Saturday is Caption Day

After browsing being nosey at other blogs i noticed that they were participating in #Satcap which means Caption day on the great Mammasurus

So the idea is I post a picture and people comment on a caption that they think suits the picture, so here goes:

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Natural Birth v C – Section

Before I open a can of worms on a debate that always seems to occur on this topic, I’m not an expert in any shape or form, I’ve only given birth to 2 children and watched endless labour programs during both my pregnancies! This is simply how I feel about the whole thing after (more…)

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We’re Home!

Welcome to our new home!

First of all if you can read this then … Horray!

Its taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to this point, mainly over the design of the blog! I wanted something cheerful but also something that reflected me.

I was never meant to end up on (more…)

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My baby boy walks!

First of all blog and anyone reading i apologize for abandoning you this week. One word to describe my week… Hectic! I’ve just about kept my head above water with my reviews… 🙁

I’ve had office moves going on at work, I’ve been poorly, Ethan’s been puking and pooping for England but (more…)

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