Trying to balance work and family

It’s no secret that I work to live and I don’t live to work.

Which unfortunately means that I am always trying to balance the whole work/family life and this summer holiday I am failing miserably!

Due to me switching roles and our holiday which we had already prebooked I am almost out (more…)

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Feature Me Friday – Week 1

This is the first week of our Feature Me Friday and its all shiny and new!

Basically each week I’m asking a different blogger to come share their experience and thoughts on being a blogger, so if your thinking of starting a blog or looking to discover new blogs, this is the (more…)

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The Up’s & Down’s of 2012

So another year has passed and it has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Since I’ve hardly blogged in the last 3 months I thought I’d gather it all in one place!


  • This Blog – It has gone from strength to strength this year. Not sure what I’m doing but I’m going (more…)
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Blogging to help others

It’s that grand old question, why do you blog? Is it for the freebies or a financial gain? Do you just enjoy expressing yourself or is it to help others?

Until last night I enjoyed just blogging out about how our life was with a few reviews and competitions thrown in for (more…)

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