*Review* Amazing Magazine

Amazing magazine is bringing something new to the kid’s magazine aisle. Rather than being all about current crazes, competitions and stories, they are focusing on making learning fun.

Based on the current national curriculum, it is aimed at both boys and girls aged between 6 – 11.

Amazing Magazine
Each issue is 36 pages long and is packed full of interesting facts, puzzles and lots of things for them to be able to make and do. With no advertising inside the magazine, it is full of everything you need to ignite your little one’s imagination.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan have enjoyed reading this magazine and I must say I actually found it quite interesting.

Amazing Magazine
There were some fun facts in our copy such as how certain food was invented, things such as the chocolate chip cookie and drumsticks. Things that you may not normally hear about but ones that make the kids go wow.

Covering topics such as Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and Art, this magazine really is here to make learning fun.

I asked Kayleigh and Ethan what their favourite thing was from the magazine. Kayleigh really enjoyed the fun facts which she learnt along the way. Ethan enjoyed the humour that came from the way the facts were shared.

That is the great thing about this magazine, it’s all done in a fun way. So, when the kids are reading it, they become engrossed in the fun and don’t realize that they are learning.

The magazine itself has a cover price of £4.99 or you can head over to their site and sign up to a year’s subscription for £49.00 and you will receive the latest one straight to your post box.

We have received a copy of this magazine for the review and a year’s subscription however all thoughts and words are our own.






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