Parental Responsibility?

Watching the events unfold last night i was shocked by what i was seeing happening only 40 or so miles from where i live. I could never imagine that would happen in our country in this day and age, yet here it was unfolding live on tv.
From what started out as (more…)
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Why blog??

I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks now but so many people have asked me why do i blog? why share my day with people?

And the answer is simply i don’t really know.

I considered starting one whilst on maternity leave then didn’t bother, then not long after starting MFM (more…)

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The mother of all tantrums!

Well today was the 1st time I’ve really had to face a toddler tantrum, now let me set the scene…

Remember the advert from the Vic’s spray where the little boy throws the tantrum as he’s not allowed to by some crisps? Well that was Kayleigh today, we were all happily going (more…)

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