Wedding to do list

So we are less than a year till the big day and I still have a list as long as my arm of things that need to be done!

Plus the wedding dreams have started, last night I dream’t they wouldn’t allow us to get married after we got to the venue as we hadn’t paid for everything…

I think this stems from the amount we still need to get on a budget that is getting squeezed, I am however working hard on the blog to bring extra pennies in plus entering lots of giveaways in the hope to ease a bit of pressure of the wedding budget.

Still on the list to get (in no order & what I can think of at the minute I’m sure there will be more!)

Wedding rings
Hair piece (tiara/headband)
Men’s suits for hire
Accesories for bridesmaid and grooms & groomsmen
Table plan

I could spend hours looking at wedding bits however a saying I read before is so true.

I’m planning two weddings, my Pinterest wedding and the wedding my budget can afford!

My favourite site of the week is Glitzy Secrets and this is top of my shopping list for me as I think it would fit in perfect with the rest of our theme.

So much to do and such little time left to plan… Eek!


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  • Victoria MyLittleLBlog

    from my own experience i would say Ebay is a money saving place number one, all our bridesmaids dresses, wedding decorations and favours were from ebay, i saved a lot buy buying it all there. ans again from my experience make sure you have someone to control the day, not just give them a piece of paper with instructions, tell them that they will be responsible and need to do this and this..make sure to check what the venue can provide even in terms of decorations and support during the day, and always write down all instructions directed towards the venue so if something happens (cock-up) you have a written prove that you asked them to do it

    • MummyVsWork

      Thanks for your tips! I was thinking of a step by step instructions for the venue!

  • Eeek. Our list is mainly consisting of little detailing parts now I think!!
    I’ve had a glitzy secrets side tiara. Amazing quality they are! Happy budgetting.

    • MummyVsWork

      Eek exciting times! Hope its going well 🙂