*Christmas Prize Draw* Noisy Norman

Next competition up in our Countdown to Christmas is a Noisy Norman from KD UK.

Noisy Norman

Noisy Norman is one to cheer anyone up with the following features:

  • Bend, squeeze and squash Norman in any direction you like!
  • Hear the great sounds that Norman makes, you’ll be giggling along with him!
  • This great toy will provide hours of fun and laughter!
  • Suitable for children aged three years and above

So for your chance to win simply follow the rafflecopter instructions below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For your chance to win more great prizes check out our other great competitions here.



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  • Susie Wilkinson

    Until We Hug Again <3

  • Jane Willis

    The “paint your own tea set”

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    Around the world train set x

  • Maya Russell

    The cute Bigjig toys are my favourite.

  • ashleigh allan

    until we hug again!

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Aqua Dragons! I used to have these as a kid, back in the days when they were called Sea Monkeys! I recently got some for a friend who had never seen them and he loves them!

  • Julie Perry

    Until we hug again 🙂

  • Hayley Todd

    My little girl would love the Disney Princess Smartphone 🙂 x

  • ang hedley

    around the world train set

  • clairdownham

    teenage mutant ninja turtle arcade pinball game

  • Tracey Peach

    Until we hug again he’s so cute!

  • Samantha Ripley

    the bloco

  • Claire Howard

    WOW toys, they are brilliant

  • Janine Phillips

    Pirate Skittles x

  • Sarah Parkin

    Bigjig Toys – Around the World Train Set

  • nicola

    round the world train set looks great

  • kim neville

    Around the world train set

  • Gwen Thomas

    The Bloco set looks like fun

  • jacknutter

    Until We Hug Again Bear

  • Carly Poole

    Around the world train set

  • Jodie Harvey

    the blocos look really good, not seen them before! x

  • rugmaker

    Around the world train set

  • Katie Evans

    The around the world train set

  • Hele R

    I love the Around the World train set 🙂

  • c5ryl

    Maxi scooter 🙂

  • Helen

    I love the skittles! They are so cute

  • mclarengurl

    Aqua Dragons

  • Elaine Kidd

    Bloco looks great for my son, me loves building and creating things.

  • Paula Phillips

    Around the world train set.

  • nutunit

    Aqua Dragons

  • Gemma Surtees

    Pirate Skittles. I love wooden toys!

  • Hayley F

    bloco x

  • Kelly Mse Hooper

    the around the world train set

  • Emma Ellison

    Activity books – really like the Incredible Activity Book:
    The Human Body

  • emma walters


  • Stephen Holman

    i like the aqua dragons 🙂


    Until We Hug Again Bear

  • Ashli

    Pirate skittles! x

  • Ruth Deery

    Pirate Skittles 🙂

  • secondtimemummy

    The Aqua Dragons kit – Ive just added it on to my sons Christmas list!

  • Laura Mse Costello

    Aqua dragons <3 <3

  • amyjbeckett

    Bloco they look cool

  • Paula Harvey

    The around the world train set – my little boy is crazy about trains!! 😀

  • Jo

    I love the Pirate Skittles!

  • maggie ali

    Bloco, my daughter would love it

  • Lucy robinson

    The pirate skittles. X

  • Candise Moore

    My pirate-mad boys would love the pirate skittles set from your gift guide.

  • melanie stirling

    The princess paint your own tea set.

  • Kat Lucas

    Angel Face Tutu

  • Karen Barrett

    WOW Toys

  • Rebecca

    The aqua dragons

  • Kerry Manners

    Until we hug again bear – the concept is so sweet and he looks adorable!

  • Tracy K Nixon


  • Kay Panayi

    monster university smart phone

  • Gemma Snell

    I love the Bloco 🙂

  • Helen Garner

    The around the world train set

  • Laura Pyper

    micro scooter 🙂

  • Pirate wooden skittles

  • TracyJo

    The Princess paint your own teaset is my favourite x

  • Gary

    The Princess Paint your Own Teaset x

  • Jacqueline Cook

    Oooh…tough one that! I think my overall favourite is the Incredible Human Body Activity Book. Fun, learning and experiments rolled into one. Some great gifts for kids. X

  • Ellen Fazekas

    Bloco as everyone can use them.X

  • buchanl

    Princess Paint your own tea set

  • HannahStaveley

    Until we hug again bear .x

  • michelle

    Activity books x

  • Nikki Lane

    Has to be the Bloco. Looks fun. xx

  • Anna

    the big jigs and the wow toys

  • Lola

    Bloco 🙂

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    around the world train set

  • Alana Walker

    The Around The World Train Set

  • Louise Bennett

    around the world train set

  • helen atkins

    The Around The World Train Set

  • Chelsea

    around the world train set. Great comp thank you 🙂

  • Annie Costa

    Angel’s face tutu

  • Lisa Smith

    WOW Toys. I bought my son his first WOW toy for his first birthday and he is almost 6 now but still plays with in. It’s stayed in fantastic condition too. I would highly recommend this range of toys.

