New Website Address

Well i’ve gone and brought myself a domain name 🙂

Also changed the blog title a bit to Mummy Vs Work

So come find me now at:

Find me on Twitter @MummyVsWork

And on facebook @ Mummy Vs Work

Ooh its all getting a little exciting !!!

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Cyber Mummies

Right i started righting a post about the weekend and how I’d got some fab ideas from my cyber mummy friends from a close knit forum then sitting thinking about it i realised just how much i had got from my cyber mummies.

It all started back it January 2008 when i (more…)

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My 2 monkey’s!

Well you know a bit about me & my life so now its time to introduce my 2 little monkey’s!

We’ll start with my oldest, Kayleigh 🙂

 Being our 1st born we’ve learnt and adapted so much once Kayleigh came along, we found out we was expecting Kayleigh in February 2008 (more…)

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Monday Misery!

Well today is Monday… what does that mean? Well it means the weekend is over and the weekly rush begins again!

The little monkeys went to have fun today at nannies whilst i had to endure work, boo! To make matters worse we was all getting ready to go home when the (more…)

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