Competition round up – Blog competitions ending in November

Hello & welcome to a new feature here on Mummy Vs Work! I love entering competitions and have always had varying degree of luck when I’ve entered them. To be honest though I have been a bit lazy when entering them so it is probably about fair my luck in them.

The one thing I do know though is the fact my readers love a good competition, I love hosting them too. Howwever I just wanted to create a space on here where other bloggers could like up to the competitions to help not only promote them but for you the readers to have a one stop shop for all the amazing competitions they are hosting.

So everyone month there will be a new post up with lots of competitions hopefully linked up for bloggers to share. Of course if you come across a great competition you would like to share just pop it in the linky below!

Bloggers feel free to link up as many competitions as you like. If you could just add them in the following format that would be great:

E: Date (for example the 25th November would be 25/11) and then the prize.

If I actually get my act together too I will try and do a prize round up of what I have won at the end of the month (if I actually win anything that is!) but I would love it if you could come and share you prizes below to inspire others.

Good luck everyone!

Competition round up - Blog competitions ending in November


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