Trying to balance work and family

It’s no secret that I work to live and I don’t live to work.

Which unfortunately means that I am always trying to balance the whole work/family life and this summer holiday I am failing miserably!

Due to me switching roles and our holiday which we had already prebooked I am almost out of holidays and the few that I have left I am desperately holding on to so I can spend a nice few days of at Christmas just the 4 of us.

It isn’tΒ much fun whenΒ my instagram feed is full of people enjoying picnics in the park whilst the kids are off, or just pictures of them with their kids having fun. I just count down the hours until I get home.

I am trying so hard to find ways to earn extra cash and bring the whole working from home dream a bit more to life but lets face it, I’m not sure whether it will ever happen.

I love writing, I love all things social media and although the blog brings in a bit of income, its nothing that is close to what I earn in my finance role and with a house to pay for we just can’t take the risk on me ever quitting work.

So today I make myself a promise.

I’m going to be more proactive this year and push myself and the blog to the limit in trying to make my dream role come true.

I want to do the school run, I want to be able to spend the holidays with the kids rather than being at work.

I will get there one day and today I make the promise it will be sooner rather than later for me.

In the meantime if you are interested in working with me either on my blog or possibly in another writing/social media way, get in touch.

My keyboard is waiting…

Working from Home


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  • Sceptical Mum

    I totally sympathise even though I have almost the opposite problem. As a secondary school teacher I am lucky enough to spend the summer with my boy (he’s not even school age yet) but it’s made me realise how little quality time I spend with him the rest of the year. Even when I get home I’m generally stressed and/or in a rush to get him to bed so I can get back to work. This September I’m making a similar pledge to regain a bit of balance.

    Good luck with your writing plan! I’ll re tweet this link and hopefully that might put you a tiny bit closer to your dream πŸ˜‰

    • MummyVsWork

      Thank you so much! Hope the new term goes well πŸ™‚

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