The Most Creative Loteria Cards Ever!

The origin of Loteria (Lottery) can be traced far back in history. Originating in 15th century Italy, the iconic game of chance was eventually introduced to Mexico in 1769. Initially, Loteria was a hobby of the upper classes, but it eventually became wide tradition at Mexican fairs. Loteria is extremely similar to bingo, however (more…)

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Unique Gift Ideas for Teachers

On average teachers work 60 hours a week, teaching children and dealing with any obstacles thrown their way. The end of term is a perfect way to show your appreciation for the teachers that have spent the best part of a year encouraging, teaching and entertaining you. Buying them a present (more…)

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Unique gifting ideas

Unique Lightbulb LED Lamp

I am quiet a quirky geek really when it comes to gifts and things for around the home.

For me nothing says you’ve put a lot of effort into someones gift than when you get them something a little bit more personalised to their taste.

Uncommon goods have an amazing range of items (more…)

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