*Christmas Prize Draw* Nuby Girl bib and Bathtime bundles

Ok we love working with Nuby and have done for the last 2 years but more importantly than that, they love to spoil our readers and this Christmas that is exactly what they are doing! They are giving away a great bundles for little girls in this competiition.

This is the first competition up from Nuby and 10… yes TEN  winners will receive this little bundle!

Nuby Girl bib and Bathtime bundles

So each of our winners will receive the following:

· 1 x coverall and bandana bib

· 1 x 2pack of snug & dry bibs

· 1 x bath time Squirters

· 1 x tub time turtle

Pretty cool no?!

Especially as ten of you lucky people will take these home and then later in the month 10 of you will get your hands on the boys bundle!

Now for your chance to win, all you need to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions below!

Good luck everyone 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • sarah

    My daughter was 9 months last Christmas and got a bit too overwhelmed with it all so we took some presents away and let her open them in her own time over the week.

  • Stevie

    Don’t spend a fortune. I usually buy a bag and fill it with little presents.

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  • Em V L Heywood

    Relax, relax and carefully plan visitors. Make people come to you it is easier than travelling to them with a baby.

  • Lucy M

    Co-ordinate with family members, and don’t get carried away with sheer quantity of presents!

  • lottiesaurus

    Don’t spend too much if they’re only little because they won’t remember, and chances are that everyone else will spoil them rotten!

  • anthony harrington

    Don’t over buy things, stick with the basics, so much stuff isn’t needed or ever used, just take the festive period as it comes, relax and enjoy yourself, the years go so very quickly, try to make memories from every christmas.

  • Tamar Vellacott

    Quality, not quantity. Children will appreciate a toy that lasts a lifetime to make memoroes with than a whole load of toys that break after a week 🙂

  • Candise Moore

    Take photos and make memories!

  • Jane Town

    The empty box will be more fun, don’t buy tons of experience toys they don’t need them x

  • Jessica dring

    Don’t buy to much as the first 2 presents they open will be the only ones they play with and they’ll leave the rest wrapped

  • izabela zylowska

    Let other people to help you.

  • Jen Russon

    enjoy every minute!

  • Sheena-jade wilson

    enjoy every minuet they are not small for long 🙂

  • Rebecca austin

    Take photos or film it, lovely to look back on in years to come

  • Hutch2

    Don’t spend too much, they only really enjoy the boxes!

  • Samantha Bolter

    make a photobook… great fun looking back in years to come

  • Sally Kent

    To accept any offers of help given! To enjoy & treasure that first christmas and not to stress about the small stuff x

  • Heather Reading

    Don’t feel the need to go mad on presents

  • Amanda Doyle Hart

    Don’t go mad on presents, make the most that your little one doesn’t understand it yet and save your pennies 🙂

  • P Wendy Clayton

    ask family and friends to give money instead of presents to be saved for the future, they are too small to know whether or not they had gifts to unwrap

  • Mel Daniels

    Don’t try to do everything! A low key Christmas is fine for once 🙂

  • Rebecca Court

    The babies won’t remember it so it doesn’t matter if you forget something.

  • Josie Coltman

    Create Christmas memories for you rather than them, as they won’t remember their first Christmas!

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Take lots of photos – your baby will only have one first Christmas so treasure those memories!

  • ashleigh allan

    Just relax and don’t stress out!

  • Danielle.a

    Enjoy every minute of it

  • Samm Barber

    buy essentials, not wants. make memories x

  • Caroline Howard

    Don’t stress and try and do everything just go with the flow

  • Tracy Hanley

    Have family round so they can help with the baby and give you a break

  • Jess Howliston

    Start your own Christmas traditions that you can continue as a family for years to come! Xx

  • crazyvicky

    Do what you want, you will get lots of suggestions, but just do what feels right for you so you and your little family can enjoy your Christmas together. And take lots of photos as you will cherish them later on!

