*Prize Draw* Set of Thomas Kitchen Knives

You may have seen our carving creation using our Thomas Kitchen Knives already, if not have a look at my swan created from an apple here!Tesco

This was all to help promote Tesco’s new promotion  that they are running, their sticker promotion between 3rd March – 1st June 2014 where you can save up to 70% on exclusive kitchenware products at Tesco. For every £20 you spend online OR in-store you can collect a sticker, once you’ve collected five stickers you can use these to save up to 70% off professional kitchenware items.


What is even better, I have a set of the Thomas Kitchen Knives for you to win!

So whether its to rustle up something amazing for your family or to give a bit of fruit & veg carving a go, all you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter form below.

These knives are amazing and would suit any kitchen plus they prize is worth over 100 pounds!

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  • debbie creasey

    My husband, lol as he does all the cooking! he wou;d love these he has a bit of a knife fetish lol

  • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    My trusty little microwave, it does all my cooking for me.

  • Gill Mitchell

    I love my garlic press 😀

  • Sandy Ralph

    my coffee maker

  • Tracy K Nixon

    My panini maker!

  • Tracey Peach

    My Mini Oven!. It does everything a conventional oven does but on your work surface.

  • Nikki Hayes

    My microwave – couldn’t do without it 😀

  • Stuart Edwards

    our peeler

  • barbara daniels

    my wok

  • Graeme Johnston

    The dishwasher

  • maci234

    microwave, so handy

  • Paul

    My electric wok.

  • Mrs Broomfield

    Dishwasher, it does make life a heck of a lot easier

  • mary heald

    tin opener

  • Mrs Patricia Ashbridge

    Dishwasher is fantastic

  • cwillmer

    My coffee machine especially first thing in the morning means i can still get the girls ready whilst it does its thing 🙂

  • Fiona Timms

    dishwasher and hand blender

  • Rayon Bizarre

    My oxo grip peeler, makes peeling veg a doddle

  • winnie

    garlic crusher 😀

  • Emma Baker


  • Lynne Durkin

    Our spatula when we make cookies and cakes 🙂

  • Paul Wilson

    Garlic press.

  • Jessica Wilde

    Definitely my Thermomix!

  • tabbaz

    Thermal slow cooker 🙂

  • Lorna Kennedy

    My electric knife for carving meat – not something I would have bought for myself – it was a gift, but I wouldn’t be without it now.


    microwave a must in my house

  • Claire Smith

    My healthy halogen cooker

  • helen

    My coffee machine.

  • Hannah Ellis

    My Kettle for a nice cuppa xx

  • lvmitchell

    My aerochino! Hot/cold frothy milk in 60 seconds with no mess!

  • Lynne McEvoy

    my steamer for healthy veggies, chicken and rice

  • Zoe Goulding

    My toastie maker

  • Katie walters

    Rice cooker

  • Heather Haigh

    I’m absolutely addicted to all kitchen gizmos, from a sharp knife to my high-end juicer. My favourite atm is a new icing/biscuit syringe that my daughter recently bought me as a surprise pressy – those are always the best – and I’m sure she had no ulterior motive in gifting me a gizmo to encourage more baking lol.

  • Jenny Patman

    I’m pretty much addicted to my food processor – it saves time on everything espeically making pastry! From 20 mins spent rubbing in to 2 mins!

  • Steve Thomas

    My kettle. Never lets me down and I can make almost anything with it 😀

  • Alana Walker

    I love my George Foreman grill, its amazing the amount of fat that comes out of even lean meat.x

  • jeanbolsover

    My crockpot, it is so handy 🙂

  • Amanda Hattie

    My rice cooker

  • My slowcooker, best few pounds I’ve spent on the kitchen!

  • jojones

    My pressure cooker because it saves fuel & keeps all the vitamins in food

  • Lucy M

    Our Nespresso machine…. 😀

  • Lucy M

    (Tweeted, but think the preset tweet is out of date – still referring to a Peter Rabbit comp!)

  • debbie godbolt

    my can opener without that i would me lost

  • vicky edge

    My food processor

  • Laura Pryde-Jarman

    My non-stick wok – I use it for almost every dinner!

  • Beverley

    My electronic temperature sticker thingy – love it!

  • ashleigh allan

    My slow cooker!

