Are you making the most of cashback sites?

Did you get cashback? Its the first thing I ask everyone when they tell me they have purchased something online.

It’s something I don’t give up on either.

Why would you turn down free money?! You wouldn’t go into a shop to purchase something and if they had the same item listed for two different prices pick the most expensive would you?

Now I’ve stepped of the soap box lets have a serious chat about cashback sites.

There are two sites that I use, depending on which one has the best offer for the store I’m using. These are Quidco & Topcashback.

Personal preference I prefer the ease of using Quidco however money is money regardless of which site you use so go for the one that offers the best deal for you.

Now for the way that these sites work:

You head over to either site and simply search where you are planning to purchase from. From there you will have a list of the cashback offers they have. For example some will have special offers for first time purchases or depending on what you are buying so a better rate on furniture over electrical items etc from stores like Argos.

When you are ready click the shop now button, this will redirect you to where you are heading to make your purchase.

At this point you would go about your purchase as you would have done originally.

Your cashback site will update (normally withing 12-72 hours) to track your cash back on the purchase. From your user dashboard you will be able to track the stages that they are at.

Firstly each site you get cashback can vary on the time it takes you to get it back. Some will be super quick and others can be a bit slow.

However the way I think about these are it’s money I would never have had. So if they are a bit slow it may be annoying however if I am getting £10 back on a purchase I was planning on making it is bonus money.

Both of these sites also do bonus competitions during the year where there is a chance to win extra prizes and bonus money (I’ve not won anything yet!). Completely free to enter and easy to do, so why not?

Making quick profit from cashback sites.

Now there is another way to make a profit from some offers that you can get on the cashback sites. This may not suit everyone however if you are a fan of bingo these will be your sort of offers.

So I’ll use the Ladbrokes offer that is currently on Quidco as an example so its easier to explain.

They are currently offering £30 cashback to new customers of Ladbrokes Bingo site who deposit and spend £10. So as long as you are not already a customer with Ladbrokes Bingo and you follow the steps through Quidco to the bingo site you will make £20 from the offer.

There are lots of offers like this on Quidco so if you do have a spare £10 a month it is worth working through the offers like this but don’t go for the ones where you don’t get your whole amount back as cashback, its not worth the gamble on.

Quick update on how to make £55 (£50 if you are already a Quidco member) for 10 minutes worth of work!

  • Sign up here for Quidco – if you use this link once you have made your first £5 you will get a bonus £5 added to your account for free! Skip this step if you are already registered.
  • In the search box type in Gala Bingo – the current offer is new customers get £60 cashback for wagering £10
  • Click through using the shop now button on this page – sign up for Gala, deposit your £10 and then wager through it (Fingers crossed you win!)
  • As long as you are a new customer to Gala and clicked through your quidco button you should get your cashback of £60! So after your initial lay out of £10 you have made a £50 (possibly £55 if you are a new customer to Quidco using the link above) profit for about 10 minutes worth of work.

Are you making the most of cashback sites




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