  • zooe bryan

    The incredible human body my 4 year old has so many questions about how our bodies work and how you fix them.

  • tracy newton

    We love the around the world train set 🙂

  • Jacqueline ConNjaksmum Buist

    Until we hug again bear is so sweet & my ikkle one loves cuddles xx

  • Rosalind Blight

    has to be the teenage mutant ninja turtles pinball game

  • Kerry Robinson

    Aqua Dragon

  • julie e henderson

    the arounf the world train set – educational and fab to look at

  • jcyclops

    Princess Paint Your Own Tea Set

  • Tracy Hanley

    micro scooters

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    The Around the World Train set is fantastic

  • Adeinne Tonner

    Pirate Skittles

  • Lani Nash

    the aqua dragon

  • Nicky Hopkins

    The Pirate Skittles

  • Alison Joyce

    Disney Princess smartphone

  • kerry locke

    Our fave is the Bloco … anything they have to construct they love

  • Mickie Bull

    Aqua Dragons

  • Zoe Goulding

    The Bloco looks good

  • LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    Aqua Dragons

  • Laura Jayne Bates


  • Angie McDonald

    The Aqua Dragons looks brilliant! 🙂

  • Lynne OConnor

    Micro scooters

  • Natalie Henderson

    Aqua Dragons!! 🙂

  • Rachael Soulsby

    Love the around the world train set

  • esme mccrubb


  • Rebecca Jayne Jones

    the incredible human body book x


    Princess Paint your own tea set.

  • Rachel

    until we hug again 🙂 cute!

  • Jen Schofield

    The Princess Paint your own tea set

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    aqua dragons

  • Jo welsh

    The angels face skirt

  • Allan Smith

    Aqua Dragons

  • snarepuss


  • Tracy Higgs

    We like the Pirate Skittles, something everyone can join in. Thanks for the great competition xx

  • Erica Field

    World train set x

  • Rebecca Taylor

    around the world train set

  • Rebecca Phillips

    definitely the wow toys

  • John Boyle

    Disney Princess/Monsters University Smart Phone

  • Michelle Hughes

    The Bloco looks like hours of fun 🙂

  • Sam Berry

    Angel’s Face Tutu 🙂

  • Zoe Matthewman

    Aqua Dragons

  • Emma Lewis

    I like the Bloco toys.

  • Louise Fairweather

    maxi scooter

  • Hannah oneill

    Bloco Toys

  • Tammy Tudor

    bloco looks amazing!

  • Diana

    Disney Princess/Monsters University Smart Phone 🙂

  • Sarah Benn


  • Sarah Ottley

    Bloco looks like a huge amount of fun, my two girls would love it!

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    Pirate skittles

  • jokow

    Aqua Dragons

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    I think my daughter would really enjoy the Bloco – it looks fun and is good for the imagination

  • Anne Kiaz Brookes

    i love the bloco things

  • Victoria Ann Entwistle

    The pirate skittles

  • katrina day-reilly


  • Sarah Mcknight

    paint your own teaset

  • Jane Middleton

    teenage mutant ninja turtles pinball game

  • Miow Maow

    Micro scooter

  • Hannah Bee Griffin

    I think that the pirate skittles look great fun

  • Linda McGarrigle

    Bloco looks great can see my kids having a great time with it xoxox

  • tiredmummyoftwo

    Bloco looks great

  • tiredmummyoftwo

    Sorry my last comment has the wrong email address. Stupid phone 🙂

  • Helen Gardner

    Monsters University Smart Phone

  • Dorothee77

    Aqua Dragons!


  • Michelle Drew

    the aqua dragon my kids want 1 x

  • Natalie Holland

    I love the around the world train set x

  • Jayne

    Aqua dragons

  • Tiffany Oconnell

    Create your own Mini or maxi scooter. My kids would have loads of fun doing that!

  • The scooters 🙂

  • soozybee

    Pirate Skittles

  • angela sandhu

    Aqua dragon

  • Becky John

    The Aqua Dragons sound fascinating

  • Kay

    Micro scooter!

  • Lydia G

    The Aqua Dragon – my daughter is fascinated with dragons

  • leanne williams

    Aqua Dragon

  • melanie crumpton

    monsters university smartphone

  • Kerry Brown

    bigjig toys! he is train mad 🙂

  • Felicity Smith

    angel face tutu

  • Becca Townsend

    The micro scooter

  • Jenna Keller

    The micro scooter

  • Linda Guest


  • Kellie Faggle

    Def the Micro scooter

  • Sophia

    The around the world train set – learning and playing. Love it!

  • Sarah

    the aqua dragons are my favourite

  • Hazel Christopher

    Aqua Dragons! Might get this for my little boy, he’d love it 🙂

  • Sarah Bull

    Princess paint your own teaset

  • Lucy M

    Adore the angels face tutu 🙂

  • Jennie Silver

    love the aqua dragon x

  • GW1978

    Aqua Dragons

  • sarah stocks

    It is my wee one’s 2nd birthday tomorrow…my wee firework! He would love this. He would also love the pirate skittles or the dragons

  • Sandy Ralph

    aqua dragons