  • clare martin

    My food processor!

  • christina brown

    My garlic zoom! 🙂 Means I don’t have to get garlicky hands!

  • Jane Willis

    my whizzy stick (stick blender, but I prefer my name for it)

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    My boyfriend, he cooks beautifully and washes up too!

  • Rey

    My food processor

  • maggie

    tin opener!

  • melanie stirling

    My George Foreman griddle.

  • priscillastubbs

    I have a wooden fork bought from Ikea some time ago and it is great for stirring, better than a wooden spoon

  • Julie Jingle Baxter

    toastie maker 🙂

  • Louise Smith

    Pestle and Mortar – so versatile

  • rachel humphries

    I have a peeler that fits over your finger, so much easier than conventional peelers.

  • jenniwren12

    my kettle 🙂

  • Kelly Mse Harper

    meat slicer

  • Lisa Sands

    My kettle, its the only reason I set foot in my kitchen 😉 xx

  • Andrea Storey

    My wine bottle opener. It keeps me sane after a rubbish day at work.

  • Sue Hodges

    my extra sharp big knives- i’ve broken one and can’t find the same sort to replace it

  • tracy horrex

    has to be my slow cooker

  • maria blythin

    my slow cooker always saves the day

  • snowted

    Our tassimo coffee machine.

  • karen delaney

    its got to be my electric tin opener

  • Joanna Silvester

    Nespresso machine 🙂

  • Matt Atherton

    My Garlic crusher!

  • gisele fenech

    my garlic press ….garlic in everythng!

  • Rob Baker

    Capuccino maker!

  • Lynn Mitchell

    bread maker i use it every day with 5 kids its great

  • laura banks

    electric tin opener it has a jar opener and bottle opener and other cool gadgets

  • Hazel Rea

    My potato/vegetable peeler – and I can’t find one that does the job anywhere near as well so I have been using it for years.

  • Maggie Coates

    My microwave oven

  • Pat Stubbs

    My garlic press

  • sarah birkett

    my microwave oven is used everyday, but my favourite is my new vegetable peeler

  • buchanl

    My Kettle first thing a reach for in the morning

  • mark witherington

    My fav would be the food processor so many different uses


    Has to be my handblender

  • Debbie Burfoot

    my mini chopper…:)

  • Arranmum

    My smoothie maker

  • Jo

    I love my Slush Puppy machine

  • Amy Campbell

    Slow cooker

  • Jen English

    My cheese grater. It’s getting old now but I love it.

  • Adam Easdown


  • emma walters

    my potato ricer is fab

  • coffee machine

  • Megan Bayford

    my knives, actually

  • Clair Dutton

    my slow cooker

  • Rachie Littleme

    My beautiful pasta bowls.

  • Victoria

    My mixer – I use it for everything I could possibly use it for. My slow cooker is also a favourite.

  • Georg Ball

    My soup maker!!!

  • Laura

    my coffee machine

  • Janine Phillips

    my slow cooker x

  • julie jones

    my slow cooker

  • Alison Joyce

    My Mezzaluna

  • fluffypinkmarshmallow

    My rice cooker

  • Samantha Ripley

    my garlic press

  • Mel Daniels

    The kettle!

  • Victoria

    i love my peeler that’s shaped like a monkey 😀

  • Natalie White

    My slow cooker! I love it 🙂

  • Mona

    Espresso machine

  • Lola

    An electric tin opener 🙂

  • Pete Cleasby

    microwave oven

  • Katie Evans

    I have a kenwood chef I was lucky enough to get from freecycle, I love it 🙂

  • Gillian Holmes

    Electric tin opener

  • Holly

    Tefal Acti-Fry

  • julie

    Toastie machine

  • Sarah Maclean

    Garlic Press

  • Elizabeth Briggs

    Grill Machine 🙂

  • cherie shaw

    Brita water filter

  • Kelly law

    My coffee machine 🙂

  • JoMapp

    I love my mini chopper. It saves me so much time and doesn’t take up a lot of space

  • robert mcintosh

    My slow cooker – great for winter soups and stews

  • angiehoggett

    My bamix stick blender, can’t live without it!

  • Kenneth

    Gosh difficult, I’ll settle for the microwave.

  • susiebaby1

    An electric corkscrew that I won about 30 years ago – its still going strong and has opened a great many bottles!

  • Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    i love my autiomatic can opener makes life easier

  • chris2468

    What is your favourite kitchen gadget/item you have?
    currenly my blender as l’m into making my own soups


    my mam

  • Emma Nixon

    My slow cooker.

  • marianne

    Slow cooker(I have 2) – with a family of 6 and all the jobs that come with a big family I couldn’t cope without my slow cookers

  • kimi kinz

    I have a slow cooker as well but ancient but still helps with getting good meals sorted for 4 little kids after school x

  • jillwebb

    My kitchen knife I use it for all jobs

  • Susie Wilkinson

    My George Forman lean, mean, grilling machine!

  • Lyla

    Has to be my kettle

  • Tammy Tudor

    my blender 🙂

  • Caroline H

    My stick blender – soup, pesto, mash, hummus . . . I make so many things with it.

  • Faridah Brooker

    My potato ricer.

  • Lowri Tegan Earith

    my soup blender

  • isobelleforde

    My juicer, it gets hammered but it’s great!

  • Victoria Thurgood

    my soup maker

  • Kat Lucas

    My food processor

  • Paul

    Probably the breadmaker

  • Dawn Henson

    I love my Breadmaker. Lovely Fresh bread!!

  • Patricia Edwards

    I love the soupmaker I bought

  • Claire Woods

    My Nespresso coffee machine.

  • Alexa St Clair

    My slowcooker!

  • Suzanne Cooke

    I love my Actifry, sin free chips.

  • Dorothee77

    Smoothie blender – Nespresso machine – my Magimix and…. a nice wooden chopping board!

  • @auntygeek

    I love my magic peeler. Couldn’t cope without it 🙂

  • Olivia Kirby

    My kMix, I LOVE it!!

  • Natalie Osborne Thomason

    My armadillo bread bin.

  • darius


  • lyn

    a laser-cut grater

  • sunshine


  • ClaireT

    Slow cooker, Saturday night stews mmmm

  • Ashleigh Armstrong

    slow cooker. its a life saver when you have children.

  • tracy newton

    A small paring knife. I end up using it for everything.

  • claire hooper

    My Slow Cooker xx

  • Janice Papworth

    my favourite gadget is my Philips Home Cooker as it cooks and stirs meaning I can safely leave it to do the work while I get on with something else

  • Victoria MyLittleLBlog

    pizza knife

  • Jennie Heard

    My Kenwood Mixer

  • Katharine Bourne-Francis

    electric tin opener

  • Carolynn Woodland

    Potato Peeler

  • Michelle Banks

    my food mixer x

  • Miriam Said

    My electric hand mixer.

  • Ellen Fazekas

    Slow cooker.

  • Valencia Sowry

    My Slow Cooker …..

  • Stevie

    The wooden spoon is the all time greatest kitchen gadget.

  • lianne

    has to be my electric mixer….id be lost without it

  • clairdownham

    mt slow cooker

  • Claire D

    My vegetable steamer

  • kathycakebread

    my electric mixer

  • Paul Witney

    Halogen oven

  • AgentAllan

    An old pairing knife inherited from my gran.

  • Richard Hill

    we couldnt get very far without the tin opener so that has to be the best

  • Hayley Perry

    Milk frother to make amazing frappe 🙂

  • k walsh

    electric can opener

  • Nathan Webb

    the microwave! Nothing like a quick convenience meal instead of waiting a hour, and must be cheaper than powering an oven for a hour too!

  • Caroline Cordery

    hand blender, oh and microwave yes.

  • Ruth Harwood

    I have a new Coffee Machine – mmm-mmm coffee…!!!

  • darren lawrence

    tin opener

  • jnnifer kennedy

    my juicer its out so I use it all the time

  • Carol Massey

    I could not cope without my microwave

  • Christine Caple

    Has to be the microwave!

  • Kay Panayi

    my slow cooker

  • Emma Branch

    My slow cooker. Versatile and easy to use!!

  • Sue Bowden

    My old and trusted stew pot/chip fryer, it’s ugly as hell, but it’s part of the family.

  • sarah brooker

    my microwave – such a time saver!

  • caroline

    I love my slow cooker, saves me so much time after work

  • Fifi Hi

    Alessi Juicer!

