*Review* AirMotion

Kayleigh has wild hair, it dries in ringlets but the moment you attempt to brush it, all hell breaks loose. She has really thick hair which makes brushing a real nightmare and something she tends to not be keen on.

So when we got given the chance to try out the AirMotion, I wondered if this could be the brush to tame her hair.

AirMotion redefines brushing… developed specifically to reduce daily wear and tear on your hair and by using superlite™ materials. It is in a Tri-Brisle configuration which means it has 3 different lengths and diameters of bristles to make sure that no hair is left untouched. The Tri-Bristle formation actually helps to smooth and straighten hair, helping to remove frizz while you brush to leave hair soft and glossy.
AirMotion AirMotion
We have been using it for a while now and its soft bristle approach is a big hit with Kayleigh. I have found it is pretty good at day-to-day hairbrush however it does sometimes struggle to get through the knots at the end of Kayleigh’s hair when she has gone to bed with damp hair. However it has managed to tame the wild straggly hair that she sometimes gets.
Kayleigh is a big fan of the brush and double checks every morning I am using “her” brush so it must feel much better for her and that is all that matters.
Anything that makes brushing easier is a hit with me!


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