  • Sarah Mullen

    Buy things they need they really are too little to know! And make sure you take the obligitary photos of them in their first Xmas outfit x

  • Rebecca Evans

    Enjoy every single second of it…it’s so so special and they grow up so so fast x

  • Kerry Brown

    dont stress over presents 🙂 make/take little keepsakes of the day

  • Linda F McGarrigle

    Don’t go over the top, enjoy it and be prepared to see how much babies love cardboard boxes rather than the content in them 😛

  • Victoria MyLittleLBlog

    enjoy it and take lots of pictures


    Just go with the flow don’t be stressing to much about food other people enjoy that precious moment of 1st Christmas

  • Keri Jones

    Accept help when it’s offered, don’t try to make everything ‘perfect’, take lots of photos (if you can), relax and enjoy the festive season 🙂 x

  • Jo welsh

    Take it as it comes remember they are only little and it will go right over their head just enjoy it and work together as a team so you all enjoy Christmas

  • Sarah Ottley

    Go with the flow! It probably won’t go to plan but it’ll still be the best christmas!

  • Amanda Walsh

    Take it easy, dont rush round to family. let them come to you

  • Aceso84

    Relax and enjoy it and make sure you take lots of piccies.

  • Leanne Hansell

    Take lots of photographs and do what you want, not what everybody else wants you to do.

  • Emma Ellams

    As others said, don’t overspend on gifts. Babies will not remember them and they will probably get spoilt rotten by others anyway. Put the money away for them instead.

  • Amanda A

    Don’t go mad on presents, relax enjoy the day and always have your camera at the ready!

  • PamGregory

    You don’t need to overspend cos the grand parents will do that for you!

  • laura stewart

    enjoy it 🙂

  • Kellie Faggle

    Don’t buy a single present-they will never know!!

  • Stewart Osborn

    Just relax

  • Graham Ross

    Just relax,chill and go with the flow

  • KevinHoney

    Let the grandparents cook dinner!

  • maci234


  • LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    Relax as much as you can and capture every single moment

  • Joanna Butler-Savage

    don’t offer to cook and don’t buy the baby lots of toys -they don’t care!!!

  • Paula Barker

    Take lots of pictures, and Enjoy!

  • amelia avossa

    cherish EVERY moment! as babys grow up too Quick!! 🙂

  • Julie Ward

    Don’t buy to many prezzys they get to many and enjoy

  • Pia Stephens

    Get your camera ready, in the years to come you’ll cherish all th photos & videos you took x

  • Anne Bostwick

    Put your feet up and have a glass of sherry.

  • Claire Nutman

    Pre planning really helps the stress levels x

  • Angela Fitzjohn

    Plan, accept any help that is offered and relax and enjoy

  • Kerry-Ann Pope

    Don’t take on too much, I felt it would be fine to still have all our extended family and then spend the entire day waiting on everyone when really all I wanted to do was cuddle my new baby with my husband. In future now we share the load and go to each others home or stay at home for lunch before then visiting family members as the day is then relaxing for yourself and less upheaval for your children.

  • Alexandra Dixon-Mersh

    Don’t go overboard buying your little one presents and take as much help as is offered to you!

  • kayleigh bates

    Go to someone elses for dinner

  • Missymae0

    Let family visit you

  • Allison Grant

    Don’t buy too much for your little one, they won’t remember half the things they get. Save the bigger spending till they are older. Put yourself first for once and don’t take on too many responsibilities, a baby will keep you busy enough!

  • Janet Coverdale

    Plan ahead and do little things each week for a few weeks before hand so everything is not let until the last minute and if any grandparents offer help accept it to take the pressure of you so you can enjoy the time with your chidren

  • Christine Lockley

    Accept all offers of help no matter how large or small, rest as much as you can, sleep when baby sleeps, housework and chores will always be there whereas your children grow up so quickly

  • Siobhan Davis

    Have patience, Believe in yourself and Enjoy every minute J

  • Mrs Broomfield

    Don’t worry about buying baby too many presents as they really aren’t bothered. They are much more interested in the general noise and excitement Christmas brings!

  • Karen Cowley

    Not to go overboard, everyone wants to spoil them and thats lovely but they dont need so much and really aren’t bothered x

  • Fiona B

    Forget about pleasing everyone else – just do what is best for you and the baby!


    Delegate chores to anyone willing to help, don’t spend too much on gifts and enjoy

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Don’t bother going overboard with gifts they won’t remember what you bought them, they prefer playing with the rubbish anyway and everyone will buy you stuff.