  • Michelle Ferguson

    My George Foreman grill

  • TracyJo

    The Kettle , I’d be totally lost without it x

  • Kate Duckmanton

    My food processor – I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  • Keith Wallbanks

    A stove-top espresso maker – my day doesn’t really start until I’ve had a good cup of coffee and I find the routine of making it very relaxing

  • kimmy2849

    My potato ricer, its essential to making fluffy mush with no lumps

  • Sarah Davison

    my garlic crusher

  • maureen findley

    my deep fat fryer

  • Rachel McMillan

    A gadget for helping me open jars

  • Harley Richardson

    Our sandwich maker x

  • victoria leedham

    Electric whisk!

  • Michael Clyma

    Tassimo Coffe Maker 🙂

  • Shelly beckman

    My toastie maker

  • Dianne Brewin

    My Philips Airfryer

  • Nicola Andrijauskas

    I love my slowcooker. Fab stews and curries all ready for you when you get in from work 🙂

  • Victoria Easton

    Toasted sandwich maker – perfect after a long day!

  • Kate O’Neill

    My cleaver – makes chopping so much fun!


    microwave so handy

  • Barbara Clarke

    my wok, cause its used for cooking loads of yummy dishes

  • Emma Dora Louise Thackery

    My Kettle!

  • barker162

    My griddle , love it

  • Laura Oxley


  • Lauren Old


  • kim neville


  • corina cullen

    George Foreman

  • tracey thompson

    be lost without my slow cooker

  • Allan Tony

    The George Forman

  • Ann Skamarauskas

    the food processor – so versatile

  • Caroline Blaza

    My kettle!!

  • Stacey Carnell

    My slow cooker 🙂

  • Clint Howat

    My toastie maker.

  • jane

    I love my electric whisk,, dont know how I ever managed without it!!

  • Lillian Fisher

    My slow cooker – just load it up, leave and come back to a great dinner x

  • Jan Taylor

    My food processor it is wonderful I couldn’t live without it.

  • marie lindsay

    my George foreman

  • C Connell

    At the moment it has to be my juicer – I feel so much better since I have started juicing and the juicer makes it so easy (the knives would most definitely come in handy when using it though!)

  • Felicity Smith

    currently my food processor – magic for homemade hummous

  • jayne hall


  • Amy Skinner

    my kettle, got to have tea

  • mark r

    My Masha 🙂

  • PamGregory

    Electric can opener

  • Christina Jarrett

    My garlic crusher! 🙂

  • Susan Ellams

    my hand blender

  • Kate Kathurima

    my hand blender

  • Billy Payne

    I have a really cool knife sharpener that has a suction cup thing on the bottom and fixes itself to the worktop while you sharpen your knife. Its very cool!

  • JoHutchinson

    My electric can opener.

  • Trudi Flint

    My smoothie maker

  • Marie Horton

    My bread maker

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    my slow cooker

  • carole carr

    my health fryer come slow cooker come grill

  • Louise A

    My coffee machine <3

  • Laura Linsey


  • missmolar

    A Vitamix! Best Christmas pressie ever 🙂

  • Faye Huntington

    good old microwave! faye xx

  • Donna Large

    electric vegtable peeler

  • Alice Colling

    Nothing beats having a dishwasher!

  • Zoe Roxby

    My slow cooker I love it

  • Kim Newsome

    My slow cooker, I wish I’d got one sooner

  • Gabrielle svensson

    My coffee machine

  • Charlotte Hood

    My vegetable peeler! Simple but effective haha

  • Julie Savage

    My dishwasher

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    my egg slicer

  • clairebob23

    My slow cooker, it’s so easy to just pop things in, go out and when you come back it’s ready to serve. Get for when the family’s in a rush

  • Andrew Halliwell

    food processor. It chops it slices it mixes it blends…
    What more do you need? Apart from a good set of knives for things that you don’t want chopped, blended or sliced. 🙂

  • My new can opener

  • c5ryl

    My coffee machine 🙂

  • Sheila Reavy

    My breadmaker, nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. xx

  • Reb Lacy

    Kitchen Aid

  • tracey gwynne

    I love my runner bean slicer. it was my nans, and she had it all her lift. it must be almost 100 years old…still cuts spaghetti thin syle runner beans, which I adore

  • Rebecca Gransden

    My blender.

