Introducing you to Knoppers

Let me introduce you to Knoppers, which are pronounced with the k.

These snacks are just launching in the UK market from Storck UK (also own Werther’s Originals & Toffifee). Although they have launched in 50 countries around Europe they are just hitting our shelves this month.

With just 137 calories these snacks taste so good and not too bad on the waistline (unless like me you have a couple in one sitting…)

The crispy baked wafer snacks have a delicious milky hazelnut filling and a chocolatey wafer coating. Just enough sweetness for a treat but not too much for a sugar overload.

Each one is individually wrapped which makes it the perfect snack for the whole family. So, whether you have them for a work snack for you or as a treat when you are out and about with the kids they are sure to be a huge hit. Plus, they have the convenience of being able to eat on the go.

We were very lucky to be sent a bundle of Knoppers to try out and we have all been huge fans of them, even me and I’m not a big nut fan!

They have been that perfect treat in the evening or even as a mid-morning snack before our lunch. The light wafer makes them filling but not heavy and there is just a delicate nutty taste to the cream. It isnโ€™t heavy or rich so you donโ€™t end up feeling too sickly. Just the right balance.

These will be arriving in your local stores today, you can find them at Poundstores, B&M and Poundworld, major Symbols groups including Costcutter, Nisa, McColls and Spar. You have the choice to either buy them in a 25g single packs at 50p and packs of four at ยฃ1.25. These prices put them right in the mix of the snack market prices and I can see them flying of the shelves as people discover them as they are incredibly moreish.

I asked Kayleigh and Ethan their opinions. Kayleigh said she loved them and Ethan thought that they were yummy!

If you manage to pick some up I would love to know what you thought of them!

This post is written in collaboration with Knoppers however all opinions are our own.







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