Baby Loss Awareness Day


Empty arms, Shattered dreams

Breaking the silence surrounding the aftermath of pregnancy loss

National Baby Loss Awareness Day October 15


About Baby Loss Awareness:

Brief history of the campaign

October 15th 2002 was the inaugural Baby Loss Awareness Day in the UK and was initiated by a group of parents inspired by Pregnancy & Infant Loss (more…)

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Scared of the Dentist …

Is anyone else scared of the dentist? Not the children, I mean adults?

I know it’s completely irrational but I am petrified. It took me years to go to a dentist when I became an adult and I needed a fair bit of work doing, the dentist I had was great and managed to do the work without me (more…)

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*Review* Hallmark Story Buddy

Hallmark are a well-known company selling greeting cards across the country, now though their bringing out an all new and interactive story book and buddy.

When we got offered the chance to review these, of course we said yes! Reading in this house is a big part of our day-to-day life so this was going to (more…)

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Hidden PVC – With VUP Baby

Hidden PVC – hiding in your baby’s toys

Even though most manufacturers claim that PVC/Vinyl without phthalates is not harmful, many experts question its safety. Some toys are labeled ‘Phthalate-free’ and many parents ask; ‘Is this enough or should I only purchase PVC-free’?

The best bet is to look for toys that are (more…)

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