05/08/2012 – Day 218

I never noticed I had post from yesterday until I checked for the paper and realised it was there! Inside was a letter from Keech Hospice that means so much, I’m just so glad they could put the money and train set to good use 🙂 Thank you to everyone who (more…)

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Our Week of Fundraising

So we’ve done it & come out the other side, our week of fundraising is over and what a week its been!

Firstly we attended Race For Life, it was the first time I had participated since having children so I knew I would be knackered after. Kayleigh was a trooper though and (more…)

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11/05/2012 – Day 132

Tonight I have finally got round to organising my bedroom & all the lovely bits that have come in for my fundraiser in June. I have received some gorgeous stuff, however I’m still a way off having enough bits for a tombola & a raffle. So if you can donate anything (more…)

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