Sleep… whats that?!

I feel like i am constantly tired at the moment, thought maybe it was because i was trying to squeeze too much into my days but thinking about it is more likely due to the lack of sleep – lucky to get 5 hours in a night at the minute!

This is (more…)

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Working Mummies Guilt

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this, do you think there really is such a thing as working mum’s guilt?

I know from a personal perspective i feel guilt every day, every day when i drop them at the grandparents i wonder what they’ll be up to that day, then i (more…)

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Parental Responsibility?

Watching the events unfold last night i was shocked by what i was seeing happening only 40 or so miles from where i live. I could never imagine that would happen in our country in this day and age, yet here it was unfolding live on tv.
From what started out as (more…)
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