  • Emily CD

    Don’t buy lots of presents but take lots of photos. EJ Dunn

  • jojones

    Accept help offered with the children so you can enjoy too

  • Elaine B

    Worry less, enjoy more.

    Oh, and turn off your phone!

  • Pamela Risk

    Don’t spoil them…Presence not presents x

  • Emma Fox

    Don’t buy many presents for your little one as others will buy lots for you.

  • lauren tourle

    don’t panic and relax, enjoy this moment and create memories that will last a life time. lots of pictures and warm snuggles 🙂

  • Chloe O

    Enjoy every day as they grow up so quickly! x

  • krissie

    be organised (kris)

  • Plastig Ffantastig

    Be prepared – get organised in advance 🙂

  • Sharon

    Let the children take photos themselves, it is amazing to see things from their point of view x

  • Stacy Sorrell

    Send a present wishlist to family and friends , our first xmas with our little one we had double, and sometimes triple of the same toy. now we have separate lists for family, and one for friends.

  • suey1969

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  • Mark Sorrell

    dont spend too much, gifts from family and friends are plenty

  • hannonle

    Relax and enjoy it. Oh and don’t go overboard on the presents. The first year, they have no clue what christmas even is so there’s no reason to go OTT

  • Laura Harding

    Get everything sorted in advance so you can relax and enjoy December x

  • Tina Edwards

    dont be tempted to go overboard on babies gifts there is really no need as baby will not understand nor is it worthwhile spending time wrapping gifts for baby as you will be the one opening them, others will buy gifts for the baby that will be more than enough


    Be organised and don’t go overboard. There’s not a lot of point spending vast amounts of money on toys that he/she won’t use or clothes they will grow out of. Experience is they find boxes/paper more interesting than the actual toys themselves.


      grow out of quickly. 🙂

  • lyn

    Don’t panic! and if someone offers help, then grab it with both hands.

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  • christy golding

    Don’t panic and buy loads, save your money for when they ask for things in the coming years, small babies and children are happy with the wrapping paper and boxes. lol

  • Rachel Heap

    Dont go crazy on buying loads of toys, babies are happy with playing with the boxes lol

  • Harley Richardson

    Invest in toys that will grow with your child x

  • Andrea Williams

    If others volunteer to help you, let them!

  • helen atkins

    Keep calm and enjoy, you’re child wont need that much.

  • Simon Ward

    Enjoy the time with each other.. its more important than the prezzies

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    Dont buy too many presents!

  • Kashif

    Nice give-aways 🙂

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect as the new baby won’t even remember it lol

  • BethEviesMummy

    My little girl loves bath time and would love this give away 🙂

  • Hannah Steele

    Get someone else to make Christmas dinner!

  • Lynne Collins

    enjoy your first Christmas with BABY,keep it simple!!

  • leanne bell

    Enjoy the morning at home if possible then go & visit family/friends for dinner x x

  • Char

    Fingers crossed

  • Kasia

    Fingers crossed 😉

  • Agree with most people on here.. Don’t go mad on the pressies, little babies don’t need loads of toys.. they are more interested in human interaction and watching your smiley face!

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    iv your spending xmas day with the rest of the family take advantage if they want to fuss the baby, and enjoy your day, and lime everyone has said dont go over the top at xmas, i think i spent £200 on my daughter at her first xmas and most of the stuff was wasted.

  • Kayleigh Parker

    My 15mth old little girl would love to play with these now she finally likes the bath ! Plus im sure my 3 little boys aged 6,4 and 2 yrs wouldnt object to playing with “girls toys” LOL

  • Kayleigh Parker

    Dont spend what you dont have ! Just make xmas special by little things like decorating the tree, making stuff and Santa can bring games you can play as a family. Etc

  • Rachel Craig

    Try to take /make time for each other as a couple. Have some some with your child / children. Christmas can be such a busy, exciting time. Everyone seems to be keen to spend some time with the children, they may tire suddenly due to all the excitement. So try to fit in / encourage some quiet time. Christmas is for enjoying and sharing. Take into account age and stage of development of children when planning your day etc.

