A little bit of help…

All along in our fundraising this year I’ve been lucky enough to get lots of support. Daddyvswork listening to my ranting when getting stressed about the auction, to companies donating amazing auction lots then to people donating raffle prizes.

Not to mention everyone who has has kindly donated or bid on our (more…)

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Gaining that self belief

For a while I’ve been yo yoing on this whole auction.

One minute I’m really positive then the next I’m panicking, could I really pull something off this big on my tod?!

But I am really doing it, there is no turning back now.

I’m now thinking….. oooh poop.

I’m so unorganised and Sunday coming round (more…)

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This is post 1000!

Well… it appears I type more than I realise!

The blog turns 2 next month and this is post number 1000….


Not quiet sure what I’ve managed to chat/whine/cry/laugh about for them all but we’ve had some fun times not to mention some cracking competitions.

If you’ve visited the blog over the last 2ish years (more…)

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