New Year – New Way of Living!

So with a new year approaching, it seems everyone is always making new year resolutions but never sticking to them. This year however is different.

This year I’m planning on making my new year resolution for the whole family. At the moment I cook most meals from scratch with the occasional ready-made sauce thrown in (more…)

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Sibling love

Ive just spent the last 20 minutes or so just watching Kayleigh and Ethan playing and I will be honest the way they play is so much more caring and creative than I could ever of imagined.

When I was pregnant with Ethan I was worried about how Kayleigh would be with (more…)

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How can anybody stoop so low?

You may remember a few weeks ago me talking about Kayleigh’s pre-school and the fact they were fundraising at the Christmas production with a raffle to raise some much-needed funds for equipment and a new washer dryer. Well on the way to drop Kayleigh at pre-school on Thursday I found out they had been (more…)

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