*Prize Draw* Nuby Flower Child sets

As promised in our other Nuby competition here is your chance to win one of 20 Flower Child sets.

 Nuby Flower Child sets

So for all of you with little ones that love all things flowery and pink this is the competition for you as these sets from Nuby are perfect. As with all Nuby products this is great for little ones and the little knife and fork set is a great way to get little ones practising their hand to eye co-ordination.

As with the other competitions just follow the simple rafflecopter steps 🙂

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  • emma walters

    cheesecake, any flavour lol

  • Chocolate pudding and custard. 😀

  • Stacy Sorrell

    Apple Pie & Custard 🙂

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Homemade rice pudding 🙂

  • Michelle Banks

    bakewell tart and custard x

  • Christy Golding

    sponge and custard 😀

  • maci234

    pastry apple pie with clotted cream

  • laura banks

    banoffi pie

  • shirlz51


  • Martina Pichova

    chocolate cake

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    Chocolate Fudge Cake

  • Sandra Clarke

    I love apple crumble and custard.

  • Leanne Lunn

    chocolate fudge cake

  • Ruth Harwood

    Cheesecake xx

  • Paula Readings

    Rhubarb Crumble & cream

  • lynn heath

    Apple Crumble with clotted cream!

  • jbsguapa

    lemon meringue

  • Christina Curtis

    I love cheesecake!

  • Kirsty Ward

    Strawberry Gateau with extra Squirty Cream!

  • Phil O’neill

    Rubarb Crumble 🙂

  • Laura Pritchard

    Strawberries & ice cream

  • ashleigh allan

    chocolate fudge cake!

  • Louise Fairweather

    creme brulee

  • laura stewart

    sticky toffee pudding xx

  • Nichole

    chocolate cake

  • Aaron Broad

    I like chocolate fudge cake

  • L tabstar

    belgian waffle with icecream

  • Karen Laing

    Hot apple pie and ice-cream,absolutely delicious x

  • samantha price

    triffle is mine

  • Charlotte Pearson

    Berries and coulis @MummyFever

  • Harley Richardson

    Strawberries and cream x

  • Rachel Butterworth


  • Beth

    chocolate cake and custard

  • Keri Jones

    I love all sorts of desserts, one of my favourites is profiteroles, yum!

  • Jess M Woods

    malteasers and hot custard mmmmmm heaven 🙂 kids love it too x

  • Jo Wakefield

    Apple crumble and custard

  • leanne williams

    chocolate fudge cake and custard

  • claire haskins

    sticky toffee pudding

  • Zoe Goulding

    Toffee Cheesecake

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    I love Jelly!

  • Kat Lucas

    New York cheesecake

  • kelly mitchell

    Ice cream

  • sylvia

    Chocolate fudge cake

  • Katy

    Cupcakes with ice cream!

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  • Alexandra Dixon-Mersh

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  • Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Without any semblance of doubt, it is glorious ETON MESS X

  • tracy newton

    I love profiteroles

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    Ice Cream!!! We ALWAYS have it as dessert!

  • Elaine B


  • Karen Martin

    Black forest gateau

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Ice cream sundaes

  • Natalie Osborne Thomason

    Ice cream

  • kim neville

    Eton Mess

  • Emma Fox

    Chocolate cake

  • Emily Henderson

    lemon tart

  • Jo Carroll

    Cherry tart and fresh cream

  • Debbie Santowski Mac

    Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice-cream

  • Pauli57

    jelly & ice cream

  • Tammy Tudor

    I love tiramasu

  • Kay Lou Smith

    Chocolate fudge cake 🙂

  • Susie Wilkinson

    Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake!

  • Jennie Jackson Mse


  • Christine Caple

    Chocolate cheesecake

  • Samantha Loughlin

    Cheesecake definitely

  • Maggie Ali

    tiramisu all the way!

  • Joanna Kasznicki

    Lemon Meringue Pie

  • Kat Allinson


  • kayleigh bates

    Chocolate fudge cake

  • Claire Thomson Little

    anything strawberry 🙂

  • MrRichTea

    Cheesecake 🙂

  • Zoe Somerfield

    Devils food cake

  • Claire Woods


  • Allan Fullarton

    Ice Cream

  • Monica Gilbert

    Chocolate cheesecake.

  • deaddogsmoking

    Jam Roly Poly

  • tarbs

    Chocolate cake

  • LaLa Robinson


  • lauren tourle

    Keylime Pie 🙂

  • Anna Davison

    I love chocolate fudge cake with ice cream

  • Laura Whittle

    Creme Brulee

  • Barbara Handley

    Apple Pie and custard.

  • spearce

    rice pudding x

  • castleton

    I love cheese cake

  • Diane Carey


  • Diana

    Chocolate cake 🙂

  • Betsy Rose

    Lemon meringue pie 🙂 x

  • DanielleGraves

    lemon cheesecake

  • Olivia Kirby

    I don’t like desserts too much but do like Bakewell Tart and custard. I’ll usually pick cheese if we’re out – yum 🙂

  • Gemma Nisbet

    Key Lime Pie.

  • yasmine041

    jasm roly poly

  • Louise

    coconut ice cream. x

  • Eileen Tingle

    Lemon meringue pie

  • Teresa Sheldon

    Banoffi pie

  • Caroline Signey

    Sticky Toffee Pudding with clotted cream

  • sam cornford

    Eton mess

  • Sharon

    cheese cake

  • Janice Mackin

    Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice Cream

  • Catherine Summers

    Red Velvet cake

  • Robyn Logan Clarke

    Lemon Meringue pie

  • Lisa Wilkinson


  • Ellie Spider

    fresh cream victoria sponge cake with fresh raspberries/strawberries nom *drool*

  • Jane Middleton

    ice cream

  • Jo Glasspool

    Cheesecake x

  • Emma Whittaker

    New York Cheesecake yummy! 🙂

  • TracyJo

    Chocolate Gateau x

  • Kirsty Woods

    Strawberry cheesecake

  • Hazel Hazel Rush

    I love strawberry pavlova

  • Sue Jackson

    I love tiramisu 🙂

  • Maria Knight

    I love a chocolate mousse

  • Donna Clinton


  • MichelleD

    Sticky Toffee Pudding!

  • Alexandra Stone

    Trifle with peaches

  • lindsey jones

    Lemon cheesecake

  • Keshia Esgate

    Lemon meringue pie

  • Vickie Jackson

    Homemade black cherry cheesecake 🍒 yum 🙂

  • Jessica Townley

    Sticky toffee pudding.

  • Gemma Clark

    Cheesecake! Or lemon meringue pie. Heck, I just love desserts!

  • Chris Fliss

    Creme Brulee

  • Pauline Burroughs

    Strawberry Cheesecake

  • Clare Hubbard

    Chocolate fudge cake 🙂

  • Lee Hardy

    Any type of cheesecake

  • PamGregory

    Eton Mess

  • AdrianPrice

    chocolate ice cream

  • Susan Pringle

    Hot cookie dough and ice cream

  • Pauline Black

    Apple crumble

  • Tina Edwards

    Jelly and ice cream

  • Val Pownall

    Trifle 🙂

  • Rebecca Phillips

    banoffee pie

  • Natalie Crossan

    Chocolate cake