The Happy Badger has visited!

Ok, I promise I’ve not taken too many pain killers.

The Happy Badger does exist.

You see The Happy Badger has come over from AO (Appliances Online) but unlike the Fairy Hobmother, they are here to help us help others.

Now regular followers of our blog will know that we are supporting Fundraising for Findlay this year as our charity of the year. The Happy Badger has already been over to our Just Giving page and donated a very generous £50! This means we are now just £7 off £1000.

Considering we wanted to raise just £500 we have well and truly smashed that this year, so a huge thank you goes to everyone who has donated.

However that’s not all.

You see the Happy Badger would like to keep helping bloggers help charity, lets face it all of us have at least one or two charities we support. So If you would like to receive an extra donation, simply head over to The Happy Badger’s page here and fill in your details and you never know you may receive a visit.


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  • Elaine Livingstone

    I noticed with my donation they ticked gift aid so it made it £62.50

    • MummyVsWork

      That’s right, on top of our total we have an additional £13.75 in gift aid 🙂