How can anybody stoop so low?

You may remember a few weeks ago me talking about Kayleigh’s pre-school and the fact they were fundraising at the Christmas production with a raffle to raise some much-needed funds for equipment and a new washer dryer. Well on the way to drop Kayleigh at pre-school on Thursday I found out they had been (more…)

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Kayleigh’s Quirky Fashion Sense

Now I know every child is individual and Kayleigh is no different. I think Kayleigh is going to be a trend setter growing up not a trend follower.

Even at 3 years old she love’s to pick what she’s wearing and is always customizing her outfits with her wide range of accessories, it (more…)

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The Fairy Hobmother

If your a blogger the chances are you’ve heard of The Fairy Hobmother, if you haven’t or your a non-blogger your probably wondering what the hell i’m talking about!

The fantastic online appliance store Appliances online have a Fairy Hobmother and she goes round from blog to blog granting those bloggers a little (more…)

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Pushy Competitive Mums

You hear about it all the time competitive mums in the playground and pushy parents making their kids into something they only wished of being.

I personally didn’t think of myself as competitive until I started blogging, it was only then that I was stat watching and wanting to be highly ranked. Since I’ve taken (more…)

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