Greatest Grandparents – Blogger Challenge

We were recently challenged by HSL Chairs to share and celebrate with you why Kayleigh and Ethan’s grandparents are the greatest.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan are very fortunate that their grandparents are all very helpful and hands on. Summer holidays are a nightmare for childcare but they are very lucky that they get to spend time at their grandparents throughout the summer doing some amazing things such as baking, crafting, rock climbing and trip to the local library (plus lunch out!).

We made a little video as to why Kayleigh and Ethan think their grandparents are the greatest.

It’s not only the summer holidays that they help out though, as working parents we are so grateful that they are on call when one of them is poorly (especially this year with bouts of chicken pox, tonsilitis and ear infections) or the occasional night out. In fact I’m not sure how we would manage to work and pay the bills if they weren’t around to help out so for that not only are they the greatest grandparents but we are very lucky to have them!

I asked Kayleigh and Ethan what they thought the best treat would be for their grandparents and they said they would love to take them for a picnic at their favourite place, Ashridge Estate. Then from there once we have all got enough fresh air we would find a lovely country pub and treat them to dinner on us!

We hope you like our little video, vloggers with children I take my hat off to you, 40 seconds took us about 30 minutes to capture!


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  • Elaine Livingstone

    have to say, as one of a handful of grandparent bloggers who blog about the fun I have with my grndchildren, that I as a grandparent feel privileged to have my children and grandchildren in my life and adore every minute I spend with them. It is such a different expeience than having your own, an it is nice for the children to have a second set of adults to relate to.
    Well done the grandparents for helping out but I am sure they will think it is a pleasure and an honour to be allowed.

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