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    Food processor

  • Natalie Gillham

    My Dishwasher, don’t know how I ever managed without it 🙂 x

  • C Tindale

    my pineapple corer!!

  • Kay Lou Smith

    My apple slicer!

  • Kazz Usher

    Dishwasher. Without a doubt the best invention ever. Saves me so much time

  • Julie Ward

    Microwave because I’m lazy

  • Pauline Black

    I love my steamer, 3 tier and I can cook just about anything in it with very little effort

  • elaine stokes

    my food mixer it does everything and more x x x x x

  • Adam S

    cheese grater

  • Debbie Nichols

    Garlic twist !

  • Margaret Nokling

    slow cooker

  • Julie Paton

    Halogen oven

  • John Naylor

    A George Foreman Grill. As a chef I quite often have no time to cook at home and it saves a lot of time and effort!

  • Bridie Summersgill

    my great big stock pot

  • Blake Ahearne

    slow cooker

  • Gwyn

    A huge pot for making curries

  • Becca

    My juicer

  • Penny Ford


  • my cake mixer

  • Julie Camm

    Dutch oven

  • Jill

    My dishwasher

  • Patricia Avery

    My old food processor. So useful, it makes wonderful pastry in seconds 🙂

  • Tanja

    Dishwasher ^_^

  • Jane Green

    food processor

  • kim1957uk

    My pineapple corer.

  • Katie Walker

    I have a corkscrew that looks like a lady has a dress and a face its really cute.


    Heart shaped ice trays.

  • LynneH

    My microwave; I use it to soften onions and garlic and all sorts of of things. It makes great meringues, too

  • Karen Milburn

    My hand blender

  • Laura Wheatley

    hand blender for my baking

  • Janet Rumley

    Cheese grater

  • George Brown

    master chef food mixer

  • Joy Lawson

    Bread maker

  • The little serrated knife, I use for all small chopping and peeling jobs, had it for years. God knows what I would do if I lost it.

  • leah finch

    Bread maker

  • Samantha Atherton

    I have so many I love but I adore my crinkle cutter for making crinkle cut chips.

  • Steve Miles

    My rice cooker

  • Angela Williams

    My bread maker

  • Chris Fletcher

    It has to be my pressure cooker! Delicious curries in half the time!

  • Emily Knight

    My new air fryer, it’s amazing!

  • Mike Martin

    Bread maker

  • Brian Hartshorn


  • Michael Wells

    my steamer. i eat much more healthily

  • Beth Moore

    My food processor, i bought it 23 years ago when my daughter was little and its still going strong !

  • Liz Ferguson

    Food mixed gets lots of use

  • Anne Woodthorpe

    my juicer

  • Amy

    Food processor

  • Jamie

    Hmm, I would say our electric mixer

  • Elizabeth Yeates


  • Alison Burns

    My new Kenwood mixer, I love it (and the cakes I’ve made with it).

  • Carlie Bryan

    tin opener

  • Laura Vitty

    My garlic zoom… love garlic but hate the smell getting on my hands 🙂

  • David Douglas

    Ice cream maker

  • Leesa Dunn

    Potato ricer….no more lumpy mash!

  • A Cash

    I love my zester grater – makes it easier to make orange and chocolate cupcakes!

  • Katie Thomas

    An automatic can opener!

  • Georgia Lee Simpson

    a potato peeler

  • Amanda Richardson

    a potato ricer

  • kristin burdsall

    multi chopper. I use it every day

  • Paula Phillips

    My microwave



  • Tony Weston


  • Lesley Bain

    Dishwasher…..washing dishes by hand is my most-hated job x

  • alice lightning

    my battery operated whisk

  • Chantelle Kemp

    A little egg shaped timer.. But its not just any timer, you put it in the saucepan with your boiling eggs and its colour changes to how well cooked the eggs are, so you always have perfect eggs!! 🙂

  • deaddogsmoking

    Electric wok

  • tarbs gill

    My very large wooden chopping board!

  • David Price

    my fat separater for making gravy

  • Nicola Holland

    My microwave – easy cooking in a rush!

  • Emma Green

    Cake mixer

  • Jessica Newman

    my breadmaker


    Slow Cooker

  • Peenutbutter

    My left handed serrated knife 🙂

  • kate

    serrated veg knife

  • Natalie Fairhurst

    love my coffee machine.

