*Christmas Prize Draw* Nuby Boy bib and Bathtime bundles

As promised in our Nuby Girls bundle competition, here is our boys bib and bathtime bundles!

Nuby Boy bib and Bathtime bundles

As with the girls bundle we have 10 of these bundles to give away to our lucky readers.

· 1 x coverall and bandana bib

· 1 x 2pack of snug & dry bibs

· 1 x bath time Squirters

· 1 x tub time turtle

Thanks to the lovely team at Nuby this bundle would make great additions to your little ones stocking this Christmas.

So for your chance to win simply follow the rafflecopter instructions below, good luck everyone & Merry Christmas.

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  • Jane wilson


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  • Samm Barber


  • Christy Golding

    the chocolate advent calendar…. though they do love a good Christmas dinner and gravy….mmmm

  • Keri Jones

    My son loves sprouts, has done since he was tiny. Just the thought of them makes me gag :S

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Turkey! I love it too!

  • Karen Cowley

    pigs in blankets

  • Louise Fairweather

    pigs in blankets – they are mine too!

  • sharon smith

    pigs in blankets

  • Jo Hutchinson

    Christmas pudding

  • ashleigh allan

    Pigs in blankets!

  • Tammy Stevenson

    All his chocolate 🙂

  • emma walters

    mince pies

  • PamGregory

    Christmas Cake

  • maci234

    Pigs in blankets

  • Sandra Clarke

    Chocolate Advent Calendar!

  • Stacy Sorrell

    has to be pigs in blankets xx

  • Pia Stephens

    Brussel sprouts 😀

  • vicki hennie

    spaghetti bolognese, and he always needs a bath afterwards, so this prize would be great xx

  • Mark Sorrell

    yorkie puds 🙂

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    We have a tradition that the meal ends with a trifle, I’m sure this is going to be my sons favourite part.

  • rachael

    His favourite is chicken and veg

  • katie evans

    Gravy and mash

  • Michelle Dagger

    Christmas pudding and custard!

  • Stacey Louise Hillhouse

    i would love to win the girls bundle i desperately need some cover all bibs and my daughter would love the toys

  • Sally Eaglesfield

    I def need the bib – my boy dribbles food all over!

  • hajra

    Would love a boy one

  • Elena Vahotina

    I want to gift it to my son

  • Lia Taylor

    Baby boy would love love love all these little gifts hehe x

  • Amanda

    Chocolate cake!

  • Mikhael Bernardes Chiriac

    I’d love winning the Nuby’s Crhistmas bundle for boy!

  • Mihai Chiriac

    fingers crossed!

  • Todisco Maria

    Carrot cake

  • Charlotte Louise

    Both my girls like their Christmas veg can’t wait to see what ds likes x

  • Kayleigh Parker

    Im having a baby boy so would love to win please plus my 3 little boys 6,4 and 2 years would love to play with the bath toys too !

  • Kayleigh Parker

    Mince pies – funny how they dont ask for them any other time of year when we go shopping only at xmas !

  • tarbs

    Mince pies- yummy!

  • Sandra Lane

    They love their veggies. I think they even enjoyed sprouts last year.

  • Rachel Craig

    Trifle, which has fruit and sponge in the jelly part of the trifle.

  • Laura Antill

    walnuts x

  • kim neville

    Chocolate log cake

  • lynn heath

    pigs in blankets!!!!

  • Caroline Florczyk

    He loves Banana but not Christmas food as this Christmas will be his first! 😀 xx

  • Harriet

    Pigs in blankets

  • laura stewart

    mince pies 🙂

  • lisa

    My friend would love this

  • Vicki Bayliss

    My child loves pigs in blankets and sprouts of course cake and treats after

  • jacknutter

    pigs without their blankets!

  • Linda F McGarrigle

    has to be Trifle x

  • Siobhan Davis

    Turkey and cranberry Sauce Sandwich Yum Yum x

  • Cat Culmer


  • Emily CD

    My mum’s stuffing – it’s divine! EJ Dunn

  • Jill Webb


  • Rachel Heap

    my little girl loves baby sweetcorn

  • Stacey M

    Stuffing is all my children’s favourite Christmas food 🙂 xx

  • anthony harrington

    will be his first proper eating xmas was just milk last xmas

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Pigs in blankets definitely

  • Corinne Peat

    My little one was too young for food last year but my other 3 love the turkey!

