooms and onions and they dont even notice

  • Finely dice vegetables into pasta or chilies, my family don’t like fresh tomatoes, peppers or courgettes but they still eat my dishes where I’ve made my own sauce instead of a jar with these chopped finely into passata. Use Parsley to season where suitable, it’s packed with iron!

  • Eat together as a family and make lots of healthy stews which contain loads of veg

  • Plenty of fruit in the bowl for dessert….stops the asking for chocolate pudding and ice cream every day!

  • Meryl Rees

    Set aside some time every week or two and buy veg in bulk for cheaper, then batch cook and freeze. healthy meals in a hurry

  • Kay Adeola

    Lots of fruit at least one peice with every meal

  • eat together as a family and have freshly prepared food with lots of vegetables every day

  • Just don’t buy crisp etc and buy fruit so when hungry you would eat fruit I steady:)

  • use fresh and cook from scratch it does actually work out cheaper and healthier

  • Joy Dehany

    get the family involved in looking at ingredients and recipes and getting them to help prepare the food, making it fun and not a chore x

  • Alison M

    I find that involving the children in the preparation of the food always helps as they can see what fresh ingredients are involved (provides them with good life skills) and they are keener to eat something that they have helped to make 🙂

  • Luke

    Always club together

  • marie

    fill up on fruit and plan meals in advance so dont end up having unhealthy meals

  • Amy

    eat together 🙂

  • Herbert Appleby

    buy frozen veg and add directly to dishes to keep all the nutrients veges have to offer

  • julie Brooke

    Grow your own veg. Children love eating what they’ve grown

  • Claire Bbdiva Butler

    get kids involved in the cooking as they more likely to try foods if they help make it

  • carol

    good to get family involved in cooking

  • My child picks fruit and veg from the garden, and takes great pride in preparing and eating it

  • Meal planning, and plenty of vegetables

  • Kirsty Fox

    I cut up cucumber, carrots and tomatoes etc and put them in little bowls around the lounge and find that the kids will just pick from them and before you know it they’ve eaten the lot

  • try to eat at the table together as much as possible 🙂

  • Sit down every evening with a home-cooked meals that will include at least 2 portions of different seasonal, British grown vegetables, a portion of carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, ..) and if I have time, a home-made pudding that will contain fresh or dried fruits

  • jocyrets

    Add lots of veg to home made spag bol & chilli

  • Hayley Muncey

    meal planning and not shopping when hungry!

  • Alisa

    Be adventurous with food – types, flavours and tastes – from an early age to appreciate all kinds of food, including healthy items, then fussy eating isn’t as much of a problem where kids will only eat popular junk

  • felixthemoggy

    Try and grow as much of your own food as you can – You don’t need a garden, most things can be grown in pots like peas, tomatoes, strawberries, little gem lettuce is easy to grow in a flower tub and if you plant the seeds every week you’ll have a never ending supply over summer!

  • meat & 2 veg is easy and healthy

  • ClairejB

    Ditch the sugary drinks for water! Helps you to stay hydrated, cuts on calories & so much better for your teeth! Also you are likely to eat less if you have a glass of water at meal times.

  • Try and add veg to pasta sauces, blended if you need to at the start, later when family get used to flavours leave in chunks

  • Don’t make the same portion sizes for everyone, women need less than men and children even less

  • Debs P

    Grill the food that you can, rather than frying, and if you have to fry, use a One Cal spray instead of oil

  • shop together & cook together make it a family occasion

  • my tip is to plan ahead. get ingredients you can use for more than one meal, so everyone has some variety. x

  • i always plan ahead, which means healthier meals

  • Hello, how do I claim?? I’m assuming it’s me 😀 Rachel Murray

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