Getting back into things post holiday

The blog has been quiet but life has not been.

It went quiet over the summer whilst we slipped away for our holiday plus to celebrate me turning 30 and our honeymoon. I had big plans to prepare lots of posts before I went but as per usual life came first and my lack of organisation on the blog meant nothing was done.

However for some reason this year it didn’t bother me.

Normally I’d be sitting worrying about rankings/stats/posts etc but this timeΒ I just sat back and let the blog do its thing whilst I was away.

Since I’ve come back though its been the same.

I have a massive long list of posts I need to do and things that I would also like to write about but as of yet just not got round to it. I’ve started so many posts but never actually finished many of them.

Instead I’m spending time trying to set up a work from home option that would work so much better for us as a family but also just spending time as a family. Not doing anything in particularly exciting but just together being lazy and relaxing.

I’m hoping in the next few weeks the blogging will come back round and I can get the right balance between it all but for now we are still here just plodding along slowly!


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