  • Trish D

    My juicer! Does both hard and soft fruit and there’s no comparison to other juice once you’ve had freshly squeezed 🙂

  • Nicola White

    my slow cooker x

  • Catherine A Bell

    my coffee machine

  • linda griffiths


  • mixer

  • Allan Fullarton

    Slow cooker

  • Jon Payne

    tin opener

  • Russell Hutton

    tin opener

  • Emma Falvi

    tin opener

  • Melanie Gardiner

    my hand blender

  • Robert Price

    My microwave

  • VeridianStorm

    definitely the microwave

  • Amanda E

    MY pancake pan, pancakes have never been the same since.

  • Barry Ranns

    My breadmaker

  • Louise Payne

    Love my kitchenaid mixer

  • Lauren B

    My coffee machine, saves a fortune on coffee shop coffees!

  • DanielleGraves

    my slow cooker for days when I am out and about all day I can stick everything in on a morning and come home to a yummy cooked meal x

  • Katy

    Chip Fryer !

  • Steven Montgomery

    My blender 🙂

  • Pauline Wilson

    We like our sodastream

  • leverj

    My slow cooker.

  • stephen holman

    Our steamer 🙂

  • emily fraser

    Has to be my Kitchenaid mixer! 🙂

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    My mixer

  • Rebecca Jane Roberts

    coffee machine 😀 xx

  • rugmaker

    Large frying pan

  • Fiona Mallard

    Mine is my smoothie maker – couldnt live without it!

  • Kelly

    my mixer, makes baking so much easier

  • Romana Richards

    My hand blender – use it nearly every day.

  • Claire Thomson Little

    my tin opener 🙂

  • Gillian Turner

    Not really a gadget but it is my kettle, I am a tea-a-olic!!

  • Rachel Gilbey

    My fridge, it keeps all my food nice and cold

  • angela sandhu

    kettle as I need tea!

  • Sarah

    Definitely the Kenwood KMix

  • Lia Louise Burns

    potato ricer, i hate lumpy mash!

  • Elaine Shaw

    My microwave

  • AliThorpe

    My hand mixer.

  • Gail Bennett

    My new cooker! Love it 🙂

  • Serena La Pietra

    My food mixer, power tools for the kitchen, yeah!

  • Sue Carter

    Bottle opener of course! 😉

  • Stephen Little

    Microwave, definitely!

  • Mimicat

    mini kenwood chopper for my garlic and ginger.

  • Tracey McPartland

    My coffee machine

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    my tin opener haha !

  • Jane Middleton

    kettle – use it all the time

  • Andrea Williams

    Has to be my kettle x

  • Raych Bonness

    Slow cooker!

  • Lani Nash

    Mixer 🙂 it is so useful

  • Stephanie Louise Parker

    Electric whisk, I love making puddings!

  • Lisa Fletcher

    Salad Spinner

  • jokow


  • Kelandab

    My blender

    Kel Ellen Hirst

  • Jo Booth

    my mouli grater !

  • amyjbeckett

    Monkey potato peeler

  • June Gaynor

    my acti-fryer

  • jonnets


  • Rebecca Powell

    Knife sharpener

  • Paul Jackson

    coffee machine

  • Teresa Lee

    The kettle

  • Vanessa Gam

    My juicer

  • Hannah oneill

    Bread machine

  • catriona


  • Lizzie Cooper

    Joseph Joseph garlic rocker

  • Lynsey ward

    My Masha! Great for mashing, whipping cream and such things

  • Tazzy Keen

    my ice scoop.

  • Clara Bee

    My garlic crusher

  • Diana

    Potato ricer 🙂

  • Zoe Coen


  • susan willshee

    I have a silicone knife which doesn’t sound very exciting but I love it! I bake a lot using silicone bakeware and this knife lets me slice cakes and pastries without cutting through the bakeware!

  • Ian Sanderson

    potato peeler

  • Monika

    left handed can opener

  • Sheri Darby

    My potato peeler

  • MorganSpiked

    It has to be my min hand blender as I use it most days 🙂

  • Aleha Hussain

    My blender

  • Sarah H

    My wok!

