We’re Home!

Welcome to our new home!

First of all if you can read this then … Horray!

Its taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point, mainly over the design of the blog! I wanted something cheerful but also something that reflected me.

I was never meantΒ to end up on (more…)

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My baby boy walks!

First of all blog and anyone reading i apologize for abandoning you this week. One word to describe my week… Hectic! I’ve just about kept my head above water with my reviews… πŸ™

I’ve had office moves going on at work, I’ve been poorly, Ethan’s been puking and pooping for England but (more…)

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I don’t like that!

Anyone that knows Kayleigh will know that she is possibly a human dustbin, she would easily dispose of any food you put in front of her, fish, meat, rice, pasta, curries and anything else you could think of.

That was until a few weeks ago, now every dinner time we hear, i (more…)

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Its my Birthday…

So as you all now know today is my birthday!

In my mind I’m now tipping the imaginary scale towards 30, there’s no way back now!

Since having my 2 i have found that my birthday’s don’t really matter that much anymore, still the same sort of day i normally have. The best thing (more…)

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How much life has changed..

I often sit and think about how much my life has changed since having children and the answer is simply, A LOT!

Nobody prepares you for life with 2 children or even 1 child. You hear all the tips of making sure you get plenty of rest when your baby rests etc (more…)

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