  • lisa tormey

    pigs in blankets

  • Michaela Turner

    Yorkshire puddings

  • Esther James

    crispy prawns!

  • Claire Nutman


  • Keith Hunt

    Bubble and Squeak on boxing day

  • Susan Trubey


  • Viv C


  • Amanda Walsh

    Honey Roast Parsnips

  • suey1969

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  • Tammy Tudor


  • crazyvicky

    stuffing balls dipped in the gravy!

  • Kay Lou Smith

    He’s a big Yorkshire pudding fan 🙂

  • Samantha Ripley

    the little pigs in blankets always go down well

  • Jennifer Toal


  • Katie Lou

    no idea – it will be his first Christmas in 2014 🙂

  • Diane Carey

    It was always the meat, whichever we were having

  • Rebecca Phillips


  • Jo Carroll

    I think at the moment it’s a case of watch this space 😉

  • Tracey Whysall

    My son is just starting to eat as recently weaned but loves all veggies. My daughter loves mashed potato and peas xx

  • Harley Richardson

    Yorkshire pudding x

  • Katie Walker

    Carrot and swede mash

  • Allan Smith


  • Kim Beale

    My little boys have big appetites and will polish of the lot!Prob love the turkey most tho x

  • samantha sugden

    Carrot and swede mashed up

  • Emma Fox

    Chocolate christmas tree decorations

  • Emma Ellison

    Roast potatoes

  • LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    Christmas cake

  • Plastig Ffantastig

    yorkshire pudding 🙂

  • Miriam Pereira


  • Julie Ward


  • Gill Mitchell

    christmas pudding 😀

  • kirsty h

    Desserts like mince pies xmas pudding etc

  • Laura Coe

    Pigs in blankets

  • Gemma Nisbet

    Sweet Chantennay carrots

  • Kristy Leanne Brown


  • Natasha Whenham

    Roast beef dinner

  • Jenna Kate Parrington

    It’s Noah’s 2nd Christmas this year (he was 6 weeks old on his 1st Christmas) so I’m unsure what his favourite Xmas food is as of yet. He will probably love all the veg though!

  • Helen Garner

    He loves chicken so am hoping he will love turkey this year as well

  • Jane Middleton


  • Sallyanne Gooch

    Yorkshire puddings

  • Rebecca Powell

    Little sausages and roast potatoes

  • Jenerate

    Pigs in blankets

  • Stephanie Campbell

    roast potatoes, pigs in blankets sprouts and gravy, ill be surprised if he eats anything else

  • Alice Hindley

    Pigs in Blankets

  • Paula


  • Sharon

    Christmas cake!

  • Pauline Black

    he loves Yorkshire puddings and gravy!

  • Lucy Lucciano

    yorkshire puddings and mash potato

  • Jill Fairbank

    Christmas pudding

  • Laura Bobby

    Chicken pieces

  • kerry locke

    Pigs in Blankets

  • Laura Jane Coulson

    pigs in blanket yummy

  • jackie Chapman

    Christmas pudding

  • Jessica Newman

    my son loves stuffing and gravy

  • embabes



    pigs in blankets

  • Melissa Red


  • tina mckenna

    the cocktail sausages cause he doesnt eat much else

  • Kerry Lethbridge

    I think it will be pigs in blankets they are a bit hooked on sausages

  • lorraine polley

    my grandson loves stuffing

  • Laura Whittle

    Pigs in Blankets

  • Farwah

    Roast potatoes

  • Lucy M

    Stuffing 🙂

  • Diana

    Piggies in blankets :}

  • mince pies

  • Chris Fletcher

    Trifle although without the sherry!

  • Zoe Roxby

    Daniels is pigs in blankets and Adams is yorkshire puddings

  • Lee Hardy

    Yorkshire pudding .

  • Alex McGahey

    Strawberry trifle

  • Alexander Jones

    Chocolate yule log


    My grandson loves his turkey and veg

  • Allan Fullarton

    Roast potatoes

  • Gemma Clark


  • Caroline Howard

    Chocolate coins

  • Erica Field


  • TrixzD

    Chocolate of course

  • Holly Boyd

    Mine love the roast potatoes and all the gingerbread

  • Natalie Crossan

    Yule log

  • Denielle Nicol

    Brussels sprouts

  • Claire Thomson Little

    Pigs in blankets 🙂

  • Richard Hill

    yule log

  • alisa moore