  • Andrea Jayne

    My Jamie Oliver Home Cooker. Love it

  • Linda Streater

    My Coffee Machine

  • chillijamx

    My Sous Vide – looks gorgeous sitting on the side. I might actually use it one day!

  • champaklal lad

    MASHA – great mashing machine


    My garlic cutter it is on wheels you run backwards and forwards its so cool

  • Jayne K

    Combination microwave

  • michelle bennett

    my cheap £5 hand blender. We love our soups x

  • Tiffany

    my boiled egg slicer, i use it for tomatoes to stop the juice getting all over the sides

  • Karis


  • John Mcgovern


  • Donna Lawton

    Egg slicer x

  • Sarah

    my kitchen scissors!

  • Ellie powell

    My pizza wheel

  • Izzy

    I love my microwave steamer, so simple but so effective!

  • aaron

    My lovely Wife

  • Jill Donaldson

    My zester

  • laura stewart

    my blender

  • Rosie

    my dishwasher, it changed my life!

  • Emma Price

    My mini blender. It means I can make amazing home made curries 🙂

  • z.g

    my egg slicer 🙂

  • Lesley

    My Mocha stove top coffee pot!

  • Deborah Hambleton

    My Coffee Machine

  • roley martin

    Quite simply…the tin opener!!!

  • Hayley Todd

    My favourite kitchen gadget is my coffee machine – I survive on caffiene!

  • Simon Orme

    Slow Cooker

  • Maggie Ali

    100% dishwasher 🙂

  • Philip St

    Multi-purpose wafer-thin 80 year old non-stainless knife. Use 100 times a day.

  • diva1977

    rice cooker

  • suey1969


  • Carolin

    My KitchenAid mixer 🙂

  • Joe Mitchell

    My ice cream machine its honestly the best thing for a perfect summer!

  • Lydia Graham

    My blender for making the children smoothies

  • sylvia gill

    My Electric Whisk for making cakes, had it for years and still going strong (Kenwood)

  • Laura Pritchard

    My Smoothie Maker

  • lucy rose

    The Dishwasher…..

  • the dishwasher! its my best friend

  • Rachel Bustin


  • Anita Roberts

    my electric whisk xx

  • Adele Hill

    The Dishwasher

  • Claire Nelson

    My corkscrew

  • Rachel Blackburn

    my garlic press. so glad my hands don’t have to smell anymore!

  • Margaret Dunlop

    my electric in opener

  • NaomiB

    My Garlic Press xx

  • Sheila Reeves

    My Bamix

  • elainehollis

    milk frother

  • Wendy Guy

    My electric tin opener

  • Dawn Chapman

    My halogen oven.

  • Erica Price

    Veg peeler

  • anneka hulse

    Kitchen aid mixer

  • helen atkins


  • Emad

    My George Foreman grill

  • Stuart Payne

    My wok

  • Michaela Atkins

    garlic press

  • secondtimemummy

    My Actifry! Love it x

  • juliebooth

    My wok – I use it for everything

  • chirag


  • karen dixon

    my food proccessor

  • sarah gray

    coffee maker. x

  • Jodie Harvey

    dishwasher(the boyfriend lol) x

  • Keeley Louise Atkinson

    Tea maker

  • Heather

    My egg boiler timer

  • Keith Hunt

    Old tea pot

  • Sarah Davies

    I have a beautiful, sculptural Alessi lemon squeezer.

  • Helena Clark

    kettle as I love a cuppa

  • Keeley Shaw

    I don’t have any fancy gadgets but I do love my kettle for a nice quick brew.

  • Mark Tebbutt


  • Caroline bellamy

    Kettle – gotta have a cuppa 🙂

  • hayley morgan

    Garlic press, I put garlic in everything!

  • Susan Carruthers

    I’d be lost without my kettle!

  • Steve D

    My timer, I forget everything otherwise!

  • jacquelinecc

    my food processor

  • clare davies

    blender 🙂 x

  • Happy Homebird

    My garlic crusher – garlic in everything!

  • pam Lawrence

    I think my stick blender, I use it all the time for sweet and savoury dishes x

  • Kat Glynn

    My mixer as i’m always baking 🙂 x

  • Susan Freeman

    My blender – I use it for soups and juices

  • Ronni Astroff

    I love my Vitamix!!

  • Alisa Moore