  • Teese


  • Laura Antill

    time us more precious than gifts x

  • kim neville

    Relax and take lots of nice pics

  • Kyomi Johnson

    Enjoy every moment

  • Jo Carroll

    Slow down, enjoy it, don’t try to please everybody by rationining your time between relatives….use Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s to visit people

  • Pallavi Prasad

    Love teh bundle 🙂

  • Jo Hutchinson

    take naps when you can

  • Sarah

    Enjoy! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself….with your family and friends around you, it will be the perfect Christmas! Nothing else matters! 🙂

  • k dunn

    Chill out and don’t buy too many toys for the baby as everyone else will spoil it rotten!

  • Tammy Tudor

    just enjoy yourself! make sure you make time for me time 🙂

  • Susan Trubey

    Relax as much as possible

  • lisa tormey

    Take lots of pictures!

  • Sarah Stevens

    trust your gut instincts

  • Viv C

    Relax – enjoy and let the extended family spoil you.

  • Kay Lou Smith

    Make lots of wonderful memories 🙂

  • Donna Large

    just relax and enjoy

  • Cat Culmer

    Don’t spend a fortune

  • Steven Beasley

    Just relax, enjoy it and dont spend a absolute fortune

  • Farhana

    Make the most of the first and don’t panic

  • Rebecca Phillips

    relax and take lots of pics!

  • Carroll Marsh

    Enjoy every single second of this Incredible Journey!Remember to Relax and spoil Yourselves Too!!Bright Blessings to everyone this Yuletide X

  • Beth L

    ENJOY it!

  • Allan Smith

    Enjoy it 😀

  • samantha sugden

    Takes lots of photos and videos

  • vicki hennie

    Well I learnt this myself today so I am going to share, baby vests are designed with these shoulders so that in the event your child poops or is sick, you don’t have to pull it over there head(risking getting it in there hair whilst trying to hold it away from there face) but it can actually be pulled off downwards

  • Claire Petley

    Except help, don’t try and do everything yourself xx

  • Samantha Ripley

    capture the memories! and don’t overspend, you may be disappointed your baby will prob not be interested in any gifts

  • Miriam Pereira

    rest as much as you can and take advantage of the family members around!

  • Claire Mse Fawkner

    Buy very little as your little one will get spoilt by the entire family!

  • tarbs

    Enjoy the sleepless nights and all that goes with it – time flies and you never get it back!

  • Em S

    Don’t go overboard with presents and make sure you take plenty of pictures

  • Clare@TheStripeyShed

    Lots of photos and lots of boxes for the children to play with – they’ll ignore most of the presents!

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Dont go overboard as your baby will not know whats happening

  • Kirsten Barthy

    Get some really good photos of your little one in a Christmas outfit as a memory that will last a life time but don’t worry about presents etc

  • Helen Garner

    Don’t worry about buying too many presents

  • Kathryn

    Relax and enjoy 🙂

  • Vicki Bayliss

    Plan ahead relax enjoy most of all have a wonderful time

  • snarepuss

    relax 🙂

  • lorraine polley

    keep it simple and enjoy yourself

  • Diana

    Relax and don’t be afraid to ask for help 🙂

  • Mo Ade

    Have fun; do things you usually don’t do; tons of giggles causing activities are a must; enjoy every second because they grow so so quickly.

  • Vicky-Louise Robinson

    Plan it all in advance, keep it low key and be flexible. Be safety conscious if you are visiting other people’s houses over Christmas as other people’s houses aren’t always as safe as your own. Grandma’s/Aunty’s handbag in easy reach may contain tablets and family members without children may leave household cleaning materials, choking hazards (including burst balloons, tinsel etc.) or sharp objects where they can be reached easily by a small child. Most of all have fun, take photos and cherish the memories as they grow up way too fast!

  • Zoe Roxby

    dont buy to much relax enjoy your first christmas together

  • alisa moore

    Relax and enjoy – it’s only Christmas

  • Gemma Clark

    sleep when you can!!!!

  • Charmian Filewood

    Don’t go over the top with presents, have a small back pack already packed with all the essentials should you go last minute visiting so you don’t get stressed running about