Scared of the world we are bringing our children into

Growing up, I had no fear.

I don’t remember hearing about countries going to war with each other, unless it was in a history lesson and vary rarely do I remember reading much in the news about children being abducted/killed or attacked.

Yet now in the news every day you hear of something awful happening around the world.

This worries me.

It worries me what we are bring our children into.

Everyday we teach our children right from wrong. Teach them to be kind to each other and not to hurt anyone.

Then when you turn the news on you find out that 1000’s of people are dying in wars around the world, terrorists are hijacking planes or shooting them out of the sky killing innocent people and lots more are being hurt by people they hold near and dear.

How do you give children the space to breath and grow without letting them come to any harm? At the minute I can’t even imagine Kayleigh and Ethan ever even walking home from school on there own.

But more than that, how can we tell our children one thing whilst they watch another thing unravel all over the world?

Being a parent is hard. there is a fine line between protecting our children from what goes on in the world and letting them learn and grow and in the world we live in I just hope they mange to find the positive’s in the world rather than all the negatives that are portrayed on the news every day.



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  • Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by and entering my OXO competition. Returning the visit and noticed the post and just couldn’t leave without adding my opinion. I’m 33 and was an 80’s kid (born in 81 to be specific, LOL).

    Anyway, not sure if I have a great memory, but I remember all the news stories. Saddam and the middle eastern terrorism back then. Thatcher stopping kids having milk in schools, Poll tax, what those 2 young boys did to poor Jamie Bulger, and of course the threat of nuclear wars back then – the list just goes on and on. When I was around 9 or 10, I remember walking home and this girl (around 13) just slapped me in the face for no reason! My dad chased after her. Never knew what he said to her, but I never saw her again on my way home after!

    I remember being terrified each night and would often cry myself to sleep terrified I was about to die. However, as a Mum of 3 children now I can certainly relate to what you’re saying. Things have changed a lot since I was a sort-of carefree kiddo, but on the other side of the fence, everything is so easily accessible now days too. It’s so easy to log on the internet whether it be news sites or Facebook, etc. and see people sharing what’s going off in today’s world.

    If we were unplugged as we were in the 80’s-90’s, I think it would pretty much be similar. I’ve often wondered the same thing whether the world we live in is getting worse. I feel in some ways it has, and others we have more of a big brother type lifestyle with measures put into place for our protection. I see police around all the time now. I can’t remember seeing many bobbies patrolling as a kid.

    I think when our kids grow up and have their own little families they’ll probably be thinking the exact same thing as we are today. They probably won’t remember the bad stuff when they were kids (unless they’re like me, of course). I guess only time will tell on that. Must remember to ask in 10-20 years, LOL.